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cui bono

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29. Not when you add appointed Wall Street execs into the WH, Monsanto execs to the EPA,
Sat Mar 29, 2014, 07:34 PM
Mar 2014

didn't give single-payer a seat at the table but had secret back room deals with insurance companies, left many, many Bush appointees in place that are usually switched out by incoming presidents, expanded spying on American citizens and pushed to legalize what was once illegal, prosecutes more whistle blowers than any previous president, rather than renegotiate NAFTA as he promised to do signed a new free trade agreement with Korea, pushing for TPP and tried to keep it from the public, hasn't said no to the KXL pipeline.

Doesn't sound progressive at all now.

I picked - quinnox Mar 2014 #1
Im sorry LostOne4Ever Mar 2014 #2
I'm pretty sure posting that is a TOS violation Douglas Carpenter Mar 2014 #14
Why do you hate al dente? cui bono Mar 2014 #27
Hes too stiff for my tastes LostOne4Ever Mar 2014 #36
Yeah, that's why Marinara had to dump him. cui bono Mar 2014 #49
I chose this nadinbrzezinski Mar 2014 #3
The President says he's choice #4. MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #4
If only he had been that honest in 2008. kenny blankenship Mar 2014 #6
I was never confused about this. Warren Stupidity Mar 2014 #8
Ok fine. If only he had chosen to be honest about himself in 2007. kenny blankenship Mar 2014 #10
I personally interpreted his 2004 national debut speech at The Democratic National Convention Douglas Carpenter Mar 2014 #37
He was running against a doofus and a lunatic DJ13 Mar 2014 #30
! Warren Stupidity Mar 2014 #31
Thars why I said they werent that bad DJ13 Mar 2014 #32
Clinton ran politically left of Obama. joshcryer Mar 2014 #44
While this is correct, I think he personally is center-left. joshcryer Mar 2014 #43
That is such a relief to know. Warren Stupidity Mar 2014 #47
I know Obama is intellectually center-left. joshcryer Mar 2014 #48
+1 deutsey Mar 2014 #16
I honestly don't know. cali Mar 2014 #5
Other: I think he is a technocratic administrator type who is moderately conservative TheKentuckian Mar 2014 #7
He's a "pragmatic", "savvy", centrist politican who is willing to be Not as Bad to be president. Tierra_y_Libertad Mar 2014 #9
Pushed Lily Ledbetter Act, CARD Act, the ACA, etc jazzimov Mar 2014 #11
Not when you add appointed Wall Street execs into the WH, Monsanto execs to the EPA, cui bono Mar 2014 #29
I think anyone who thinks the President is center-RIGHT under the modern definitions... Shandris Mar 2014 #12
I know what you mean - a few minutes in a local bar where I live would certainly expose anyone to Douglas Carpenter Mar 2014 #41
Anyone who views Ronald Reagan in positive political terms is conservative. mmonk Mar 2014 #13
Big Business, Moderate Republican by nature-- but he's a professional, Third Way-type politician. Marr Mar 2014 #15
The right has been so effective in negating the left deutsey Mar 2014 #17
Other: Post-Sixties Liberal. OilemFirchen Mar 2014 #18
Obama has reduced the deficit flamingdem Mar 2014 #19
He has, indeed. OilemFirchen Mar 2014 #23
Agree, but not very optimistic about a huge stimulus flamingdem Mar 2014 #24
It's doubtful, given the odds for this year's election... OilemFirchen Mar 2014 #26
I believe this quote sums up the President's ideology pretty accurately Zorra Mar 2014 #20
variant shades of gray between Center Right and Serving Wall Street 2banon Mar 2014 #21
He is carrying water for very dangerous corporatists. woo me with science Mar 2014 #22
Majority voting think a man like Obama, with his background flamingdem Mar 2014 #25
so Obama failed at describing himself? justabob Mar 2014 #33
Yeah, I frankly don't think President Obama was lying at all when he described himself politically Douglas Carpenter Mar 2014 #35
right justabob Mar 2014 #40
Well, you either don't know what majority means or don't know who Reagan was cthulu2016 Mar 2014 #39
I picked '3' because it was closest to my subjective interpretation of him. GiveMeMorePIE Mar 2014 #28
Ouch. Rex Mar 2014 #34
Well, for that, I look at where the evidence point. AverageJoe90 Mar 2014 #38
knr Douglas Carpenter Mar 2014 #42
To the right of Richard Nixon. Spider Jerusalem Mar 2014 #45
Center-right or center-left, depending on the issue. So basically about as middle of the road nomorenomore08 Mar 2014 #46
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