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Joe BidenCongratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!


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25. Why wouldn't they be forthcoming and honest from the very beginning?
Sat Oct 5, 2019, 06:10 AM
Oct 2019
At first they were insisting he hadn't had a heart attack.
Why wouldn't they be forthcoming and honest from the very beginning? The BS campaign was reporting "no heart attack" as if it were fact, but it wasn't. Why didn't they just say "too early to tell" or "we don't know yet" or words to that effect?

Now that the precedent has been set... now that we know what to expect... (and now that we know the TRUTH is TOTALLY OPPOSITE from what they told us) I'm afraid that I will now (and forever more) have a VERY DIFFICULT TIME in being able to trust any news at all that comes from them.

All I'm saying is... they should have been honest, direct, transparent and forthcoming FROM THE VERY BEGINNING... but they weren't. And that's a shame. The BS campaign has totally lost my trust on this matter. I can't believe anything they say when it comes to this subject.
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Hes still at it. Tiggeroshii Oct 2019 #1
Yup, Bernie is not gonna let a silly heart attack slow him down one little bit!! InAbLuEsTaTe Oct 2019 #39
Agreed! Tiggeroshii Oct 2019 #41
Now all the cynics will be out there saying he'd better call it quits. YOHABLO Oct 2019 #2
He should call it quits... SidDithers Oct 2019 #5
I (and many others) agree. NurseJackie Oct 2019 #6
The doctors said that he had a myocardial infarction.... George II Oct 2019 #22
That's exactly as I suspected. NurseJackie Oct 2019 #3
I don't think it is a good idea for Sanders to go full speed ahead. katmondoo Oct 2019 #4
You think campaigning is tough... NurseJackie Oct 2019 #8
"Even do-nothing Trump looks bad" PJMcK Oct 2019 #26
I'm looking for someone with the vigor and vitality to serve EIGHT full years. NurseJackie Oct 2019 #27
I can't believe his doctors let him out of the hospital after three days AND are letting him.... George II Oct 2019 #13
Que sara sara... NurseJackie Oct 2019 #23
I wish him well mcar Oct 2019 #7
Funny... because in this very forum, on this very day... NurseJackie Oct 2019 #9
Unfair to me but not to thee, apparently. mcar Oct 2019 #10
+1000 sheshe2 Oct 2019 #16
And no CTs. betsuni Oct 2019 #21
That's why they were so secretive about it. George II Oct 2019 #11
Fantastic to hear he is feeling great. Back to fighting for Medicare for All with Warren. BeckyDem Oct 2019 #12
"Thanks for posting the great news!"??? Sid posted that he had a heart attack. That's good news? George II Oct 2019 #14
He is feeling great, I believe that is the obvious point of the information. BeckyDem Oct 2019 #15
That's what they're saying, but no one is "great" less than three days after a heart attack. George II Oct 2019 #17
According to you. I believe Bernie. BeckyDem Oct 2019 #18
Whatever. I believe cardiologists. George II Oct 2019 #19
Keep persisting he is not feeling great. It makes you happy, go for it. BeckyDem Oct 2019 #20
Feeling 'great' is not the same thing as being healthy... NurseJackie Oct 2019 #35
lol BeckyDem Oct 2019 #36
At first they were insisting he hadn't had a heart attack. So this isn't great news. n/t pnwmom Oct 2019 #24
Why wouldn't they be forthcoming and honest from the very beginning? NurseJackie Oct 2019 #25
I don't understand why they thought it was a good idea to wait three days to announce this pnwmom Oct 2019 #29
I guess they were totally unprepared.... NurseJackie Oct 2019 #30
Well, not for you. BeckyDem Oct 2019 #32
Goodness. I hope he's feeling better. bearsfootball516 Oct 2019 #28
From the Texas Heart Institute: apcalc Oct 2019 #31
Excellent information and advice. Thanks for sharing that... NurseJackie Oct 2019 #33
Sadly, there are a lot of people who wished Bernie died. aikoaiko Oct 2019 #34
Yeah, that or fake sympathy... not unexpected. InAbLuEsTaTe Oct 2019 #40
Has campaign surrogate DrDooleyMD weighed in on her candidate's heart attack? lapucelle Oct 2019 #37
It's decision time. It's 13 months before the election and then 4 more years to serve if he wins. brush Oct 2019 #38
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