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32. I didn't call him a dictator, I only pointed out he tosses people in prison without charges
Mon May 20, 2024, 04:29 PM
May 20

Let alone a trial

Putin and Netanyahu have a lot in common. Both are brutal dictators who reject peace and embrace murder. Lonestarblue May 20 #1
Netanyahu is not a dictator. Voltaire2 May 20 #4
Putin was legitimately elected also. Lonestarblue May 20 #5
Nope. Voltaire2 May 20 #6
When did Bibi jail his political opponents or have them throw out of windows or poison them? Has Bibi? AZLD4Candidate May 20 #7
Bibi jails his political opponents all the time, without charges questionseverything May 20 #27
Every Israeli government has violated the rights Voltaire2 May 20 #29
I didn't call him a dictator, I only pointed out he tosses people in prison without charges questionseverything May 20 #32
This subthread was about the claim that Voltaire2 May 20 #34
I replied to the first sentence of #7...which I feel was incorrect questionseverything May 20 #37
he just plays one on tv dembotoz May 20 #10
Like Trump HandmaidsTaleUntold May 20 #18
"causing starvation as a method of war, including the denial of humanitarian relief supplies," speak easy May 20 #2
Good. Voltaire2 May 20 #3
Israel is not a member of the ICC Darwins_Retriever May 20 #8
bibi can never leave the country now prodigitalson May 20 #9
Putin has been leaving the country. former9thward May 20 #11
That's not true at all, MarineCombatEngineer May 20 #13
But then one might recall the cheering BumRushDaShow May 20 #12
He can be arrested in any member state. Voltaire2 May 20 #14
Qatar is not a signatory sarisataka May 20 #15
Darn about Qatar.....Palestinians aren't gonna turn Hamas in, remaining Hamas will kill them. LeftInTX May 20 #16
I have a suspicion those warrants sarisataka May 20 #17
Good luck Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin May 20 #19
There are 124 countries that are parties to the ICC and any of them can arrest either or both of these guys and . Ping Tung May 20 #20
True, but what is failed to notice is that enforcing the warrants is up to the individual countries, MarineCombatEngineer May 20 #21
It doesn't have to be a majority. Just one will do. Ping Tung May 20 #22
Yeah, that's kinda what I said. MarineCombatEngineer May 20 #23
"...beyond a few countries.." Ping Tung May 20 #25
The State of Palestine is a signatory sarisataka May 20 #24
Agreed. nt MarineCombatEngineer May 20 #26
What do you think the State of Palestine will do? sarisataka May 20 #28
I imagine they'd love to arrest Bibi if he was stupid enough to make a visit to Palestine. Ping Tung May 20 #31
So it seems selective enforcement will rule the day sarisataka May 20 #33
The State of Palestine is mostly just the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank IronLionZion May 20 #41
Why does Biden oppose this MutantAndProud May 20 #30
The UK, who is a signatory, also opposes this sarisataka May 20 #36
But does it solve the issue with Netanyahu having supported Hamas MutantAndProud May 20 #38
No and from what I am reading sarisataka May 20 #39
Not directly no MutantAndProud May 20 #40
Don't stop there! GO AFTER THE CRAZED SETTLORS!! no_hypocrisy May 20 #35
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