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Joe BidenCongratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!


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28. That is pretty much what I am reading in news
Sat Oct 19, 2019, 05:59 PM
Oct 2019

But what are the chances Hillary jumps in at the last minute?
If she does not, it is a mute question.

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Support Her For What? Me. Oct 2019 #1
In general SCVDem Oct 2019 #3
Did anyone explain to Nina and Tulsi.... sheshe2 Oct 2019 #8
Did anyone mention to Tulsi that she outed herself? LakeArenal Oct 2019 #9
;) sheshe2 Oct 2019 #59
It's simple. Nina Turner likes ANYONE who hates Democrats and the Democratic party. NurseJackie Oct 2019 #66
This exactly. sheshe2 Oct 2019 #67
I imagine supporting her in not being smeared as a "Russian asset." n/t" Uncle Joe Oct 2019 #4
Hillary mentioned NO NAME. Funny how Tulsi herself squalled like a scalded cat. Hekate Oct 2019 #11
Hillary didn't have to mention a name. Uncle Joe Oct 2019 #19
That is pretty much what I am reading in news at140 Oct 2019 #28
If Biden suddenly collapses politically speaking and perhaps Uncle Joe Oct 2019 #32
If she had posted that thought on DU, her post would have been removed at140 Oct 2019 #45
Here's the exact quote. lapucelle Oct 2019 #53
Hillary's aide Nick Merrill confirmed it was Gabbard Quixote1818 Oct 2019 #65
Hillary also didn't say she was a "Russian asset" StarfishSaver Oct 2019 #13
Hillary trashed Tulsi as at best being an unwitting Russian tool, if Uncle Joe Oct 2019 #17
I don't recall her mentioning any names. Gabbard must have a guilty conscience. brush Oct 2019 #21
Hillary didn't have to mention any names. Uncle Joe Oct 2019 #22
Look at it as a way to head off anyone running a 3rd party campaign which would... brush Oct 2019 #25
I have seen absolutely no evidence that Tulsi is even remotely considering Uncle Joe Oct 2019 #29
Let's just be frank. Gabbard has no fucking chance at all of getting the... brush Oct 2019 #35
Precisely "politics is not bean bags," so why are people upset with Tulsi's rebuttal Uncle Joe Oct 2019 #38
Hillary did the right thing IMO. She made it hard for a 3rd partier to try it. brush Oct 2019 #43
I'm not upset about it all StarfishSaver Oct 2019 #44
Why are you so upset? Dem4Life1102 Oct 2019 #51
Tulsi's "rebuttal" was a greatest hits of rightwing/Putin lies about HRC, and Tulsi couldn't wait emulatorloo Oct 2019 #52
Not upset, disgusting as it was. sheshe2 Oct 2019 #61
What proof does Tulsi have that Hillary is "the queen of warmongers, embodiment of corruption, StarfishSaver Oct 2019 #23
This isn't a question of the chicken and the egg, Uncle Joe Oct 2019 #24
Tulsi can't play the "But she hit me first!" game StarfishSaver Oct 2019 #30
A little harsh, eh? SCVDem Oct 2019 #41
+1 betsuni Oct 2019 #62
Gabbard lost it @ Madame POTUS.. Trash talking.. and went all paranoid.. Cha Oct 2019 #33
What would Tulsi know about political machinations, she was only a Vice-Chair of the DNC? Uncle Joe Oct 2019 #37
gabbard is trashing talking Hillary.. TG is paranoid.. not "presidential" Cha Oct 2019 #39
Yes. Lets stick our heads in the sand again Evergreen Emerald Oct 2019 #48
Secretary Clinton said that she thinks that the Russians lapucelle Oct 2019 #58
Where exactly did Secretary Clinton "trash" Tulsi? lapucelle Oct 2019 #63
Personally, I have no trust for Gabbard. But for the record Hillary also said this: Tom Rinaldo Oct 2019 #31
Wow - that's a stretch. StarfishSaver Oct 2019 #40
You would make a very good trial lawyer...eom at140 Oct 2019 #46
Exactly melman Oct 2019 #16
It's not a smear if it's true. OldRed2450 Oct 2019 #42
Interesting? TidalWave46 Oct 2019 #57
For gutter trash talking Madame POTUS.. Cha Oct 2019 #27
I had to mute her, so thanks for the report. I kind of read that statement as: Hillary hatred.... Hekate Oct 2019 #2
Bernie's best friend is Nina Turner. in 2016, Turner hated on Hillary and lied about her. trueblue2007 Oct 2019 #7
support evertonfc Oct 2019 #5
Private citizen SCVDem Oct 2019 #6
+++ still_one Oct 2019 #15
All is true except PM Modi violated anything BlueMississippi Oct 2019 #36
See post #31...eom at140 Oct 2019 #47
Ah. No. Speak more Hillary. Actually name names. LakeArenal Oct 2019 #10
Hillary didn't mention any names. Seems Gabbard has a guilty conscience if she... brush Oct 2019 #20
Hillary wouldn't have made a comment like that if she didn't know stuff nini Oct 2019 #55
Thank you for confirming what we already knew about that campaign still_one Oct 2019 #12
Nina bailed on Hillary during her 2016 campaign to join Bernie. Tulsi oasis Oct 2019 #14
Of course they do. Birds of a feather and all that. brush Oct 2019 #18
Of course she did ismnotwasm Oct 2019 #26
Bernie is not a Democrat BlueMississippi Oct 2019 #34
That's what worries me. SCVDem Oct 2019 #60
Just from a practical aspect, Hillary has a 80% favorable rating among Democratic primary voters Cha Oct 2019 #49
Like I've said..Tulsi is NOT the only one nini Oct 2019 #50
Stein voter supporting a Russian asset. NT TidalWave46 Oct 2019 #54
I just read the comments about Tulsi BigmanPigman Oct 2019 #56
Bill Maher is no Democrat. He's a jerk tho. LakeArenal Oct 2019 #64
I remember when he told Milo whoozits that "he had a point there" NurseJackie Oct 2019 #68
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