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That is so horrible. mucifer May 14 #1
And they have the silent support... Think. Again. May 14 #2
The support isn't silent atreides1 May 14 #5
Two modern-day Milosevics peppertree May 14 #64
plus people in U.S. sending cash Traurigkeit May 14 #72
I reported it to the FBI and it has been removed!! LeftInTX May 16 #104
Excellent ! Traurigkeit May 16 #105
Well done! electric_blue68 Saturday #111
That is why I have been harshly critical of the Israeli government tornado34jh May 14 #3
Netanyahu is just like Trump, encouraging the worst and most violent behavior from the right wing. Lonestarblue May 14 #6
Then you wonder why the world sees the US and Israel negatively tornado34jh May 14 #8
That's who got him elected IronLionZion May 14 #15
we need blue hats. mopinko May 14 #4
Israel's not letting the UN on their soil. maxsolomon May 14 #60
once shit like this happens, it doesnt matter what bibi thinks. mopinko May 14 #65
Perhaps someone will accuse Biden of being a pro-Hamas antisemite Orrex May 14 #7
Hamas are killing civilians. Hamas are the target, not the civilians. Hamas has made the decision * Oopsie Daisy May 14 #10
Yeah, Israel has repeated that propaganda for decades Orrex May 14 #16
I don't get it. Beastly Boy May 14 #33
No, that's not even close to what they said. He said essentially, TeamProg May 14 #43
That sort of thing has happened in the US but was ruled unconstitutional IronLionZion May 14 #45
That's not what they wanted to be explained. Beastly Boy May 14 #66
Yes, I agree, to quote you and your POV: "I don't get it". That is correct. TeamProg May 14 #68
Hamas is composed of people living in Gaza. Voltaire2 May 14 #20
To quote The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, there are two kinds of people, my friend: Beastly Boy May 14 #29
so let's starve babies. TomDaisy May 14 #80
The key question ilovegamers43 May 15 #100
I'm guessing the babies are not Hamas. TomDaisy May 17 #108
Ahhh horseshit. Are aid trucks Hamas? WTF. Magoo48 May 14 #21
Hamas is vile, but this does not excuse the settlers attacking aide trucks. nt TBF May 14 #23
Nobody was excusing those attacks. My post was taking issue with the * Oopsie Daisy May 14 #26
Then Netanyahu should end his relentless campaign to kill civilians Orrex May 14 #34
Hamas is a legitimate target. When they hide among civilians, Hamas turns them into targets too. Oopsie Daisy May 14 #36
That's a nonsensical justification, and you are defending the slaughter of children Orrex May 14 #40
Your analogies are absurd and going around in circles. Oopsie Daisy May 14 #79
You are blaming Hamas for the children that Netanyahu slaughters Orrex May 14 #85
I'm blaming Hamas for the deaths of civilians that Hamas causes. Oopsie Daisy May 14 #87
Your position of pretend neutrality favors the aggressor Orrex May 16 #103
Who's "pretending to be neutral"? I've been clear: I'm in favor of Israel's actions in their effort to destroy Hamas. Oopsie Daisy May 16 #107
Message auto-removed Name removed May 15 #101
Sorry. Repeating a lie does not make it true. Oopsie Daisy May 15 #102
That is precisely what Israel is doing iemanja May 14 #82
I'm not justifying anything. I'm simply explaining the reality of how it is. Oopsie Daisy May 14 #84
Israel has chosen to invade Rafah iemanja May 14 #90
The objective is to destroy Hamas. These actions are in furtherance of the objective. Oopsie Daisy May 14 #93
Wash, rinse, repeat. Wash, rinse, repeat. Wash, rinse, repeat. TeamProg May 14 #39
Good for you. Oopsie Daisy May 14 #88
You were VERY quick to come back with that! TeamProg May 14 #89
Oh good, I'm glad you noticed. Oopsie Daisy May 14 #91
Are you sure that you are okay? Nothing wrong with you? TeamProg May 14 #92
I'm perfectly fine. Why do you ask? Oopsie Daisy May 15 #97
You don't blow up the bank with the hostages just so you can get the bank robbers. What is wrong with you? W T F May 14 #44
Right? Orrex May 14 #48
This is war, not a crime in progress Zeitghost May 14 #50
Why make this about me? Why insult me? Oopsie Daisy May 14 #81
