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90. She's worked with POC for a long, long time. Thanks for posting this. A little more:
Fri Sep 4, 2015, 12:53 AM
Sep 2015
Former ACORN chief backs Hillary Clinton

By Carl Campanile - April 20, 2015

Bertha Lewis — the former head of ACORN and a longtime powerful voice of progressivism in New York City - says she’s “ready for Hillary...”

And Lewis says Clinton long ago proved her progressive bona fides. Clinton earned Lewis’ “admiration and respect” for the beating she took when the health-care expansion plan she helped craft with her husband, then-President Bill Clinton, was rejected.

“Hillary recovered from that. Absolutely, Hillary is a progressive. Her core is still there,” Lewis said.

“There’s no one who can hold a candle to her. She’ll be a great president. She’s a fierce fighter. No one is more qualified,” said Lewis, who now is executive director of The Black Institute.


Right-wing heads explode...

This is Latest Breaking News? arcane1 Sep 2015 #1
It's an article published in the Des Moines Register about 2 hours ago based on an interview with... George II Sep 2015 #3
What's the news? GDP would be a more appropriate place. arcane1 Sep 2015 #6
I would agree with you. Bubzer Sep 2015 #15
Tomorrow that would be true. But today it is a news story. n/t pnwmom Sep 2015 #37
I think it's pretty big news that Sanders acknowledges he has a problem with minority support. MADem Sep 2015 #64
Totally agree, also he seems to realize the Clintons have worked hard in the AA group. Thinkingabout Sep 2015 #65
+1. It's most assuredly "new information." nt MADem Sep 2015 #67
It should be Huge News to BS supporters that he has a problem with support in the AA community.. Cha Sep 2015 #89
Agreed! nt MADem Sep 2015 #92
It's odd that it's big news to his supporters. Poll after poll shows that Hillary Clinton BlueCaliDem Sep 2015 #103
It's called "denial" .. they live in it. They've denied it but now that BS has come out and Cha Sep 2015 #153
That's the vibe I've been getting, too, Cha. BlueCaliDem Sep 2015 #156
These Dems in the Senate and House know how Important it is to win.. and they want someone Cha Sep 2015 #160
He acknowledges Clinton has an advantage Scootaloo Sep 2015 #126
It's not... it is a re-hash of older news. Bubzer Sep 2015 #14
The NEWS is that Sanders recognizes it as an issue...unlike some of his supporters brooklynite Sep 2015 #47
If only Bernie supporters, many of them, would act even remotely similar to Bernie himself. randys1 Sep 2015 #2
Can he count on your support in the primary then? jalan48 Sep 2015 #4
Let me ask you a question, how many years, not weeks or months, have you been randys1 Sep 2015 #5
I remember listening to him back when Air-America was still up and running. Bubzer Sep 2015 #16
I've been a fan since the 90's. How about you? jalan48 Sep 2015 #24
Just about, problem is many are new to the party because this party is a way to bash randys1 Sep 2015 #29
Oh yes-Crater Lake is about 2 hrs from me, it's beautiful. jalan48 Sep 2015 #34
Voting negative, does this mean you wont vote if she is the candidate? randys1 Sep 2015 #36
No I've voted every year since 1972. jalan48 Sep 2015 #40
but if it is Hillary vs any con , do you vote Hillary or vote 3rd party thus avoid randys1 Sep 2015 #42
Well-it's too early to tell. jalan48 Sep 2015 #44
So there is a chance if Hillary is the nominee you might vote 3rd party? Correct me if i am wrong randys1 Sep 2015 #45
Couple of things jalan48 Sep 2015 #46
Illegal abortion room pre Roe v Wade. randys1 Sep 2015 #48
That is a big issue for sure. jalan48 Sep 2015 #49
