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Joe BidenCongratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!


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18. Of course they do. Birds of a feather and all that.
Sat Oct 19, 2019, 05:39 PM
Oct 2019

He must secretly not want the nomination because backing the unpopular Gabbard is one quick way to lose support. And it makes little sense in another way. She has such little support, what does it get him when she drops out? The few people who may come over to him from her camp? There aren't very many of them.

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
Support Her For What? Me. Oct 2019 #1
In general SCVDem Oct 2019 #3
Did anyone explain to Nina and Tulsi.... sheshe2 Oct 2019 #8
Did anyone mention to Tulsi that she outed herself? LakeArenal Oct 2019 #9
;) sheshe2 Oct 2019 #59
It's simple. Nina Turner likes ANYONE who hates Democrats and the Democratic party. NurseJackie Oct 2019 #66
This exactly. sheshe2 Oct 2019 #67
I imagine supporting her in not being smeared as a "Russian asset." n/t" Uncle Joe Oct 2019 #4
Hillary mentioned NO NAME. Funny how Tulsi herself squalled like a scalded cat. Hekate Oct 2019 #11
Hillary didn't have to mention a name. Uncle Joe Oct 2019 #19
That is pretty much what I am reading in news at140 Oct 2019 #28
If Biden suddenly collapses politically speaking and perhaps Uncle Joe Oct 2019 #32
If she had posted that thought on DU, her post would have been removed at140 Oct 2019 #45
Here's the exact quote. lapucelle Oct 2019 #53
Hillary's aide Nick Merrill confirmed it was Gabbard Quixote1818 Oct 2019 #65
Hillary also didn't say she was a "Russian asset" StarfishSaver Oct 2019 #13
Hillary trashed Tulsi as at best being an unwitting Russian tool, if Uncle Joe Oct 2019 #17
I don't recall her mentioning any names. Gabbard must have a guilty conscience. brush Oct 2019 #21
Hillary didn't have to mention any names. Uncle Joe Oct 2019 #22
Look at it as a way to head off anyone running a 3rd party campaign which would... brush Oct 2019 #25
I have seen absolutely no evidence that Tulsi is even remotely considering Uncle Joe Oct 2019 #29
Let's just be frank. Gabbard has no fucking chance at all of getting the... brush Oct 2019 #35
Precisely "politics is not bean bags," so why are people upset with Tulsi's rebuttal Uncle Joe Oct 2019 #38
Hillary did the right thing IMO. She made it hard for a 3rd partier to try it. brush Oct 2019 #43
I'm not upset about it all StarfishSaver Oct 2019 #44
Why are you so upset? Dem4Life1102 Oct 2019 #51
Tulsi's "rebuttal" was a greatest hits of rightwing/Putin lies about HRC, and Tulsi couldn't wait emulatorloo Oct 2019 #52
Not upset, disgusting as it was. sheshe2 Oct 2019 #61
What proof does Tulsi have that Hillary is "the queen of warmongers, embodiment of corruption, StarfishSaver Oct 2019 #23
This isn't a question of the chicken and the egg, Uncle Joe Oct 2019 #24
Tulsi can't play the "But she hit me first!" game StarfishSaver Oct 2019 #30
A little harsh, eh? SCVDem Oct 2019 #41
+1 betsuni Oct 2019 #62
Gabbard lost it @ Madame POTUS.. Trash talking.. and went all paranoid.. Cha Oct 2019 #33
What would Tulsi know about political machinations, she was only a Vice-Chair of the DNC? Uncle Joe Oct 2019 #37
gabbard is trashing talking Hillary.. TG is paranoid.. not "presidential" Cha Oct 2019 #39
Yes. Lets stick our heads in the sand again Evergreen Emerald Oct 2019 #48
Secretary Clinton said that she thinks that the Russians lapucelle Oct 2019 #58
Where exactly did Secretary Clinton "trash" Tulsi? lapucelle Oct 2019 #63
Personally, I have no trust for Gabbard. But for the record Hillary also said this: Tom Rinaldo Oct 2019 #31
Wow - that's a stretch. StarfishSaver Oct 2019 #40
You would make a very good trial lawyer...eom at140 Oct 2019 #46
Exactly melman Oct 2019 #16
It's not a smear if it's true. OldRed2450 Oct 2019 #42
Interesting? TidalWave46 Oct 2019 #57
For gutter trash talking Madame POTUS.. Cha Oct 2019 #27
I had to mute her, so thanks for the report. I kind of read that statement as: Hillary hatred.... Hekate Oct 2019 #2
Bernie's best friend is Nina Turner. in 2016, Turner hated on Hillary and lied about her. trueblue2007 Oct 2019 #7
support evertonfc Oct 2019 #5
Private citizen SCVDem Oct 2019 #6
+++ still_one Oct 2019 #15
All is true except PM Modi violated anything BlueMississippi Oct 2019 #36
See post #31...eom at140 Oct 2019 #47
Ah. No. Speak more Hillary. Actually name names. LakeArenal Oct 2019 #10
Hillary didn't mention any names. Seems Gabbard has a guilty conscience if she... brush Oct 2019 #20
Hillary wouldn't have made a comment like that if she didn't know stuff nini Oct 2019 #55
Thank you for confirming what we already knew about that campaign still_one Oct 2019 #12
Nina bailed on Hillary during her 2016 campaign to join Bernie. Tulsi oasis Oct 2019 #14
Of course they do. Birds of a feather and all that. brush Oct 2019 #18
Of course she did ismnotwasm Oct 2019 #26
Bernie is not a Democrat BlueMississippi Oct 2019 #34
That's what worries me. SCVDem Oct 2019 #60
Just from a practical aspect, Hillary has a 80% favorable rating among Democratic primary voters Cha Oct 2019 #49
Like I've said..Tulsi is NOT the only one nini Oct 2019 #50
Stein voter supporting a Russian asset. NT TidalWave46 Oct 2019 #54
I just read the comments about Tulsi BigmanPigman Oct 2019 #56
Bill Maher is no Democrat. He's a jerk tho. LakeArenal Oct 2019 #64
I remember when he told Milo whoozits that "he had a point there" NurseJackie Oct 2019 #68
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