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GOP Evil Knows No Limit Or Bound cantbeserious Sep 2015 #1
Cheating is the only way repugs can win brush Sep 2015 #2
No they use Treason as well remember RayGun and the hostages Vincardog Sep 2015 #26
To the Greatest Page. We should invade her facebook page here: ChisolmTrailDem Sep 2015 #3
A couple of corrections. HooptieWagon Sep 2015 #4
Important corrections...thank you. dixiegrrrrl Sep 2015 #6
True. But this just goes to show that redistricting should NEVER be left to the 1monster Sep 2015 #8
Fla voters passed a Constitutional Amendment several years ago... HooptieWagon Sep 2015 #14
I'm aware. But I'm not holding my breath. I've lived in Florida for over 1monster Sep 2015 #15
Been here 50. HooptieWagon Sep 2015 #16
Good. 1monster Sep 2015 #19
You are accusing a Dem Congressperson of gerrymandering Florida for the Republicans. L. Coyote Sep 2015 #37
That's exactly what happened. HooptieWagon Sep 2015 #38
No, that's just what you say happened. L. Coyote Sep 2015 #45
Links are right there in my post. HooptieWagon Sep 2015 #50
The Rs did the gerrymandering, and now post facto you want to blame a Dem. That's absurd and wrong. L. Coyote Sep 2015 #53
And she colloberated with the Rs. HooptieWagon Sep 2015 #55
So, now you are admitting you were wrong. Well, keep backtracking until you are right. L. Coyote Sep 2015 #61
WTF? I haven't back-tracked one bit. HooptieWagon Sep 2015 #64
A Dem anything in Florida can most likely be a DINO. djean111 Sep 2015 #51
Debbie's goons threatened a AA who filed to run in my district. HooptieWagon Sep 2015 #56
I'm afraid this is correct. I suspect it goes on elsewhere as well. Eleanors38 Sep 2015 #60
You know what they say about opinions and suspicions. L. Coyote Sep 2015 #62
Well, don't fall in one. Eleanors38 Sep 2015 #66
K&R. I'm glad this move has been exposed. Overseas Sep 2015 #5
If only gerrymandering was a crime punishable by prison time. Rex Sep 2015 #7
If that was the case, Rep Brown would be in prison also. HooptieWagon Sep 2015 #10
Gerrymandering is one of those issues where you can say both parties do it. Rex Sep 2015 #12
Illinois is one messed up looking state gerrymander wise. [nt] Ichigo Kurosaki Sep 2015 #27
Yes. murielm99 Sep 2015 #43
It should be, along with vote and election tampering, with severe sentences. Hortensis Sep 2015 #24
Why isn't this national news? perdita9 Sep 2015 #9
Because Rep Brown is not an innocent victim. HooptieWagon Sep 2015 #11
Why do you not want to talk about the racial issue here? CreekDog Sep 2015 #46
What the hell are you talking about? HooptieWagon Sep 2015 #47
You blame Dems Reps in racially aggregated gerrymandered districts. That's just ludicrous. L. Coyote Sep 2015 #48
She participated in the gerrymandering. HooptieWagon Sep 2015 #49
You are conflating two distinct issues. Don't blame Dems for the gerrymandering by the Rs. L. Coyote Sep 2015 #52
I'll blame Dems who colloberated with Rs in gerrymandering. HooptieWagon Sep 2015 #57
You blaming someone is a lot different than the facts you falsely assert. Stick to facts instead of L. Coyote Sep 2015 #63
Whatever. Peep can read my posts and links, and see you're obviously wrong. HooptieWagon Sep 2015 #65
Step 2: Put all the black people and liberals in prison. n/t librechik Sep 2015 #13
Yep.. the ultimate goal. mountain grammy Sep 2015 #17
It worked in Furguson packman Sep 2015 #59
Can't this be officially investigated? zentrum Sep 2015 #18
That's RICO shit right there. Conspiracy. Fed charges elehhhhna Sep 2015 #20
Lani Guinier tried to explain how the prison-census-voter link worked and I have been explaining kelliekat44 Sep 2015 #21
That is ugly, ugly, ugly. JDPriestly Sep 2015 #22
She apologized so all is good... C Moon Sep 2015 #23
True. Enthusiast Sep 2015 #25
God forgives her Plucketeer Sep 2015 #33
Adkins: “I apologize if my statements offended anyone." radicalliberal Sep 2015 #35
True. That's more like an eye-roll than an apology. C Moon Sep 2015 #41
Gerrymandering Leave Millions Of People Without A Voice In Government NonMetro Sep 2015 #28
So does the electoral college. YOHABLO Sep 2015 #31
SAme thing has happened in Ohio nt No Vested Interest Sep 2015 #42
There really is no end to Repig sleaziness hifiguy Sep 2015 #29
they know they cannot appeal to black voters with their ideas Skittles Sep 2015 #30
K&R valerief Sep 2015 #32
Ugh Liberal_in_LA Sep 2015 #34
GOP thinks politics is "played" like Survivor. Which means... Beartracks Sep 2015 #36
Hello, federal charges! shenmue Sep 2015 #39
No wonder thay support a high incarceration rate. Disgusting! nt Live and Learn Sep 2015 #40
Vile and disgusting. Uncle Joe Sep 2015 #44
Before even reading this I guessed it was a Florida Republican. stevenleser Sep 2015 #54
Most Republican officeholders are criminals, IMHO. John Poet Sep 2015 #58
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