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21. Respectfully, I think Clinton has endured enough...
Wed Aug 24, 2016, 06:33 AM
Aug 2016

Of the damning by imagining what she will do or has done for which there is no proof. Just people supposing.

This article doesn't veer that far off from what republicans do to the Clintons all the time: accusing them of being about to do something.

Criticize her actual actions when they actually occur. That's valid. Clinton has stated clearly on multiple occasions that she will not support TPP in its current state. But again, respectfully, enough with the guilt by "could-have, might-just, maybe-will".

It's a technique that when employed by republicans lacks any nuance, or ability to imagine governance that isn't inherently corrupted.

And IMO, when employed by our side, it works against the stated purpose of this season, which is to get democrats elected.

Peace ~

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Post removed Post removed Aug 2016 #1
Attacking the Democratic nominee during the campaign is disgusting. nt pinboy3niner Aug 2016 #18
Bernie is a progressive. Lunabell Aug 2016 #2
Hillary is a progressive. The OP's article is Hillary bashing, from a long time Hillary basher. nt pnwmom Aug 2016 #13
Me too. ananda Aug 2016 #26
. stonecutter357 Aug 2016 #27
he's still alive and in fact he's campaigning for Clinton very soon nt geek tragedy Aug 2016 #30
So is Hillary. Dr Hobbitstein Aug 2016 #33
Lol La Lioness Priyanka Aug 2016 #35
Good that is what we need stonecutter357 Aug 2016 #3
Disappointing. But not unexpected. nt Buns_of_Fire Aug 2016 #4
Not having Trump! is really what America cares about. HereSince1628 Aug 2016 #5
So The Progressive Platform Coming Out Of The Convention Was.... global1 Aug 2016 #6
Seems like stretching to villify Hillary's administration before she's even sworn in pinboy3niner Aug 2016 #7
Not if we know the established track records of the already-named transition team. nt villager Aug 2016 #37
SSDD. nt MaeScott Aug 2016 #8
Isn't this best suited for JPR? SticksnStones Aug 2016 #9
Post removed Post removed Aug 2016 #19
Respectfully, I think Clinton has endured enough... SticksnStones Aug 2016 #21
This message was self-deleted by its author Omaha Steve Aug 2016 #25
the OP seems very concerned. stonecutter357 Aug 2016 #10
"four co-chairs" AHHHH! THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE! betsuni Aug 2016 #11
Why are you bashing Democrats? n/t pnwmom Aug 2016 #12
The author of the piece was a pledged Bernie delegate. nt pinboy3niner Aug 2016 #14
So I guess he's still fighting the primary. n/t pnwmom Aug 2016 #15
Appears so. nt pinboy3niner Aug 2016 #16
It takes a villager to keep fighting the primary. betsuni Aug 2016 #17
primary? G_j Aug 2016 #50
Yes, it is. But he's still fighting the primary. He should realize it's over. n/t pnwmom Aug 2016 #51
lol, "corporatist" is a phony holier-than-thou smear from the primaries. R B Garr Aug 2016 #57
Analysis/opinion. BumRushDaShow Aug 2016 #20
Some people .... LenaBaby61 Aug 2016 #22
Looking at Dr. Stein's twitter feed, she seems all het up about Ken Salazar. msanthrope Aug 2016 #23
Hillary Clinton Pissing OFF All The RIGHT People.. stonecutter357 Aug 2016 #24
Is this what Putin says? yardwork Aug 2016 #28
Black's brain is still stuck in the 1990's. geek tragedy Aug 2016 #29
So, it would seem, is this transition team. nt villager Aug 2016 #39
Salazar and Donilon served in the administration of the current president. geek tragedy Aug 2016 #40
Ah, so the writer does have a more recent basis for his critique. nt villager Aug 2016 #41
No, not really. He talked about negotiations with Newt Gingrich during the 1990's. geek tragedy Aug 2016 #43
Their vocal TPP support was suddenly time-ported back to the 90's? villager Aug 2016 #44
Black has been fighting the 1990s for 3 decades now. Stuck in the past. geek tragedy Aug 2016 #45
Again, their vocal TPP support was restricted to the 90's? villager Aug 2016 #46
Really? quickesst Aug 2016 #31
Awww, are you concerned? Dr Hobbitstein Aug 2016 #32
Don't care. I prefer her transition team over Donald's NightWatcher Aug 2016 #34
The author of the piece is a sore loser who is just lying about her. La Lioness Priyanka Aug 2016 #36
Where is he actually lying about the backgrounds of the transition team? villager Aug 2016 #38
He is lying about the implications of what ken Salazar may mean La Lioness Priyanka Aug 2016 #42
How is he lying? villager Aug 2016 #47
when you definitely make arguments for which you have no proof La Lioness Priyanka Aug 2016 #49
You're the one definitively claiming he's lying, without any counter-facts for rebuttal. villager Aug 2016 #54
Huffing and Posting has a great record. Home of HA HA Goodman and Stein. NCTraveler Aug 2016 #48
Well lookie here. Solomon's opinion about all things "Hillary" sounds like SORE LOZERISM! misterhighwasted Aug 2016 #55
The post has been alerted on, thank goodness. redstatebluegirl Aug 2016 #73
No surprise here but, deathrind Aug 2016 #52
I'm sick of Blue Dogs SHRED Aug 2016 #53
They do tend to derail "hope" (to say nothing of "change") pretty damn quickly. villager Aug 2016 #56
Leave it to Sanders Delegate & sore loser Norm Solomon to derail all hope misterhighwasted Aug 2016 #62
I'm so sick of conspiracy theory promoting Stein voting ismnotwasm Aug 2016 #59
That's not what I'm saying SHRED Aug 2016 #63
This is a horrid article ismnotwasm Aug 2016 #65
Thank you. It's so dumbed down and lowbrow as to be embarrassing to people R B Garr Aug 2016 #68
Exactly ismnotwasm Aug 2016 #70
Screw this article SHRED Aug 2016 #72
Soloman's "opinion".should be banned from DU. misterhighwasted Aug 2016 #64
This article includes some of the worst of the primary bullshit ismnotwasm Aug 2016 #66
Yes. PRIMARY IS OVER. GTFO with this Anti-Dem bull shite misterhighwasted Aug 2016 #69
They'd love a Trump Presidency. Seriously, they really would. misterhighwasted Aug 2016 #67
This is a disgusting OP ismnotwasm Aug 2016 #58
Yeah. This OP is typical media horse race bullshit fearmongering. ancianita Aug 2016 #60
I'm shocked! Shocked I say! Glamrock Aug 2016 #61
Manufactured outrage in search of ... JoePhilly Aug 2016 #71
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