I've not yet heard a Sanders supporter say they won't vote for the dem nominee. Elmer S. E. Dump Sep 2015 #108
I do not care for Hillary... CoffeeCat Sep 2015 #58
+1 PADemD Sep 2015 #61
Sorry to see you go FrodosPet Sep 2015 #98
Where am I going? CoffeeCat Sep 2015 #99
Aren't you leaving the Democratic Party if Sec Clinton wins? FrodosPet Sep 2015 #101
I thought those 'staches looked pretty good! The Road Runner Sep 2015 #128
Interesting that Bill turned down the neocons' Iraq war plan in '96. BillH2 Sep 2015 #109
AS I told someone else, since my pocketbook isnt all that matters to me, if Hillary is the nom randys1 Sep 2015 #121
That image terrifies me as well as makes me sad. BlueCaliDem Sep 2015 #127
Yes, but you do see the circle we are in that cant be broken, right? By having THESE randys1 Sep 2015 #134
Centrist?? Hardly, especially since the election of President Obama. BlueCaliDem Sep 2015 #141
Socially, yes, other than that, no. randys1 Sep 2015 #146
It can be broken by supporting progressive candidates Scootaloo Sep 2015 #155
For Congress rather than the presidency, though. BlueCaliDem Sep 2015 #157
The point is still the same. Scootaloo Sep 2015 #158
Yes, but details matter IF you really want change. eom BlueCaliDem Sep 2015 #159
If she's the Democratic Party nom, will you vote for her? eom BlueCaliDem Sep 2015 #129
This Des Moines Register interview is another example of Bernie's incredibly realistic.view of JDPriestly Sep 2015 #117
exactly. what he said was true and respectful JI7 Sep 2015 #7
What the supporters were reacting to was the false claim that Bernie was weak on black issues. Ken Burch Sep 2015 #10
There's no shortage of people who want to advocate for their candidate. Bubzer Sep 2015 #18
Weak on black issues? look at his history WHEN CRABS ROAR Sep 2015 #27
I know all that...but the lie was reposted over and over and over again. n/t. Ken Burch Sep 2015 #38
And yet, civil rights icon, Rep. John Lewis, endorses Hillary Clinton, not Bernie Sanders. BlueCaliDem Sep 2015 #107
Which is definitely his prerogative! blackspade Sep 2015 #119
And one he's earned with blood, sweat, and tears, may I add. BlueCaliDem Sep 2015 #125
"blood, sweat, and tears" blackspade Sep 2015 #131
Yes. Absolutely literally. BlueCaliDem Sep 2015 #136
Back at ya! blackspade Sep 2015 #138
I don't recall Sanders supporters AgingAmerican Sep 2015 #11
I DO recall ... 1StrongBlackMan Sep 2015 #57
And it was repeated ad nauseum here on DU!! AgingAmerican Sep 2015 #59
DUers called Bernie supporters white supremacists? Link please or acknowledge the lie. n/t 1StrongBlackMan Sep 2015 #62
Sure AgingAmerican Sep 2015 #63
Those links don't prove what you claim they are proving--that's a cheap trick, to send people to MADem Sep 2015 #69
Yes they do AgingAmerican Sep 2015 #70
The first TWO LINKS at your "source" don't say what you claimed they said. MADem Sep 2015 #71
And you stopped at two why? AgingAmerican Sep 2015 #72
Because your "proof" didn't prove anything. n/t 1StrongBlackMan Sep 2015 #74
Fool me ONCE, shame on you. Fool me TWICE, shame on me. MADem Sep 2015 #149
I don't know if he is being dishonest ... 1StrongBlackMan Sep 2015 #73
I know from admired experience that you're neither stupid nor intimidated. MADem Sep 2015 #76
I took the time to review each of those threads ... every single comment ... 1StrongBlackMan Sep 2015 #82
My charitable nature has taken a hell of a beating lately! MADem Sep 2015 #83
Very interesting slight of hand you got there. What you just tried to pull off is beneath you & DU. Tarheel_Dem Sep 2015 #115
