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87. Totally Different
Wed Oct 1, 2014, 07:56 PM
Oct 2014

Those are two totally different issues and ideas. Everyone, except small children, know the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus are not real. We know they are not real because know they are characters from folk lore and storybooks. On the other hand, we know President Bush was real, Dover is/was real, real caskets were sent back to America. It is very possible that President Bush, on at least one occasion, greeted a returning casket. I do not think people should claim he did not greet the caskets when photos were not allowed during that time.

Bush NEVER ONCE did this. [View all] riqster Sep 2014 OP
And ain't that the truth? CaliforniaPeggy Sep 2014 #1
Booked marked so I have this pic Lochloosa Sep 2014 #2
Recommended. (nt) NYC_SKP Sep 2014 #3
True, the corporate media even helped Bush keep the caskets off the frontpage news. Rex Sep 2014 #4
Jogging Scarsdale Oct 2014 #29
Until 2009, no media was allowed to film returning caskets. 7962 Oct 2014 #72
In 2003 the Bush WH banned media cameras from taking pictures. Rex Oct 2014 #74
Oops. Guess you were wrong. Kingofalldems Oct 2014 #75
Those good media lap dogs! Always following the rules! Rex Oct 2014 #76
No, I'm NOT wrong. It was policy long before W. 7962 Oct 2014 #79
George Bush put the ban in place in 1991. My mistake it was his DAD. Rex Oct 2014 #85
He is right, it was George Bush sr. in 1991! Rex Oct 2014 #86
Thanks rigster. sheshe2 Sep 2014 #5
Thanks, sheshe. freshwest Sep 2014 #8
That's one of the first pictures I posted here. sheshe2 Sep 2014 #10
Thanks back atcha for your post. riqster Sep 2014 #12
... sheshe2 Sep 2014 #13
Yep. It was one of the first things the new President Obama did. calimary Sep 2014 #6
Now that was well said calimary. sheshe2 Sep 2014 #11
I'll have respect for both Obama and Clinton when they address the nation on how they Luminous Animal Oct 2014 #22
Oh, puleeze! Scarsdale Oct 2014 #31
Oh nononono, Bush and Obama are exactly the same... riqster Oct 2014 #33
Yep. And that's EXACTLY the kind of thinking that's gonna lose us the Senate. calimary Oct 2014 #67
Yep. Drat that darned pony shortage, anyway... riqster Oct 2014 #70
There MUST be a pony! Under all that horse shit, there MUST be a pony! calimary Oct 2014 #73
. stonecutter357 Oct 2014 #37
No you wont...nt SidDithers Oct 2014 #95
Bush even ordered one Goldstar Mother not to sell her commemorative medal on E-bay. Octafish Sep 2014 #7
I read it as, he JOKED to her, "don't go selling it on eBay " when he handed out the commemorative BlancheSplanchnik Sep 2014 #16
Holy fucking shit! nt Guy Whitey Corngood Oct 2014 #23
Wow! That is some twisted shite even for the AWOL pretzel boy. nt adirondacker Oct 2014 #82
But, but, he's not supposed to salute if he isn't wearing a hat, pangaia Sep 2014 #9
Well, I think it is OK, polmaven Oct 2014 #36
Ah ha ! Gotcha.. pangaia Oct 2014 #39
K n R stopwastingmymoney Sep 2014 #14
I remember the coffins coming back ... CaptainTruth Sep 2014 #15
:( BlancheSplanchnik Sep 2014 #17
Nice! FlatStanley Sep 2014 #18
And why does Obama keep bombing the crap out of people? Luminous Animal Oct 2014 #21
Ignoring Bush's mess won't make it go away. baldguy Oct 2014 #32
Neither does perpetuating Bush's mess. FlatStanley Oct 2014 #44
O. would not have been chosen by the PTB if they thought he would truedelphi Oct 2014 #71
I think we choose who we want. It takes little effort to believe the lies and ignore actions. FlatStanley Oct 2014 #77
Which is plainly NOT what is happening here. baldguy Oct 2014 #84
You are correct. FlatStanley Oct 2014 #88
If you believe Obama is worse than Bush, you're not a liberal, or a Democrat. baldguy Oct 2014 #90
Before you make a complete fool of yourself with YOUR PURITY FlatStanley Oct 2014 #91
