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The Magistrate

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61. You Will Seldom See Me Cite A WWII Japanese General As An Illustrator Of Wisdom, Ma'am
Wed Oct 29, 2014, 11:05 PM
Oct 2014

But I have long found this story instructive. At a strategy discussion in the early days of victory, when fresh invasions were being contemplated, the man ( I have long forgotten his name ) stood and said 'The tea in this cup represents our strength.' Then he dashed it out on the wooden floor. 'You see it only goes so far.'

Fights must be chosen, and choice should be guided by both what is at stake and whether success can be achieved. This is necessary, because there is a limit to strength, to energy.

The matter of Ukraine is not a fight worth making, certainly not if cast as a fight against imperialism and aggression, and definitely not if these are taken to be attributes only of the West, of U.S. and E.U. policy. The flash-point of hostilities there is that Russia refuses to leave go of a former colony, which it wishes to hold in dependent status, in part in hopes it can be recaptured into satellite orbit. It would better suit financial powers in the West, possibly, to incorporate Ukraine into the E.U. sphere, perhaps as a labor pool, including skilled labor at lower wages. Viewed on the largest scale, it is a fight between two imperialisms over who will get the benefit of exploiting the place and its people. It is by no means a fight between a demon and an angel. The conduct of Russia, which has been to invade Ukraine, first in the Crimea, and then to create an armed secessionist movement based on Russian special forces operatives, and to back these by further invasion, cannot be taken lightly. I am utterly unmoved by bleats of 'CIA coup' and 'Nazis in Kiev', not because I think the U.S. has never arranged coups nor because I think Kiev's armed forces do not include a number of people I would consider best euthanized as a public health measure. I am utterly unmoved by them because they are quite beside the point. The thing of greatest importance here is the use of military force in Europe by one sovereign state to seize territory from another sovereign state. This is a matter of serious importance; it is deeply destabilizing and threatens the peaceful order that has held more or less in Europe since the final spasms of WWII. Russia is, in fact, acting exactly as the fascist powers did in the thirties, and from a similar calculation: Russian leadership is certain the West will not oppose them with military force, and that the only check on what they can do is their own ambition and appetite, because they are virile and strong and the West is decadent and weak. The idea that 'NATO threatens Russia', or even that 'the U.S. wants war with Russia', though staples of Russian propaganda, and bread and butter for a certain strain of leftists, does not connect to the reality of the situation at any point.

For people on the left to take events in Ukraine today as a place to pitch a fight, and a place to pitch a fight against the U.S. and E.U. and NATO, ranged alongside Russia in struggle, is foolish to the point of insanity. The idea that Russia today is morally superior to the United States, that it is a leading light for progress and ought to be heeded as a guide, is quite simply bizarre. To believe that supporting fascist Russia in its imperialist venture in Ukraine is opposing imperialism and fascism and protecting peace and order in the world is positively delusional.

He's also a white-nationalist shitbag, and promoter of hate site VDARE... SidDithers Oct 2014 #1
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The he needs to drive his happy ass to the airport and head east. NightWatcher Oct 2014 #2
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Mr. Putin is quite popular with the far-right in Europe as well as our fundamentalist wackos. pampango Oct 2014 #6
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It was a cleverly crafted speech, Sir. Well written and delivered. KoKo Oct 2014 #10
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Chaos wasn't present in Libya, Iraq or Syria CJCRANE Oct 2014 #15
Chaos Was Always Lurking Underneath, Sir The Magistrate Oct 2014 #16
Iraq would not have come apart at the seams brentspeak Oct 2014 #20
Not At The Time We Invaded, Sir, No The Magistrate Oct 2014 #21
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Credibility For What, Ma'am? The Magistrate Oct 2014 #25
You Have Given Up..Do the Meme...(There's nothing we Can Do...it's Gone on Forever) KoKo Oct 2014 #60
You Will Seldom See Me Cite A WWII Japanese General As An Illustrator Of Wisdom, Ma'am The Magistrate Oct 2014 #61
How can we go after Russia when our Invasions/Interventions in ME/SA/etc. are Documented. KoKo Oct 2014 #63
And the MSM and neocons make it all about personalities. CJCRANE Nov 2014 #66
Chaos was already present jeff47 Oct 2014 #27
Did you support the Iraq invasion CJCRANE Oct 2014 #28
Do You Support Wholesale Torture And Murder Of Political Dissidents, Sir? The Magistrate Oct 2014 #29
I do not support attacking countries that are not a direct threat to us. CJCRANE Oct 2014 #31
Not Much Of An Answer, Sir, When You Think About It.... The Magistrate Oct 2014 #38
I don't support torture by any country including Russia if that's your point. nt CJCRANE Oct 2014 #50
Perhaps Not, Sir The Magistrate Oct 2014 #52
You make some good points CJCRANE Oct 2014 #53
Iraq no jeff47 Oct 2014 #30
I don't think it's our job to destabilize sovereign countries CJCRANE Oct 2014 #32
Reading. It's good to do sometimes. jeff47 Oct 2014 #33
You said "yes" for Libya and Syria. CJCRANE Oct 2014 #35
You should pick one. Either you didn't bother reading the Iraq parts jeff47 Oct 2014 #36
I read it. You made some good points CJCRANE Oct 2014 #37
OK, I might see where some might argue Putin is checking an over-aggressive US foreign policy and Nuclear Unicorn Oct 2014 #17
Bwhahahahahahahaha! zappaman Oct 2014 #18
And, that's saying something! Cha Oct 2014 #40
I think the GOP dinosaurs secretly love Putin, he Rex Oct 2014 #54
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Picture this.. Cha Oct 2014 #41
lol What a nutbag. I bet he has stockpiles of weapons in his basement too for when the guvuhment chrisa Oct 2014 #22
Well this is no surprise considering how much the right loves fascism and dictatorships. Initech Oct 2014 #26
It's not just the right, sadly. Tommy_Carcetti Oct 2014 #34
Yeah, Putin and those "family values".. and who is Paul Craig Roberts? Cha Oct 2014 #39
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I Apologize, Ma'am: I Already Knew That The Magistrate Oct 2014 #45
A' ole pilikia, TM~ Cha Oct 2014 #48
Appreciated, Ma'am The Magistrate Oct 2014 #59
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You had dinner with President Obama, Andrea?! Wow! Cha Oct 2014 #49
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Oh, you won the Political Lottery, imv.. and on your Mom's Birthday! How Sweet.. I would Cha Oct 2014 #56
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