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51. A nation of laws?
Fri Apr 20, 2012, 05:07 PM
Apr 2012

Why should any of us respect any of our laws if people that knowingly lied us into unnecessary war are not prosecuted for treason and crimes against humanity.

Why is there no modern Nuremburg Trials right this very minute?

There are so many things wrong with the fallacious "we have to look forward not backward" childlike reason for giving the GW Bush criminal cabal.

The most profound misery from this corrupt decision will be in the future. When we get a President that gets to start his own vanity war taking advantage of all these "IF THE PRESIDENT DOES IT, IT'S NOT ILLEGAL" Doctrines that are basically a license to commit genocide. To the apparent benefit of only the Dick Cheney's, Eric Prinze's and Mitt Romney's of the world.

We have seen repeatedly in recent history how flawed laws repeat disastrous time bombs in the future. I'm thinking specifically of the repeal of Glass-Steagel in the late 90's, which led to the economic depression of 2008-2009.

The free pass given to these traitors insures more of the same in our future. And we will stand for this? Is this how we as a country honor the lives of all those that served to protect the Constitution and the American way of life?

I find the whole thing infuriating.

-90% Jimmy

An irony to this tragedy is that I have read there have been 750-1000 contractor casualties from this Iraq c-f**k. Were they mercenaries or dedicated patriots or people desperate to make big money as quick as possible knowing the risks? I don't know, but those poor dead people are off the radar of the entire country and media, from my vantage, anyway.

If it hadn't been him there were 100 more in line behind him. DefenseLawyer Apr 2012 #1
+1. He could very well be being paid to take them off the hook, too. HiPointDem Apr 2012 #6
He was strictly a tool for bolstering Dimson's/Shooter's reason to attack Iraq. pacalo Apr 2012 #36
Curveball? Turbineguy Apr 2012 #2
''We went to war in Iraq on a lie. And that lie was your lie.'' Octafish Apr 2012 #3
Remember Ahmed Chalabi....Curveball? KoKo Apr 2012 #14
''We are heroes in error.'' -- Ahmed Chalabi, interim oil minister of NewIraq 4.3. Octafish Apr 2012 #41
I think there needs to be some indictments Rosa Luxemburg Apr 2012 #26
Given the slight interest in this on this Democratic site...I wouldn't hold my breath.... KoKo Apr 2012 #28
That is my express rationale for continuing to bring these inconvenient truths up for discussion. Octafish Apr 2012 #42
right, uh uh. newspeak Apr 2012 #43
Yeah. I noticed that, too. Octafish Apr 2012 #47
These people manipulate for their own greed Rosa Luxemburg Apr 2012 #49
Sexed up huh...is that the same as 'fucking lied through their teeth?' Rex Apr 2012 #4
I can't get it out of my head get the red out Apr 2012 #15
That was a "joke" he did at one of the DC dinners--correspondents, or one similar. MADem Apr 2012 #22
Supposed to be funny, yes get the red out Apr 2012 #39
oh, the joke was not on the news media newspeak Apr 2012 #44
Well that's true get the red out Apr 2012 #45
I know, while he was bending over looking under tables Rex Apr 2012 #24
i blame the people who believed him 100% spanone Apr 2012 #5
I bet no US station will air it or report on it. ChairmanAgnostic Apr 2012 #7
if powell feels any rage, it's only because curveball's spilling it now. unblock Apr 2012 #8
Actually, Powell was said to have called the script he was given "bullshit", Art_from_Ark Apr 2012 #33
Ho Hum If it hadn't been him intaglio Apr 2012 #9
There's that word again, "confidence." Baitball Blogger Apr 2012 #10
Time to 'interrogate' Cheney for the truth from his end malaise Apr 2012 #11
I'm sure most of his countrymen would prefer Saddam had died Warpy Apr 2012 #12
"Intelligence was being worked to fit around the policy" gratuitous Apr 2012 #13
Won't be published here get the red out Apr 2012 #16
Yeah, and no shit gratuitous Apr 2012 #17
I wonder lsewpershad Apr 2012 #18
How is this man alive? felix_numinous Apr 2012 #19
Just a useful idiot. Daniel537 Apr 2012 #20
The decision was made to go in long before 9/11 Art_from_Ark Apr 2012 #34
Bullshit! He was nothing but a fig leaf for Cheney/Bush to cover their own lies. Uncle Joe Apr 2012 #21
Curveball could lie and lie all he wanted to. The Bush administration believed him and improved him. Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #23
He was part of Judith Miller and Chalabi....so...I think his lies ...bore fruit.. KoKo Apr 2012 #25
exactly Rosa Luxemburg Apr 2012 #27
Curveball didn't talk to the Project for a New American Century. He talked to governments. Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #31
Believed him? whatchamacallit Apr 2012 #29
Believed him. The Bush Administration didn't tell him what to say. n/t Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #32
Where is the fucking outrage in all of this..... WCGreen Apr 2012 #30
I remember when I actually thought common sense would step in & the checks & balances pacalo Apr 2012 #35
Absolutely... WCGreen Apr 2012 #37
That's been the way our country has been run for a long time. Look at the Viet Nam War. Selatius Apr 2012 #38
When the U.S. wants to invade a nation RainDog Apr 2012 #40
Probably far more than 100K deaths. Plus maiming, destruction of families, loss of cultural wiggs Apr 2012 #46
Downing Street memos? Royal Sloan 09 Apr 2012 #48
He was drunk out of his mind and we only used the translation from the German interrogations underpants Apr 2012 #50
A nation of laws? 90-percent Apr 2012 #51
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