RWers in Netanyahu's coalition have already said that IronLionZion May 14 #12
And I forgot "it's all Hamas' fault" Orrex May 14 #17
Yes, he does exactly what Hamas wants IronLionZion May 14 #19
It's so obvious when you think about it Orrex May 14 #22
Actually they bear a large responsibility for this crap. Netanyahu was on his way out when Hamas attacked Israel on JohnSJ May 14 #56
Nothing Hamas does or has done is justifiable Orrex May 14 #59
I don't think anyone here at DU approves of Netanyahu, whether they are JohnSJ May 14 #62
They may not explicitly approve, but they happily blame Hamas for every child Bibi kills Orrex May 14 #77
Well atreides1 May 15 #98
This is perhaps the most true statement in this thread. nt TeamProg May 14 #47
That's what usually happens when someone hyperbolizes - like you just did. maxsolomon May 14 #61
Oh, I'm sure that he hopes to kill a few Hamas terrorists along the way Orrex May 14 #75
You can put me on ignore any time. maxsolomon May 14 #83
I don't need your permission, but I don't think I will anyway Orrex May 14 #86
the truth is, Nethanyahu did fund Hamas, and was extremely incompetent in protecting the border TomDaisy May 14 #78
There can be no doubt that Israel's hard right wants all the land Martin Eden May 14 #9
Settlers in America used diseased blankets IronLionZion May 14 #11
1 documented case. maxsolomon May 14 #63
European settlers didn't need blankets to wipe out the existing population. All they had to do was sneeze on them. Most Martin68 May 14 #70
You can only be a settler in a colonial regime. Voltaire2 May 14 #13
I don't think the motivation is getting beachfront land. wnylib May 14 #14
There's some of both IronLionZion May 14 #18
Hamas has a branch in parts of the West Bank. wnylib May 14 #24
The settler violence has nothing to do with that IronLionZion May 14 #25
Ongoing settler violence from before 10/7 was wnylib May 14 #28
Hmm. It is ALL a part of one long war of both sides wanting to expand their land - or in the case of Palestinians - TeamProg May 14 #49
I suspect they also want Bettie May 14 #71
No - it's more than that (the beachfront just attracts the scum like Kushner who will profit ...) TBF May 14 #73
As they should sarisataka May 14 #27
Not how to win hearts and minds, Old Crank May 14 #30
Horrible underpants May 14 #31
They hate each other. It is war. What the fuck do you expect Flowers and candy? twodogsbarking May 14 #32
Definitely hate there as evidenced by the video erodriguez May 14 #35
I agree if you mean that the US should not be giving Israel weapons of war. nt TeamProg May 14 #51
Wow Chi67 May 14 #37
where... myohmy2 May 14 #38
I would ask what you are alluding to sarisataka May 14 #42
Put armed guards on the trucks Bayard May 14 #41
What will this outrage mean in actual policy or action? jalan48 May 14 #46
Yes... what? AloeVera May 14 #67
Should stop calling them "settlers" sdfernando May 14 #52
What's wrong with illegal immigrants? Zeitghost May 14 #54
I only use that phrase as trigger words for the magats.... sdfernando May 14 #57
Gotcha Zeitghost May 14 #58
Of course I agree....I myself sdfernando May 14 #74
They absolutely should be condemned, and as long as Netanyahu is in power this crap will continue. JohnSJ May 14 #53
Bomb citizens, kill them, force them out of their homes, and then starve them. Novara May 14 #55
Israeli's tearful plea decrying Gaza aid convoy attacks LeftInTX May 14 #69
Settlers young kids joined in smashing food womanofthehills May 14 #76
disgusting! how many children do they need to starve before they are satisfied. TomDaisy May 14 #94
Bibi wants them all Traurigkeit May 14 #95
Too soon? Aussie105 May 15 #96
Hey, perhaps if we give Israel's blood crazed leaders a billion in arms that'll help? Magoo48 May 15 #99
US looking to sanction extremist Israelis for attacks on Gaza aid convoys, officials tell ToI LeftInTX May 16 #106
It has boiled down to a very simple situation. Aussie105 May 18 #109
Good god! Chi67 May 18 #110
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