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2. And you don't think that inequality in the Middle East doesn't affect the desire to die in a death
Sun Dec 6, 2015, 11:35 PM
Dec 2015

cult? The USA should vigorously be pushing proper income tax in countries in the middle east so that there is proper policing, proper schooling, proper regulations, no graft, proper upward mobility, proper equality, proper democracy and all. But the GOP will never allow that and are in fact modeling themselves on the Saudi Royal Family themselves and you on the Middle East. How do you like feeling squeezed so far? People on the right like you seem pretty angry to me right now. You have more in common with angry people in the middle east than you acknowledge.

America Is Sitting On A Powder Keg [View all] applegrove Dec 2015 OP
when you open your doors, generously bring people in from all over the world patsimp Dec 2015 #1
And you don't think that inequality in the Middle East doesn't affect the desire to die in a death applegrove Dec 2015 #2
the people who did the killing in Paris, Boston, and California were not from the middle east. patsimp Dec 2015 #4
But Farook told his father he hated Israel and wanted ISIS to win. Point is there is a hunger out applegrove Dec 2015 #6
the hate farooq had for Israel is not defensible in any fashion patsimp Dec 2015 #12
I'm not defending him. I'm trying not to make it worse than it already is. Which you are doing. applegrove Dec 2015 #13
No i'm actually pointing out cold hard reality and hoping to save innocent patsimp Dec 2015 #17
I don't want people slaughtered for any reason. Trump will insite some Republicans to kill. He will applegrove Dec 2015 #18
A map of mass shootings..... CanadianComrade Dec 2015 #5
Much as has happened to Dylan Roof and Robert Dear. LanternWaste Dec 2015 #16
Yup. Divide & Conquer seem to be 2naSalit Dec 2015 #3
Of course. rusty quoin Dec 2015 #7
We know. Aerows Dec 2015 #8
This message was self-deleted by its author Marty McGraw Dec 2015 #9
. . . hifiguy Dec 2015 #15
Not everything is the right wing's fault Democat Dec 2015 #10
You have to ask who the right wing are emulating. They are applegrove Dec 2015 #11
"...and itís filled with a substance much more potent than gun powder." Iggo Dec 2015 #14
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