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35. Problem solved.
Wed May 22, 2024, 03:14 PM
May 22

There was never any doubt who the nominee would be, so just have the DNC nominate Biden "officially" before the deadline by whatever means necessary.

Why don't they just pass a law to outlaw voting for Democrats? Turbineguy May 22 #1
This message was self-deleted by its author CrispyQ May 22 #10
Please, don't put ideas into their heads Raven123 May 22 #12
Seems that's what they're already doing.... unblock May 22 #22
Or at least laying the groundwork for it. calimary May 22 #42
I've seen old boomer TT's spewing this filth wolfie001 May 22 #53
Proof, once again, that a fool and his money are soon parted peppertree May 22 #56
As a boomer possessed of both 'clues' and teeth, whathehell May 23 #100
TT is for TikTok and I'm a Boomer wolfie001 May 23 #102
Got it, but one, two or three whathehell May 23 #103
I'll try to be a bit gentler in my description in the future wolfie001 May 23 #106
Lol..You do that, bro.. whathehell May 23 #108
This message was self-deleted by its author wolfie001 May 23 #110
That person is not suggesting anything that the markodochartaigh May 22 #69
I guarantee that will happen Diraven May 22 #41
This will defeat Brown in the Senate Captain Zero May 22 #83
Write ins could carry the day but even so I have to believe there is something unconstitutional in this dutch777 May 22 #2
I actually doubt it. The constitution gives the states the right to select electors "in a manner of their own chusing" unblock May 22 #7
The filing deadline exists dickthegrouch May 22 #11
If it was an open convention, sure. unblock May 22 #21
If Trump died before the election, don't you think they would move heaven and earth to get the backup nominee Mr.WeRP May 22 #61
If I recall correctly lonely bird May 22 #52
SCOTUS would not allow states to keep Trump off the ballot when he clearly is an Insurrectionist. Mr.WeRP May 22 #59
That ruling sheds little light on this case. unblock May 22 #63
It absolutely does. Only one can be true Mr.WeRP May 22 #82
Nonsense. It's not an either/or because there are many reasons for not qualifying for a ballot unblock May 22 #89
With the current USSC DENVERPOPS May 22 #67
True that. But a bit of a side show, in this case. unblock May 22 #71
Nice blame the Democrats there AZSkiffyGeek May 22 #28
The conventioneers could have a zoom meeting and technically nominate the ticket before they he deadline. unblock May 22 #3
Problem solved. sop May 22 #35
This is exactly the right move. Voltaire2 May 22 #36
100%! Dark n Stormy Knight May 23 #95
I heard the Ohio Sec State already rejected that Diraven May 22 #44
I think they objected to the idea of a "provisional" nomination unblock May 22 #47
Just title the zoom meeting "Official Democratic Party Convention" Think. Again. May 22 #73
I'm not understanding how we're in this position in the first place Chakaconcarne May 22 #4
Neither do I! Scheduling the convention before ALL arbitrary state deadlines seems pretty basic! 50 Shades Of Blue May 22 #15
There's an advantage to having a later convention Diraven May 22 #45
I get that, but still! 50 Shades Of Blue May 22 #50
Agreed. TomSlick May 22 #90
And Colorado had to put djt back on its ballots (they took him off since he was an insurrectionist). SWBTATTReg May 22 #5
They haven't gotten away with it unless the Democratic Party doesn't take the state to court jimfields33 May 22 #31
...or work around by having a quick "convention"... Think. Again. May 22 #74
To be honest, I like that idea best. jimfields33 May 22 #85
Yep, I'm thinking that's why the DNC isn't worried about this. Think. Again. May 22 #86
Agree. We're so lucky to be democratic supporters. jimfields33 May 22 #87
Sue under equal protection. no_hypocrisy May 22 #6
No extension for republicans, not this year anyway. Their convention is before Ohio's deadline. unblock May 22 #8
Past extension no_hypocrisy May 22 #27
In 2020, both parties got waivers unblock May 22 #40
Not how it works NanaCat May 23 #96
So once they issue a waiver, the law becomes forever unenforceable? unblock May 23 #99
Yeah, seems like solid precident with the intheflow May 22 #55
We can't win without Ohio, right? Does this mean that the fix-is-in? Oopsie Daisy May 22 #9
