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Jack Rabbit

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19. The Nevada Convention proves the point Bernie has been running on for a year
Fri May 20, 2016, 12:31 AM
May 2016

the establishment -- the leaders of corporations, the leadership of both major political parties, major mainstream media outlets, Hillary Clinton herself, Donald Trump himself, and their donors and campaign organizations -- are corrupt, totally corrupt, conniving liars, irresponsible, unprofessional, undemocratic and totally unworthy of any position of leadership or responsibility in a democratic state. They should be removed from power immediately and replaced by a transparent, open, inclusive and democratic system of popular government.

Down with the Robber Barons! Power to The People!

she doth protest too much tomm2thumbs May 2016 #1
It is known... haikugal May 2016 #2
oh silly you. Blowing kisses is egg'ing them on. ha ha ha riversedge May 2016 #3
I adjusted tomm2thumbs May 2016 #5
They were sarcastic "kisses" passiveporcupine May 2016 #23
Perhaps but it's also hardly what I'd call a fear response....honestly! haikugal May 2016 #7
Boxer Is Related To Clinton Through Marriage billhicks76 May 2016 #26
Not buying what Boxer zentrum May 2016 #4
Barbara Boxer had solid liberal credibility. That Guy 888 May 2016 #6
"I think she was their just to calm Sanders supporters." malokvale77 May 2016 #9
She was there because Hillary need a CA win! KPN May 2016 #21
Call it what it is: LIES Bodych May 2016 #8
^^^ this ^^^ malokvale77 May 2016 #10
Yep. LIES zeemike May 2016 #11
Clinton and her supporters do the right thing and condemn the lies??? Raster May 2016 #30
not just a liar wallyworld2 May 2016 #13
The mask is off. This is who they are. Mean girl Boxer no different than Palin. haikugal May 2016 #18
During wallyworld2 May 2016 #22
Not to challenge the tone of this thread Plucketeer May 2016 #31
Harsh, perhaps but Barbara didn't sound coherent to me in Nevada. Sorry. Also the comment was about haikugal May 2016 #33
Are you insane? You all lost my vote over this misogyny. Tumbulu May 2016 #32
Shame on me for noticing corruption and speaking out about it? Please. No Barbara has not been more haikugal May 2016 #34
No it is not, and you can google for yourself. She is my Senator, Tumbulu May 2016 #36
What pathetic nonsense. You were NEVER going to vote Bernie. closeupready May 2016 #35
Seriously...and I don't think misogyny is what she thinks it is. haikugal May 2016 #37
Reid, Huerta ... MisterP May 2016 #16
Boozed up Boxer? nt jalan48 May 2016 #12
Botox Boxer...almost unrecognizable. haikugal May 2016 #17
She can f.o. frylock May 2016 #14
Boxer is related to Clinton by marriage. nt thereismore May 2016 #15
The Nevada Convention proves the point Bernie has been running on for a year Jack Rabbit May 2016 #19
Well done!! He's with us! haikugal May 2016 #20
A massive gigantic plus one for your post! Enthusiast May 2016 #29
The whole "BernieBros" narrative is a sham Roy Rolling May 2016 #24
How Palinesque.....isn't that what all narcissists do, blame everyone else? haikugal May 2016 #25
call me abernie bro CAUSE I AM AFRAID HILLARY IS GONNA LOSE to a COMPLETE loser. pansypoo53219 May 2016 #27
Kicked and recommended to the Max! Enthusiast May 2016 #28
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