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Why don't they just pass a law to outlaw voting for Democrats? Turbineguy May 22 #1
This message was self-deleted by its author CrispyQ May 22 #10
Please, don't put ideas into their heads Raven123 May 22 #12
Seems that's what they're already doing.... unblock May 22 #22
Or at least laying the groundwork for it. calimary May 22 #42
I've seen old boomer TT's spewing this filth wolfie001 May 22 #53
Proof, once again, that a fool and his money are soon parted peppertree May 22 #56
As a boomer possessed of both 'clues' and teeth, whathehell May 23 #100
TT is for TikTok and I'm a Boomer wolfie001 May 23 #102
Got it, but one, two or three whathehell May 23 #103
I'll try to be a bit gentler in my description in the future wolfie001 May 23 #106
Lol..You do that, bro.. whathehell May 23 #108
This message was self-deleted by its author wolfie001 May 23 #110
That person is not suggesting anything that the markodochartaigh May 22 #69
I guarantee that will happen Diraven May 22 #41
This will defeat Brown in the Senate Captain Zero May 22 #83
Write ins could carry the day but even so I have to believe there is something unconstitutional in this dutch777 May 22 #2
I actually doubt it. The constitution gives the states the right to select electors "in a manner of their own chusing" unblock May 22 #7
The filing deadline exists dickthegrouch May 22 #11
If it was an open convention, sure. unblock May 22 #21
If Trump died before the election, don't you think they would move heaven and earth to get the backup nominee Mr.WeRP May 22 #61
If I recall correctly lonely bird May 22 #52
SCOTUS would not allow states to keep Trump off the ballot when he clearly is an Insurrectionist. Mr.WeRP May 22 #59
That ruling sheds little light on this case. unblock May 22 #63
It absolutely does. Only one can be true Mr.WeRP May 22 #82
Nonsense. It's not an either/or because there are many reasons for not qualifying for a ballot unblock May 22 #89
With the current USSC DENVERPOPS May 22 #67
True that. But a bit of a side show, in this case. unblock May 22 #71
Nice blame the Democrats there AZSkiffyGeek May 22 #28
The conventioneers could have a zoom meeting and technically nominate the ticket before they he deadline. unblock May 22 #3
Problem solved. sop May 22 #35
This is exactly the right move. Voltaire2 May 22 #36
100%! Dark n Stormy Knight May 23 #95
I heard the Ohio Sec State already rejected that Diraven May 22 #44
I think they objected to the idea of a "provisional" nomination unblock May 22 #47
Just title the zoom meeting "Official Democratic Party Convention" Think. Again. May 22 #73
I'm not understanding how we're in this position in the first place Chakaconcarne May 22 #4
Neither do I! Scheduling the convention before ALL arbitrary state deadlines seems pretty basic! 50 Shades Of Blue May 22 #15
There's an advantage to having a later convention Diraven May 22 #45
I get that, but still! 50 Shades Of Blue May 22 #50
Agreed. TomSlick May 22 #90
And Colorado had to put djt back on its ballots (they took him off since he was an insurrectionist). SWBTATTReg May 22 #5
They haven't gotten away with it unless the Democratic Party doesn't take the state to court jimfields33 May 22 #31
...or work around by having a quick "convention"... Think. Again. May 22 #74
To be honest, I like that idea best. jimfields33 May 22 #85
Yep, I'm thinking that's why the DNC isn't worried about this. Think. Again. May 22 #86
Agree. We're so lucky to be democratic supporters. jimfields33 May 22 #87
Sue under equal protection. no_hypocrisy May 22 #6
No extension for republicans, not this year anyway. Their convention is before Ohio's deadline. unblock May 22 #8
Past extension no_hypocrisy May 22 #27
In 2020, both parties got waivers unblock May 22 #40
Not how it works NanaCat May 23 #96
So once they issue a waiver, the law becomes forever unenforceable? unblock May 23 #99
Yeah, seems like solid precident with the intheflow May 22 #55
We can't win without Ohio, right? Does this mean that the fix-is-in? Oopsie Daisy May 22 #9
Biden didn't win OH in 2020 BumRushDaShow May 22 #16
Thanks! The Omaha, NE shenanigans will likely cost us that single EV. Oopsie Daisy May 22 #20
