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Bush NEVER ONCE did this. [View all] riqster Sep 2014 OP
And ain't that the truth? CaliforniaPeggy Sep 2014 #1
Booked marked so I have this pic Lochloosa Sep 2014 #2
Recommended. (nt) NYC_SKP Sep 2014 #3
True, the corporate media even helped Bush keep the caskets off the frontpage news. Rex Sep 2014 #4
Jogging Scarsdale Oct 2014 #29
Until 2009, no media was allowed to film returning caskets. 7962 Oct 2014 #72
In 2003 the Bush WH banned media cameras from taking pictures. Rex Oct 2014 #74
Oops. Guess you were wrong. Kingofalldems Oct 2014 #75
Those good media lap dogs! Always following the rules! Rex Oct 2014 #76
No, I'm NOT wrong. It was policy long before W. 7962 Oct 2014 #79
George Bush put the ban in place in 1991. My mistake it was his DAD. Rex Oct 2014 #85
He is right, it was George Bush sr. in 1991! Rex Oct 2014 #86
Thanks rigster. sheshe2 Sep 2014 #5
Thanks, sheshe. freshwest Sep 2014 #8
That's one of the first pictures I posted here. sheshe2 Sep 2014 #10
Thanks back atcha for your post. riqster Sep 2014 #12
... sheshe2 Sep 2014 #13
Yep. It was one of the first things the new President Obama did. calimary Sep 2014 #6
Now that was well said calimary. sheshe2 Sep 2014 #11
I'll have respect for both Obama and Clinton when they address the nation on how they Luminous Animal Oct 2014 #22
Oh, puleeze! Scarsdale Oct 2014 #31
Oh nononono, Bush and Obama are exactly the same... riqster Oct 2014 #33
Yep. And that's EXACTLY the kind of thinking that's gonna lose us the Senate. calimary Oct 2014 #67
Yep. Drat that darned pony shortage, anyway... riqster Oct 2014 #70
There MUST be a pony! Under all that horse shit, there MUST be a pony! calimary Oct 2014 #73
. stonecutter357 Oct 2014 #37
No you wont...nt SidDithers Oct 2014 #95
Bush even ordered one Goldstar Mother not to sell her commemorative medal on E-bay. Octafish Sep 2014 #7
I read it as, he JOKED to her, "don't go selling it on eBay " when he handed out the commemorative BlancheSplanchnik Sep 2014 #16
Holy fucking shit! nt Guy Whitey Corngood Oct 2014 #23
Wow! That is some twisted shite even for the AWOL pretzel boy. nt adirondacker Oct 2014 #82
But, but, he's not supposed to salute if he isn't wearing a hat, pangaia Sep 2014 #9
Well, I think it is OK, polmaven Oct 2014 #36
Ah ha ! Gotcha.. pangaia Oct 2014 #39
K n R stopwastingmymoney Sep 2014 #14
I remember the coffins coming back ... CaptainTruth Sep 2014 #15
:( BlancheSplanchnik Sep 2014 #17
Nice! FlatStanley Sep 2014 #18
And why does Obama keep bombing the crap out of people? Luminous Animal Oct 2014 #21
Ignoring Bush's mess won't make it go away. baldguy Oct 2014 #32
Neither does perpetuating Bush's mess. FlatStanley Oct 2014 #44
O. would not have been chosen by the PTB if they thought he would truedelphi Oct 2014 #71
I think we choose who we want. It takes little effort to believe the lies and ignore actions. FlatStanley Oct 2014 #77
Which is plainly NOT what is happening here. baldguy Oct 2014 #84
You are correct. FlatStanley Oct 2014 #88
If you believe Obama is worse than Bush, you're not a liberal, or a Democrat. baldguy Oct 2014 #90
Before you make a complete fool of yourself with YOUR PURITY FlatStanley Oct 2014 #91
You've already made a fool of yourself with your false, baseless accusations. baldguy Oct 2014 #92
I'm just making the President "do it" like he asked me to. FlatStanley Oct 2014 #93
Predictable. You've entered crazy-assed Teabagger territory. baldguy Oct 2014 #94
That would fit in your world view, I know. FlatStanley Oct 2014 #96