Actually that isn't even true - here is what really happened..... George II Sep 2015 #77
I know that, and have raised that point several times ... 1StrongBlackMan Sep 2015 #85
I'm definitely over it. blackspade Sep 2015 #124
You've got a few things wrong Scootaloo Sep 2015 #139
Where in that statement does she call Sanders supporters white supremacists? George II Sep 2015 #142
Where did I say she did? Scootaloo Sep 2015 #144
You going to dole out "quotes" one by one and move along as they're discredited? George II Sep 2015 #145
They're actual quotes from Marissa Johnson. Scootaloo Sep 2015 #147
This again? blackspade Sep 2015 #123
maybe because his supporters aren't running for president? noiretextatique Sep 2015 #19
it is hard to find an thread that does not include a criticism of Bernie "supporters" virtualobserver Sep 2015 #32
Just certain types, groups, on DU etc. I dont know one in real life who bashes Hillary all day long randys1 Sep 2015 #33
give me an example of something that you would consider "bashing" virtualobserver Sep 2015 #39
Endless stories, links about email, the non issue email. Playing right into gop hands. randys1 Sep 2015 #41
I'll tell you how I feel about it virtualobserver Sep 2015 #53
Good post randy. Thinkingabout Sep 2015 #66
Very few threads in the Bernie Group criticize Bernie's supporters. merrily Sep 2015 #132
+1 GitRDun Sep 2015 #51
Vote for Bernie not his supporters. 840high Sep 2015 #87
I have never attacked Hillary Marrah_G Sep 2015 #111
Holy cow, this board is full of rightwing nonsense about HIllary, someone sure is attacking her randys1 Sep 2015 #113
I am a Sanders supporter, have been for a very long time Marrah_G Sep 2015 #116
No, stop. The bashing of Hillary is UNPRECEDENTED other than that of Obama, it is rightwing memes randys1 Sep 2015 #120
Well, I can see this won't go anywhere Marrah_G Sep 2015 #122
Maybe you'd do better to address the poroblem where it occurs Scootaloo Sep 2015 #140
True enough but then again Hillary's been politicking on the national stage for nearly 24 years azurnoir Sep 2015 #8
Actually, with Bernie's time in Congress, he has been on the national stage Thinkingabout Sep 2015 #68
ah ya being a Congressman from Vermont puts one on the national stage like being the FLOTUS or SoS azurnoir Sep 2015 #75
This is something Bernie could have made himself known, Ted Kennedy was known, Thinkingabout Sep 2015 #79
for those that have paying attention Bernie was known too , he's been doing a good job of becoming azurnoir Sep 2015 #81
Yes it was late, opinions had already formed. Thinkingabout Sep 2015 #150
BS must understand that his standing is not going to change significantly. He's peaked in much of... Tarheel_Dem Sep 2015 #9
Every month we hear how 'he peaked' AgingAmerican Sep 2015 #13
9% support from people of color is not "gaining", it's a death rattle. Debates won't change that. Tarheel_Dem Sep 2015 #20
Doesn't matter AgingAmerican Sep 2015 #23
Dream on! Much like Ben Carson can't help the GOP with POC, BS can't help himself. Tarheel_Dem Sep 2015 #25
Bookmarking AgingAmerican Sep 2015 #26
Me too. Tarheel_Dem Sep 2015 #28
Did he criticize Obama because Obama was African-American? HomerRamone Sep 2015 #17
BS recognizes a problem. Why don't you? Tarheel_Dem Sep 2015 #22
The problem he recognizes is that Hillary has a head start with African Americans HomerRamone Sep 2015 #30
Too many of you confuse Democrats with liberals. Liberals can be Greens, Socialists, etc. who have Tarheel_Dem Sep 2015 #35
you are right about the party, but wrong about the voters noiretextatique Sep 2015 #50
Pew: "The Liberal Elite Is Liberal, But the Democrats are not" Tarheel_Dem Sep 2015 #55
