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13. Yes... there are a couple of others that make it VERY CLEAR who she is and what she's about.
Sat Jul 31, 2021, 10:46 AM
Jul 2021

In her own words: Nina Turner seems to hate the Democratic party. --- Here's an interesting collection of video/audio clips of interviews that Nina-T has given over the years. She makes it very clear that she has nothing but contempt and distrust of the Democratic Party. Yet here she is, running "as a" Democrat (but only because her preferred "People's Party" didn't have what it takes to get on the ballot in Ohio.)

I spent a few minutes typing a transcript of the on-screen text AND her exact words. Watch and listen to the video... read-along if you want. Here is the TRUTH about what Nina-T thinks of Democrats... the words are coming from her own mouth!

Nina Turner is running as a Democratic candidate for #OH11 but she seems to hate the party. She never said she voted for Biden in 2020 or Hillary in 2016. She also said electing President Obama was symbolic & produced no results & that Kamala as VP pick was to “check off a box”.

Nina Turner highlights the moment her disdain for the Democratic Party originated.
-- "... and at a dinner for the Ohio Democratic Party, President Clinton said everyone else's name but mine. So, this is the exclusive because I've never told this story publicly."

Nina Turner explains that President Obama was only a symbolic figure.
-- "... we made no demands of the President, and the 'symbol' of President Obama is a beautiful thing, but what did that get us collectively?"

Nina Turner explains she believes the 2016 Democratic Primary was rigged.
-- "... the fix was in from the beginning!"

Nina Turner explains she is not about party unity: She thinks her preferred 2016 candidate was "cheated"
-- "... well I wasn't there, you know, I was home. Because, my, the person I wanted, you know, got cheated in the primary."

Nina Turner explains if it is a choice between Trump or Hillary, might as well vote for the extreme.
-- "... you know if it's the difference between the lesser of the two evils, we might just go with straight-up evil!"

Nina Turner explains she "would love to see" the extreme left "go crazy" & "hold the Democratic Party hostage"
-- "... what I would love to see the progressive movement do from the progressive members of the House of Representatives and progressive members who may be in the Senate is... to go crazy! Maybe take a page out of the Tea Party book and hold the Democratic Party hostage!"

Nina Turner explains that Kamala Harris joining the ticket is about "checking off a box"
-- "... it cannot be about just checking-off a box! But it is clear that the Democratic Party -- that is what they are most concerned about -- see, they're more concerned about optics."

Nina Turner explains that Kamala Harris joining the ticket is the ticket Wall Street wants.
-- "... Wall Street has the ticket that they want!"

Nina Turner explains that having to vote between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is like choosing between two bowls of shit to eat.
-- "... you got two bowls of shit in front of you, and you got to pick one. That's the situation we in right now. Bowl #1 or Bowl #2?"

How can Nina work with a party she hates?
-- "... these so-called Democrats!"
-- "... I have no faith in the Democratic Party."
Nina Turner: Wrong for Ohio [View all] NurseJackie Jul 2021 OP
She's a Democrat! Get over it! Cobalt Violet Jul 2021 #1
Really? Here are their areas of focus... which one/s do you disagree with? NurseJackie Jul 2021 #3
When did she say she is a Democrat? redstateblues Jul 2021 #6
According to "The People's Party" (which she co-founded) Nina originally WANTED to run... NurseJackie Jul 2021 #18
Message auto-removed Name removed Jul 2021 #7
Third Way I Agree McKim Jul 2021 #10
Here are their areas of focus... which one/s do you disagree with? It all looks good to me! NurseJackie Jul 2021 #15
Dealings with Third Way in the past, they are a group to create fissures in the Democratic Party. TheBlackAdder Aug 2021 #41
So She Says Me. Jul 2021 #11
Only because she's running for office. cab67 Jul 2021 #12
Lol. She's a backstabber and untrustworthy. Just because she worked for Senator Sanders emulatorloo Jul 2021 #19
Nina-T is the same woman who endorsed Jill Fucking Stine instead of Hillary... NurseJackie Jul 2021 #22
Please. She Equated Biden with Trump TomCADem Aug 2021 #44
Just don't understand any real Dem endorsements for nt empedocles Jul 2021 #2
Great ad LetMyPeopleVote Jul 2021 #4
That video is being very kind. George II Jul 2021 #5
Yes... there are a couple of others that make it VERY CLEAR who she is and what she's about. NurseJackie Jul 2021 #13
The amazing thing is these are all things she said herself, direct quotes.... George II Jul 2021 #17
+1. And yes, her own words ... emulatorloo Jul 2021 #20
She made it clear that she has nothing but contempt for the Democratic party and President Biden... NurseJackie Jul 2021 #21
+1 betsuni Jul 2021 #25
Post removed Post removed Jul 2021 #8
Can you name one bit of "progress" she's made in her career? George II Jul 2021 #14
There will be no reply. NurseJackie Jul 2021 #16
With candidates like this, expect to lose bigly. oldsoftie Jul 2021 #9
FFS! Unca Jim Jul 2021 #23
Neither one of those has started their own "People's Party" to siphon-off votes from Democrats. NurseJackie Jul 2021 #24
Sure.. Unca Jim Jul 2021 #26
You made it worse for Nina by giving us the "complete" quote... NurseJackie Jul 2021 #27
Bravo!! 👍 NurseJackie Budi Jul 2021 #30
So calling Biden "shit" twice in the full quote is better than once? betsuni Jul 2021 #29
Look, I get it... Unca Jim Aug 2021 #35
Don't know what you mean by "good guys and bad guys." Something is a fact and real, or it isn't. betsuni Aug 2021 #40
OK... Unca Jim Aug 2021 #43
By the way, progressives said they would've voted for Elizabeth Warren if she'd run in 2016. betsuni Aug 2021 #42
Warren... Unca Jim Aug 2021 #51
"Third Way" is a group of progressive DEMOCRATS, and here you are bashing a group of DEMOCRATS!! George II Jul 2021 #32
Yeah, that tribalism... Unca Jim Aug 2021 #36
This is WHY.. 81 Million People were Not "thinking" this.. Cha Jul 2021 #28
Better than "burn it all down" Budi Jul 2021 #31
Weird... Unca Jim Aug 2021 #38
Her juvenile name calling belongs somewhere else Budi Aug 2021 #45
So... Unca Jim Aug 2021 #50
You were thinking Joe Biden is a half bowl of shit AND one of two bowls of shit? And you're fine.... George II Jul 2021 #33
Again... Unca Jim Aug 2021 #39
Lets see, did we want tribal divided juvenile name calling excitement? Budi Aug 2021 #46
For me... Unca Jim Aug 2021 #49
Who are you, Unka Jim? George II Jul 2021 #34
Who are you? Unca Jim Aug 2021 #37
Who Are You Budi Aug 2021 #47
A classic. Unca Jim Aug 2021 #48
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