I never liked the Maine or Nebraska thing. It's weird. jimfields33 May 22 #33
Letting all votes count is weird? dpibel May 23 #104
Then do it completely across the country. jimfields33 May 23 #105
I'm all in favor of doing it nationwide dpibel May 23 #107
It doesn't make sense (why it bothers me). I can't help it. jimfields33 May 23 #109
Don't know where it stands InstantGratification May 22 #57
Even if Biden doesn't win Ohio, if Biden is not on ballot it may affect down ballot Dems! NowsTheTime May 23 #93
I don't think their law targets anything other than the timing of "nominating conventions" for a Presidential election BumRushDaShow May 23 #94
Biden won without Ohio NanaCat May 23 #97
So hold a virtual convention in advance. live love laugh May 22 #13
Exactly. What is the DNC going to do, having a pissing contest until it is too late to do anything. At the minimum we JohnSJ May 22 #24
This is a massive deal down ballot Johnny2X2X May 22 #14
It might piss off everyone and even more vote. jimfields33 May 22 #34
While I doubt that Biden's team is making this calculation, Raven123 May 22 #17
Bad news is what it is. Hope22 May 22 #51
I can guarantee that Biden has Brown figured NanaCat May 23 #98
Translation: Trump wants to win the popular vote BeyondGeography May 22 #18
We have known about this for several months, why isn't this being taken to the Supreme Court? If the Supreme Court say JohnSJ May 22 #19
They will stop at nothing to try to improve their odds of winning. Martin68 May 22 #23
If they extended it twice under this condition, they are clearly lying. raging moderate May 22 #25
So if the Dems win the Congress... mwooldri May 22 #26
I thought April Fool's Day was last month? Dyedinthewoolliberal May 22 #29
The stupid conventions should be entirely ceremonial. Voltaire2 May 22 #30
I agree. They're close to an anachronism at this point. NYC Liberal May 22 #91
To paraphrase Vice President Biden, this is kind of a big fucking deal. progressoid May 22 #32
I wonder if this is in Marc Elias's bailiwick wryter2000 May 22 #37
Biden could not win OH when he was on the ballot in 2020. former9thward May 22 #48
Picky, picky wryter2000 May 22 #78
But when abortion was on the Ohio ballot, it overwhelmingly won tinrobot May 23 #101
Sounds like a good time for an "immunity empowered" executive to make a hard call, eh? jaxexpat May 22 #38
It's a move made by cowards. chowder66 May 22 #39
Rethuglicans stole the 2004 election for GeeDubya with election machine fuckery in Ohio OMGWTF May 22 #43
SCOTUS will fast-track this Orrex May 22 #46
Presidential immunity grants Biden the power to remove and replace the Ohio AG Orrex May 22 #49
Simple solution Abstractartist May 22 #54
Fuck this shit Blue Owl May 22 #58
Stupid bullshit MAGAt games MorbidButterflyTat May 22 #60
Simply Nominate Biden in June with a Zoom Meeting. Gore1FL May 22 #62
That should make enough Democrats angry enough to get out the vote and win the state. lees1975 May 22 #64
Ohio is really fucking dirty .... I live here Botany May 22 #65
How long, how long has this been going on? NowsTheTime May 22 #66
Take it to the Supreme Court Owens May 22 #68
Am certain they will try their best carry out this plan given PlutosHeart May 22 #70
Of course they're doing that. mn9driver May 22 #72
Someone needs to be fired at HQ manicdem May 22 #75
A number of times in the past this situation has markodochartaigh May 22 #76
Can he Rebl2 May 22 #77
Once again Repubs play hardball and Dems are caught unprepared. LonePirate May 22 #79
Partisan much? Is Donald supporting this enforcement after he needed and used the same lenience in 2020? keithbvadu2 May 22 #80
The Democrats should vote by mail - right now - and just use the convention as a big celebration party and promotional. colorado_ufo May 22 #81
Shame on the GOP, but I want to know who dropped the ball for the Democrats. JohnnyRingo May 22 #84
They can only win if they cheat.... Quanto Magnus May 22 #88
Another day, another round of Republican fuckery. LudwigPastorius May 22 #92
DeWine is stopping this GenThePerservering May 23 #111
Seditious John Shaft May 24 #112
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