Yes, you should be proud of conservative Democrats like Kim Davis. Bluenorthwest Sep 2015 #78
Are you a Kim Davis Democrat? She's the jailed clerk in Kentucky who is in fact a Democrat Bluenorthwest Sep 2015 #80
"He's peaked in much of..." feels a bit like trying to set the narative. Bubzer Sep 2015 #31
NYT: Bernie Sandersís Support: Even More Unequal Than U.S. Incomes Tarheel_Dem Sep 2015 #43
Good Article. n/t 1StrongBlackMan Sep 2015 #104
"Basically, BS & DT are appealing to flipsides of the same coin." blackspade Sep 2015 #130
White folks itching to get another white man back in the Oval Office. I think that sums it up. Tarheel_Dem Sep 2015 #133
Your summation is incorrect. blackspade Sep 2015 #135
Real quick, is there a non-white candidate running for Democratic nomination? Scootaloo Sep 2015 #148
Nope, but there's someone running who isn't "another white man". We've had 43 of them. Get it? Tarheel_Dem Sep 2015 #152
Well, your stress on the "white folks" kinda throws it off Scootaloo Sep 2015 #154
i am a black Sanders supporter, and i have none of this so-called mistrust noiretextatique Sep 2015 #54
He has "black support". There just aren't enough of you. Oh, and he's got this guy. Tarheel_Dem Sep 2015 #56
Yeah, BS has Dr West.. but, I say Go for it Bernie.. see how far his racist diatribes against Cha Sep 2015 #84
After the umpteenth debate, and BS is still hovering in the single digits, what will be the.... Tarheel_Dem Sep 2015 #86
Dunno, but BS needs to make up his mind.. he says Hill has more support bc of "her husband".. and Cha Sep 2015 #93
What will be the excuse? ... that's easy to predict ... 1StrongBlackMan Sep 2015 #106
1SBM, you old soothsayer, you. That's sound exactly right. The CT's surrounding BS would make Alex Tarheel_Dem Sep 2015 #114
1 & 2 are correct currently.... blackspade Sep 2015 #137
What has Clinton done for AA? Truprogressive85 Sep 2015 #12
likewise...not a Hillary supporter noiretextatique Sep 2015 #21
My recollection qwlauren35 Sep 2015 #102
Can't be true HassleCat Sep 2015 #52
I know! I love it. He just speaks the truth. It will only help. Gregorian Sep 2015 #60
....x10+ 840high Sep 2015 #88
She's worked with POC for a long, long time. Thanks for posting this. A little more: freshwest Sep 2015 #90
BS himself said Hillary has reached out to AA for years.. his supporters need to trust him. Cha Sep 2015 #91
Bernie continues to be the honest, respectful Statesman that he is, we all should follow suit. phleshdef Sep 2015 #94
Bernie, drop out already ericson00 Sep 2015 #95
Is Sanders really __that__ far left? Lucky Luciano Sep 2015 #100
Sorry, we have a primary for a reason. Marrah_G Sep 2015 #112
Doubtless because nothing says that black lives matter like supporting the death penalty n/t eridani Sep 2015 #96
Sanders: "Hillary Clinton has big edge over me with black voters" that's right.. a big edge bc Cha Sep 2015 #97
Going by Detroit... Octafish Sep 2015 #105
Sanders needs to go into largely african american areas and tell them his platform Marrah_G Sep 2015 #110
"Once he does that, I believe he will become a favorite there as well." Tarheel_Dem Sep 2015 #118
I don't know that we'll ever see a sincere effort to do that in any of those communitie. George II Sep 2015 #143
although let's face it...the primary calendar is unfair to these communities CreekDog Sep 2015 #161
I hate how our primaries are run Marrah_G Sep 2015 #162
Yes, the Electoral College is ridiculous CreekDog Sep 2015 #163
Is his campaign just figuring this out. FloridaBlues Sep 2015 #151
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