Wow. Seriously?...nt SidDithers Oct 2014 #98
Seriously what? FlatStanley Oct 2014 #99
Right, supporting the Democratic President & the Democratic Party is now "drinking koolaid" on DU. baldguy Oct 2014 #105
Continuing Bush's strategy won't make it go away. Luminous Animal Oct 2014 #97
Because Chess. FlatStanley Oct 2014 #43
Because some people NEED the crap bombed out of them! 7962 Oct 2014 #80
Oh, man. Can we PLEASE have this as the picture of the day tomorrow? TrollBuster9090 Oct 2014 #19
Yes. Bush was an asshole. But Jesus Fucking Christ. Saluting the dead does not absolve Obama Luminous Animal Oct 2014 #20
. stonecutter357 Oct 2014 #38
The OP NEVER SAID IT DID. riqster Oct 2014 #42
Yes it does. It shows he cares. FlatStanley Oct 2014 #45
The phrase directly and unequivocally implying that his salute absolves him is where exactly? LanternWaste Oct 2014 #54
Bushco wanted to cover up the dead soldiers.. Pres Obama is acknowledging them and that they Cha Oct 2014 #24
We do get it. We also get that drones eases our conscience thus making perpetual war palatable. FlatStanley Oct 2014 #48
How will we pay to take care of our troops in this new war? grahamhgreen Oct 2014 #25
Good stamps. Pay attention. FlatStanley Oct 2014 #49
Oh yeah.... grahamhgreen Oct 2014 #52
I hate auto-incorrect! Or maybe my fingers are too big FlatStanley Oct 2014 #56
Gets me all the time! grahamhgreen Oct 2014 #63
Ain't that the truth! MADem Oct 2014 #26
Thanks for this! JustAnotherGen Oct 2014 #27
What Bush never once did IronLionZion Oct 2014 #28
You Forgot The Tan Suit ProfessorGAC Oct 2014 #35
The best way to honor the dead RedCappedBandit Oct 2014 #30
They showed the fighting and the coffins on television for Vietnam and American's hated that war. tecelote Oct 2014 #34
Also, no draft. DeadLetterOffice Oct 2014 #64
bushieboy. jr heaven05 Oct 2014 #40
Thought you may like this 4Q2u2 Oct 2014 #57
I do like heaven05 Oct 2014 #69
Very emotional :( Lenomsky Oct 2014 #41
Good point. Kids who die for their countries get a raw deal. riqster Oct 2014 #51
I wish Obama would pull our troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq. former9thward Oct 2014 #46
One thing bothers me about the picture in the original post. JayhawkSD Oct 2014 #47
I believe the ceremony was at Dover AFB. On post. riqster Oct 2014 #50
Doesn't justify fatigues. JayhawkSD Oct 2014 #53
Exactly! ctsnowman Oct 2014 #55
And Joe Biden has never done this: Initech Oct 2014 #58
Nor did he shoot anyone in the face. riqster Oct 2014 #59
And make the other guy apologize for getting in the way of his shot. Initech Oct 2014 #61
This seems so naive. Marr Oct 2014 #60
Nope. I am a bitter, cynical old fart. riqster Oct 2014 #65
Bush was a bad CIC Gothmog Oct 2014 #62
Illegal and illegitimate for starters. Then he got worse. riqster Oct 2014 #66
Told the truth about something (including 9/11) ??? blkmusclmachine Oct 2014 #68
K&R Raffi Ella Oct 2014 #78
Actually, We Do Not Know erpowers Oct 2014 #81
There are also no pictures of the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. riqster Oct 2014 #83
Totally Different erpowers Oct 2014 #87
Since Bush prohibited the cameras, it's his own fault if there are none. riqster Oct 2014 #89
I have not read this thread. Jenoch Oct 2014 #100
Partly true. riqster Oct 2014 #101
I am unaware of him mocking family Jenoch Oct 2014 #102
Read upthread for the "eBay" remark. That is mockery. riqster Oct 2014 #103
I'll check out that thread. Jenoch Oct 2014 #104
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