You've already made a fool of yourself with your false, baseless accusations. baldguy Oct 2014 #92
I'm just making the President "do it" like he asked me to. FlatStanley Oct 2014 #93
Predictable. You've entered crazy-assed Teabagger territory. baldguy Oct 2014 #94
That would fit in your world view, I know. FlatStanley Oct 2014 #96
Wow. Seriously?...nt SidDithers Oct 2014 #98
Seriously what? FlatStanley Oct 2014 #99
Right, supporting the Democratic President & the Democratic Party is now "drinking koolaid" on DU. baldguy Oct 2014 #105
Continuing Bush's strategy won't make it go away. Luminous Animal Oct 2014 #97
Because Chess. FlatStanley Oct 2014 #43
Because some people NEED the crap bombed out of them! 7962 Oct 2014 #80
Oh, man. Can we PLEASE have this as the picture of the day tomorrow? TrollBuster9090 Oct 2014 #19
Yes. Bush was an asshole. But Jesus Fucking Christ. Saluting the dead does not absolve Obama Luminous Animal Oct 2014 #20
. stonecutter357 Oct 2014 #38
The OP NEVER SAID IT DID. riqster Oct 2014 #42
Yes it does. It shows he cares. FlatStanley Oct 2014 #45
The phrase directly and unequivocally implying that his salute absolves him is where exactly? LanternWaste Oct 2014 #54
Bushco wanted to cover up the dead soldiers.. Pres Obama is acknowledging them and that they Cha Oct 2014 #24
We do get it. We also get that drones eases our conscience thus making perpetual war palatable. FlatStanley Oct 2014 #48
How will we pay to take care of our troops in this new war? grahamhgreen Oct 2014 #25
Good stamps. Pay attention. FlatStanley Oct 2014 #49
Oh yeah.... grahamhgreen Oct 2014 #52
I hate auto-incorrect! Or maybe my fingers are too big FlatStanley Oct 2014 #56
Gets me all the time! grahamhgreen Oct 2014 #63
Ain't that the truth! MADem Oct 2014 #26
Thanks for this! JustAnotherGen Oct 2014 #27
What Bush never once did IronLionZion Oct 2014 #28
You Forgot The Tan Suit ProfessorGAC Oct 2014 #35
The best way to honor the dead RedCappedBandit Oct 2014 #30
They showed the fighting and the coffins on television for Vietnam and American's hated that war. tecelote Oct 2014 #34
Also, no draft. DeadLetterOffice Oct 2014 #64
bushieboy. jr heaven05 Oct 2014 #40
Thought you may like this 4Q2u2 Oct 2014 #57
I do like heaven05 Oct 2014 #69
Very emotional :( Lenomsky Oct 2014 #41
Good point. Kids who die for their countries get a raw deal. riqster Oct 2014 #51
I wish Obama would pull our troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq. former9thward Oct 2014 #46
One thing bothers me about the picture in the original post. JayhawkSD Oct 2014 #47
I believe the ceremony was at Dover AFB. On post. riqster Oct 2014 #50
Doesn't justify fatigues. JayhawkSD Oct 2014 #53
Exactly! ctsnowman Oct 2014 #55
And Joe Biden has never done this: Initech Oct 2014 #58
Nor did he shoot anyone in the face. riqster Oct 2014 #59
And make the other guy apologize for getting in the way of his shot. Initech Oct 2014 #61
This seems so naive. Marr Oct 2014 #60
Nope. I am a bitter, cynical old fart. riqster Oct 2014 #65
Bush was a bad CIC Gothmog Oct 2014 #62
Illegal and illegitimate for starters. Then he got worse. riqster Oct 2014 #66
Told the truth about something (including 9/11) ??? blkmusclmachine Oct 2014 #68
K&R Raffi Ella Oct 2014 #78
Actually, We Do Not Know erpowers Oct 2014 #81
There are also no pictures of the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. riqster Oct 2014 #83
Totally Different erpowers Oct 2014 #87
Since Bush prohibited the cameras, it's his own fault if there are none. riqster Oct 2014 #89
I have not read this thread. Jenoch Oct 2014 #100
Partly true. riqster Oct 2014 #101
I am unaware of him mocking family Jenoch Oct 2014 #102
Read upthread for the "eBay" remark. That is mockery. riqster Oct 2014 #103
I'll check out that thread. Jenoch Oct 2014 #104
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