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Yes! Thank you Bernie. PatrickforO Sep 2015 #1
We were not unsavory, we were libled and slandered and mischaracterized Bluenorthwest Sep 2015 #2
I was about to post an objection to the characterization in the OP csziggy Sep 2015 #5
mark the words "used to be thought by many" DonCoquixote Sep 2015 #28
That's not how it read until just a few minutes ago. Here's MineralMan Sep 2015 #30
ok, DonCoquixote Sep 2015 #32
And again... MannyGoldstein Sep 2015 #35
Manny edited the OP. Manny never acknowledged my post about the original text either. Bluenorthwest Sep 2015 #63
Because the original text was fine for people MannyGoldstein Sep 2015 #70
Gay people used as a rhetorical device. We don't need your exploitation. yardwork Sep 2015 #72
Please look up "rhetorical device" in the dictionary MannyGoldstein Sep 2015 #80
Good grief it's fine. Smarmie Doofus Sep 2015 #79
thank you Hassin Bin Sober Sep 2015 #86
Yep. hifiguy Sep 2015 #3
I think AutoCorrect has scrambled your post title. MineralMan Sep 2015 #4
Missing a word. MannyGoldstein Sep 2015 #6
Manny, people used to say the world was flat. The world was not flat. Bluenorthwest Sep 2015 #7
I think the meaning is clear, in context. But MannyGoldstein Sep 2015 #12
The meaning is clear, you are intentionally insulting LGBT people. Bluenorthwest Sep 2015 #19
I believe you made it worse, actually. MineralMan Sep 2015 #8
I expected that you would. nt MannyGoldstein Sep 2015 #13
This is the kind of support that irritates people and drives them away. yardwork Sep 2015 #9
I didn't see it that way at first. joshcryer Sep 2015 #18
Thank you for understanding. yardwork Sep 2015 #40
Really? merrily Sep 2015 #45
Yeah. It's pretty gross. PeaceNikki Sep 2015 #23
Bullshit. You don't speak for all gay people. Hassin Bin Sober Sep 2015 #26
Neither do you. yardwork Sep 2015 #37
I support Sanders and the OP pissed me off too. Unsavory. It gets tiresome. Bluenorthwest Sep 2015 #65
The person you are responding to has admitted down thread she didn't believe the op was slamming us. Hassin Bin Sober Sep 2015 #68
What the fuck? I "admitted" nothing of the sort. yardwork Sep 2015 #71
you should tell that to yourself down thread Hassin Bin Sober Sep 2015 #84
+1 marym625 Sep 2015 #44
Thank you for speaking up. I don't see this as a slam against the gay community at all. rhett o rick Sep 2015 #53
Yep. Ridiculous. Hassin Bin Sober Sep 2015 #54
I read the first iteration too and I agree Tipperary Sep 2015 #85
You don't speak for gays. Marr Sep 2015 #36
His meaning us crystal clear to me. yardwork Sep 2015 #38
WOW marym625 Sep 2015 #43
"What is untrue in this post?" JTFrog Sep 2015 #46
Again, wow. marym625 Sep 2015 #50
I dare you to play 'Mad Libs' with the original title that set some of us off. Do you know the game? Bluenorthwest Sep 2015 #66
Sanders is having some problems with African Americans and women. yardwork Sep 2015 #73
I disagree, and here is why... PotatoChip Sep 2015 #89
I have a better game. let's play Read The Post. marym625 Sep 2015 #75
+1000 Puglover Sep 2015 #83
Meanings are never crystal clear except to those that want to make an issue. nm rhett o rick Sep 2015 #55
((hugs) Starry Messenger Sep 2015 #48
I'm trying to figure out the actual intention of the OP, because it really seems madinmaryland Sep 2015 #49
+ infinity. n/t JTFrog Sep 2015 #52
The straight community used to be full of far more liars even than it has today. Bluenorthwest Sep 2015 #10
Speaking of lies... MannyGoldstein Sep 2015 #15
Why don't you tell me in words what you think I lied about, you craven link poster? Bluenorthwest Sep 2015 #16
Any English speaker who clicks on the provided links can see MannyGoldstein Sep 2015 #21
Long day? joshcryer Sep 2015 #22
That link goes to a post of your calling me a liar, it's a big circle of you calling me names. Bluenorthwest Sep 2015 #25
For the link- or logic-impaired: MannyGoldstein Sep 2015 #33
So I took issue with a historic allusion and the words 'a few'. Very sorry, how unsavory of me. Bluenorthwest Sep 2015 #62
"Took issue" doesn't quite capture the thing. MannyGoldstein Sep 2015 #69
Cat got your tongue? MannyGoldstein Sep 2015 #56
PWI, Manny? nt msanthrope Sep 2015 #59
The silly thing about the "socialism" bit... joshcryer Sep 2015 #11
You need to stick to exploiting your own stuff and leave LGBT people out of it. Bluenorthwest Sep 2015 #14
*facepalm* Chitown Kev Sep 2015 #17
this really 'belongs' in GD: Primaries-- geek tragedy Sep 2015 #20
So are you saying America lives and dies by how it is perceived and not reality? Rex Sep 2015 #24
K&R! marym625 Sep 2015 #27
Post removed Post removed Sep 2015 #29
If you're going to post the previous title, then shouldn't you also post MannyGoldstein Sep 2015 #34
His edits haven't touched the reason I'm offended. yardwork Sep 2015 #39
Offensive to you and one other gay poster in this thread. Puglover Sep 2015 #82
+1000 back at you! marym625 Sep 2015 #91
Beautiful! H2O Man Sep 2015 #31
Let's all say it together DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM works for all. Put an end to Corporate/Oligarch rule! Dont call me Shirley Sep 2015 #41
Until certain DUers began attacking Sanders for allegedly being socialist, I had not looked into merrily Sep 2015 #42
Bad analogies for $500 Starry Messenger Sep 2015 #47
Pat Robertson reminded people of the good ole days when it was the norm to treat Gays randys1 Sep 2015 #51
Anyone have MineralMan's jury? joshcryer Sep 2015 #57
Yes.....I'd like to see that..nt msanthrope Sep 2015 #58
I think the thread is dead. joshcryer Sep 2015 #60
Dead? It's got that gefilte fish smell to it for sure. nt msanthrope Sep 2015 #61
Here it is. joshcryer Sep 2015 #81
let me see if I have this correctly...... msanthrope Sep 2015 #87
Geeze Bobbie Jo Sep 2015 #88
Thin-skinned. nt msanthrope Sep 2015 #90
this Kim Davis situation sure is interesting treestar Sep 2015 #64
That's interesting, isn't it? yardwork Sep 2015 #74
This message was self-deleted by its author Scootaloo Sep 2015 #77
"...people will quickly realize..." And you base this on...? randome Sep 2015 #67
socialism to me is about not worshipping idols or saints . olddots Sep 2015 #76
It really IS a teaching mission more than anything else. Smarmie Doofus Sep 2015 #78
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