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21. Between the long term tolerance by admins and multiple juries of a sadistic, dim-witted, mentally
Wed Apr 2, 2014, 07:12 AM
Apr 2014

disturbed poster who sought out people he thought were vulnerable and tried his best to inflict pain on them (though, he had no idea how non-vulnerable those posters were, thank God,)...

... and the frequent cheering of that poster by many who are still slithering around DU...

...and the moronic "it's vital that we say as often as possible that boys and men cannot possibly be expected to have any control over their behavior because that way it'll seem legit and we won't have to change the way men and boys talk to each other" posts...

... DU has become a magnet for stupid, vicious posters who hate women with what is probably a criminal intensity. I can just imagine what these charmers do IRL.

I'm at least taking a break. This place has become disgusting. Stay well, all you brave souls who remain to wade through it all.

That was a woman who posted that. .. pipoman Apr 2014 #1
Why would a woman make up a story about once being a 14 year old boy? Gravitycollapse Apr 2014 #6
She didn't pipoman Apr 2014 #13
Then what is she doing? Gravitycollapse Apr 2014 #14
Maybe you should reread the post pipoman Apr 2014 #15
I've read it many times. Would you like to divulge your secret or keep it ambiguous? Gravitycollapse Apr 2014 #16
2nd paragraph. .. pipoman Apr 2014 #17
You are reading the wrong post. The post I am talking about... Gravitycollapse Apr 2014 #25
ha. and i knew exactly what thread. no surprise. seabeyond Apr 2014 #2
I'm ignorant of this game. What the hell is going on? Gravitycollapse Apr 2014 #4
reinforcement of male dominance thru sexuality at all cost to maintain the roles we are seabeyond Apr 2014 #5
Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate Tx4obama Apr 2014 #3
parecer que? seabeyond Apr 2014 #7
io non parlo spagnolo Tx4obama Apr 2014 #8
did i write, say what? i tried. no comprende. et tu? lol. bah hahahah. nt seabeyond Apr 2014 #9
i do not even get it. on the one hand talking biology, cant be helped. on the other, seabeyond Apr 2014 #10
The important thing gollygee Apr 2014 #19
The contradictions are running wild in that thread. MadrasT Apr 2014 #20
As a former teenage boy, I can assure you that how the girl dresses really doesn't matter. jeff47 Apr 2014 #26
The problem here is ALL us girls experienced the exact same. How comfortable is it for us to get all seabeyond Apr 2014 #27
Exactly. Why aren't any of those "poor boys" types crying about our poor adolescent girls? redqueen Apr 2014 #28
so fuggin in our face and obvious. and not ONE person said, you know. that is a duh. why.... seabeyond Apr 2014 #29
Ego yes, and also propping up this gender myth that so many love so damn much. redqueen Apr 2014 #34
"gender myth that so many love ""unreal how devoted people" seabeyond Apr 2014 #35
Adolescent girls are much the same, as a whole, I would think. They're just not as socialized nomorenomore08 Apr 2014 #31
Charming. ismnotwasm Apr 2014 #11
+1 Tuesday Afternoon Apr 2014 #23
A little ancient history never hurt anyone. Eleanors38 Apr 2014 #12
I trashed that thread yesterday JustAnotherGen Apr 2014 #18
Between the long term tolerance by admins and multiple juries of a sadistic, dim-witted, mentally Squinch Apr 2014 #21
this one.... sure enough seabeyond Apr 2014 #22
I totally understand, Squinch and I feel the same way. I think it bears repeating that there are Tuesday Afternoon Apr 2014 #24
oh noes.... tis torturous for 12, 13 yr old boys to be around girls. torturous i tell you. and seabeyond Apr 2014 #30
There's nothing wrong with an erection. But it doesn't mandate rudeness/creepiness either. nomorenomore08 Apr 2014 #32
and the "blurred lines" between GD and The Lounge are even more blurred ... Tuesday Afternoon Apr 2014 #33
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