Biden didn't win OH in 2020 BumRushDaShow May 22 #16
Thanks! The Omaha, NE shenanigans will likely cost us that single EV. Oopsie Daisy May 22 #20
I never liked the Maine or Nebraska thing. It's weird. jimfields33 May 22 #33
Letting all votes count is weird? dpibel May 23 #104
Then do it completely across the country. jimfields33 May 23 #105
I'm all in favor of doing it nationwide dpibel May 23 #107
It doesn't make sense (why it bothers me). I can't help it. jimfields33 May 23 #109
Don't know where it stands InstantGratification May 22 #57
Even if Biden doesn't win Ohio, if Biden is not on ballot it may affect down ballot Dems! NowsTheTime May 23 #93
I don't think their law targets anything other than the timing of "nominating conventions" for a Presidential election BumRushDaShow May 23 #94
Biden won without Ohio NanaCat May 23 #97
So hold a virtual convention in advance. live love laugh May 22 #13
Exactly. What is the DNC going to do, having a pissing contest until it is too late to do anything. At the minimum we JohnSJ May 22 #24
This is a massive deal down ballot Johnny2X2X May 22 #14
It might piss off everyone and even more vote. jimfields33 May 22 #34
While I doubt that Biden's team is making this calculation, Raven123 May 22 #17
Bad news is what it is. Hope22 May 22 #51
I can guarantee that Biden has Brown figured NanaCat May 23 #98
Translation: Trump wants to win the popular vote BeyondGeography May 22 #18
We have known about this for several months, why isn't this being taken to the Supreme Court? If the Supreme Court say JohnSJ May 22 #19
They will stop at nothing to try to improve their odds of winning. Martin68 May 22 #23
If they extended it twice under this condition, they are clearly lying. raging moderate May 22 #25
So if the Dems win the Congress... mwooldri May 22 #26
I thought April Fool's Day was last month? Dyedinthewoolliberal May 22 #29
The stupid conventions should be entirely ceremonial. Voltaire2 May 22 #30
I agree. They're close to an anachronism at this point. NYC Liberal May 22 #91
To paraphrase Vice President Biden, this is kind of a big fucking deal. progressoid May 22 #32
I wonder if this is in Marc Elias's bailiwick wryter2000 May 22 #37
Biden could not win OH when he was on the ballot in 2020. former9thward May 22 #48
Picky, picky wryter2000 May 22 #78
But when abortion was on the Ohio ballot, it overwhelmingly won tinrobot May 23 #101
Sounds like a good time for an "immunity empowered" executive to make a hard call, eh? jaxexpat May 22 #38
It's a move made by cowards. chowder66 May 22 #39
Rethuglicans stole the 2004 election for GeeDubya with election machine fuckery in Ohio OMGWTF May 22 #43
SCOTUS will fast-track this Orrex May 22 #46
Presidential immunity grants Biden the power to remove and replace the Ohio AG Orrex May 22 #49
Simple solution Abstractartist May 22 #54
Fuck this shit Blue Owl May 22 #58
Stupid bullshit MAGAt games MorbidButterflyTat May 22 #60
Simply Nominate Biden in June with a Zoom Meeting. Gore1FL May 22 #62
That should make enough Democrats angry enough to get out the vote and win the state. lees1975 May 22 #64
Ohio is really fucking dirty .... I live here Botany May 22 #65
How long, how long has this been going on? NowsTheTime May 22 #66
Take it to the Supreme Court Owens May 22 #68
Am certain they will try their best carry out this plan given PlutosHeart May 22 #70
Of course they're doing that. mn9driver May 22 #72
Someone needs to be fired at HQ manicdem May 22 #75
A number of times in the past this situation has markodochartaigh May 22 #76
Can he Rebl2 May 22 #77
Once again Repubs play hardball and Dems are caught unprepared. LonePirate May 22 #79
Partisan much? Is Donald supporting this enforcement after he needed and used the same lenience in 2020? keithbvadu2 May 22 #80
The Democrats should vote by mail - right now - and just use the convention as a big celebration party and promotional. colorado_ufo May 22 #81
Shame on the GOP, but I want to know who dropped the ball for the Democrats. JohnnyRingo May 22 #84
They can only win if they cheat.... Quanto Magnus May 22 #88
Another day, another round of Republican fuckery. LudwigPastorius May 22 #92
DeWine is stopping this GenThePerservering May 23 #111
Seditious John Shaft May 24 #112
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