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Too bad the former and disgraced trooper died because of his idiotic belief that somehow, SWBTATTReg Jan 2022 #1
I guess his "final sign-off" BigmanPigman Jan 2022 #2
Just idiotic. n/t iluvtennis Jan 2022 #3
And this.... twodogsbarking Jan 2022 #4
America is getting stronger as these idiots cull themselves from the herd IronLionZion Jan 2022 #5
Watch me grave dance...again. Lunabell Jan 2022 #6
This is just so very sad. mahina Jan 2022 #7
It is sad the man chose so poorly because his political leaders didn't care if he died. ZonkerHarris Jan 2022 #11
Also true. mahina Jan 2022 #17
No. Not hardly. paleotn Jan 2022 #40
Cheers mahina Jan 2022 #43
He openly defied the governor AND common sense. AngryOldDem Jan 2022 #53
I've been wondering if he was going to pull through... I looked for news just yesterday. liberalla Jan 2022 #8
This type of "reasoning" in beyond my comprehension and for the most part I have given up riversedge Jan 2022 #51
May his anus be free of worms for all of eternity. Rest in Peace, brave sir. Missn-Hitch Jan 2022 #9
Oh well. ... So, how about those 49ers? ZonkerHarris Jan 2022 #10
Very sad ,he just make a bad decision base in conspiracies .Rest in peace . Naio Jan 2022 #12
My empathy is exhausted SpankMe Jan 2022 #13
Second that Rebl2 Jan 2022 #14
Third that SouthernDem4ever Jan 2022 #21
I generally don't wish death on anyone Major Nikon Jan 2022 #16
Just because someone is liberal doesn't mean they have to have empathy for every situation and JI7 Jan 2022 #24
Long ago I stopped caring about the antivaxxers... now I also have ZERO pity for their families. NurseJackie Jan 2022 #29
same here gopiscrap Jan 2022 #44
If you cannot believe the truth about an issue, often you pay the price. Stuart G Jan 2022 #15
Zero sympathy. PoindexterOglethorpe Jan 2022 #18
some time's being just dumb , can lead to just being "dead" ! --- monkeyman1 Jan 2022 #19
And Darwin wins again. TomSlick Jan 2022 #20
Karma That motherfucker. nvme Jan 2022 #22
The Governor got the last word. Historic NY Jan 2022 #23
got to bend over & kiss his ass goodbye ! monkeyman1 Jan 2022 #25
Jay Inslee tried to save his ass. krispos42 Jan 2022 #26
Yup, if he had only listened to Gov. Inslee Farmer-Rick Jan 2022 #33
Darwin Award First Class to the former trooper... /nt artemisia1 Jan 2022 #27
LeMay committed suicide by Covid. n/t area51 Jan 2022 #28
Yeah, I've thought that these fools were suicidal too Farmer-Rick Jan 2022 #35
Phucks to Give. Icanthinkformyself Jan 2022 #30
Exactly, there's one shit for brains who won't infect another person. Ligyron Jan 2022 #41
What did you want from me? I sent you two boats and a helicopter. mackdaddy Jan 2022 #31
But at least he died proud and free. n/t malthaussen Jan 2022 #32
If there really was a Q, he/she would be proud Major Nikon Jan 2022 #34
It's funny how they consider it freedom to risk dying from COVID Farmer-Rick Jan 2022 #36
Dead is dead. paleotn Jan 2022 #38
Hey...Covid Dancing Moralizers.....I'm dancing again! paleotn Jan 2022 #37
K and R oasis Jan 2022 #39
will... myohmy2 Jan 2022 #42
Iam over joyed that the fucker died gopiscrap Jan 2022 #45
It is the ultimate "Hold my pee and watch this." twodogsbarking Jan 2022 #46
I love it when a frog croaks RainCaster Jan 2022 #47
Between the horse dewormer and the urine cocktails... Mazeltov Cocktail Jan 2022 #48
Boohoohoo Mysterian Jan 2022 #49
Another Darwin Award winner ailsagirl Jan 2022 #50
When people get on me about lack of sympathy... AngryOldDem Jan 2022 #52
I wonder how many people that stupid asshole pass the virus on to Skittles Jan 2022 #54
I'm sorry. Was buffing my nails. Did I miss anything? niyad Feb 2022 #55
I seriously don't understand why people are committing suicide for TFG. Emile Feb 2022 #56
I truly do Amy_Jones_90 Feb 2022 #57
too bad, so sad...... CRK7376 Feb 2022 #58
This message was self-deleted by its author CRK7376 Feb 2022 #59
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