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2. 'Center' = half Democrat and Half Republican
Thu Sep 10, 2015, 08:05 PM
Sep 2015

Given 99% of the nations problems are caused by right wing policies, why would any sane Democrat claim to be half Republican

Someone needs to ask her, "Which Republican policies do you support and why?

Thank you Bernie. NowSam Sep 2015 #1
'Center' = half Democrat and Half Republican AgingAmerican Sep 2015 #2
That third way shit is only for politicians who don't believe in their party's principles. craigmatic Sep 2015 #4
+1 daleanime Sep 2015 #25
I believe another Kennedy is going to come out for Bernie soon. eom Fawke Em Sep 2015 #32
Given that right-wing nutjobs are routinely called "conservative," I guess it's worse than that. n/t RufusTFirefly Sep 2015 #22
Nobody is inspired by moderates. We live in times that demand action on big issues Obama showed us craigmatic Sep 2015 #3
Sadly, what usually happens when people say they try to bring people together Baitball Blogger Sep 2015 #5
Right, and the intersection where centrist Dems and Republicans... dreamnightwind Sep 2015 #47
You just never realize how far the power of the executive office has on local issues, Baitball Blogger Sep 2015 #53
I can see why DWS wants to keep the debates to six, the more she speaks the worse it gets..n/t monmouth4 Sep 2015 #6
+1,000 LondonReign2 Sep 2015 #49
When you get "people" together, somehow the Democratic people always get screwed. CharlotteVale Sep 2015 #7
I wonder if her supporters will now stop claiming that she's liberal Doctor_J Sep 2015 #8
+1 But, but they've got evidence! RufusTFirefly Sep 2015 #23
We already know Clinton's own statements won't change their mind on other issues. jeff47 Sep 2015 #40
As I noted a few days ago, HRH could have an hour-long televised sit-down hifiguy Sep 2015 #42
Moderate in this country means the same as right-wing Republican 35 years ago jfern Sep 2015 #9
The problem is that moderate these days means 80's Republican. jalan48 Sep 2015 #10
I like Hillary's comment better Gman Sep 2015 #11
What, in your estimation, were the three most important things she got done? MannyGoldstein Sep 2015 #14
Awful quiet here. frylock Sep 2015 #27
It's a magic question. nt MannyGoldstein Sep 2015 #29
Gosh, it's gotta be hard to narrow it down to just the three. frylock Sep 2015 #30
That's almost certainly the problem. nt MannyGoldstein Sep 2015 #31
Well done dreamnightwind Sep 2015 #48
kick. JonLeibowitz Nov 2015 #56
Bringing working class Americans paleotn Sep 2015 #20
No more of this kind of bullshit: hifiguy Sep 2015 #43
Thanks for resurrecting an alltime favorite - eom dreamnightwind Sep 2015 #50
Who cares if they're the wrong things? frylock Sep 2015 #26
Like, the Iraq War? Got done to death. leveymg Sep 2015 #28
Yes but the wrong things. If you haven't noticed we have a 22% of American children living in rhett o rick Sep 2015 #46
To many Democrats 'moderate' can equate to 'wishy washy and unprincipled' tomm2thumbs Sep 2015 #12
Just like the GOP needs Teabaggers to win elections lobodons Sep 2015 #13
Calling yourself moderate may help in the general... thesquanderer Sep 2015 #15
I think she's just realized she can't hold the left flank dreamnightwind Sep 2015 #51
Hillary is the CHAMPION of ???? Cosmic Kitten Sep 2015 #16
Any Clinton is the "champion" of one thing: hifiguy Sep 2015 #44
The mind of a true DCCC'er mdbl Sep 2015 #17
As Jim Hightower has said dflprincess Sep 2015 #18
Yup. Made a great book title, too. SomeGuyInEagan Sep 2015 #19
That says a lot all on its own. Bubzer Sep 2015 #21
We know exactly what happens to "moderate" Dems.... paleotn Sep 2015 #24
K&R Katashi_itto Sep 2015 #33
Hillary, you're not preventing people from standing on opposite sides yelling at each other..... Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2015 #34
It's the whole "Imperial Presidency" thing Hydra Sep 2015 #35
Perhaps because we vote the same 840high Sep 2015 #36
That's certainly been a problem Hydra Sep 2015 #37
Some of her fans are acting like it's a "loyalty to the Party issue".... Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2015 #38
I am so sick and tired of Democrats... CoffeeCat Sep 2015 #39
At least Hillary is honest emsimon33 Sep 2015 #41
Hell I'm a moderte too -- That's why I support Bernie Armstead Sep 2015 #45
This is Tim Russert journalism Buzz cook Sep 2015 #52
Just guessing ...Kim Davis will be voting for Hillary? L0oniX Sep 2015 #54
A display of more awkwardness and lack of self identity Hollingsworth Sep 2015 #55
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