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AZ8theist's Journal
AZ8theist's Journal
February 22, 2024

What's to stop Biden? A question.....

If the SC grants unlimited presidential immunity, then what's to stop Biden from arresting Doturd and shipping him off to Guantanamo?

February 12, 2024

Insane anti-vax lunatic wastes $7 million on ridiculous Super Bowl ad...

The jerk ripped off his uncle with the images and music. Couldn't even come up with something original.

Watch it if you can. It will either make you laugh out loud or barf. (I laughed!!)

November 14, 2023

ANOTHER jacket-less JERK OFF

October 17, 2023

I have a serious question:

Is the house rule on motion to vacate still in effect?

And if so, if the traitorous weasel Gym Jordan SOMEHOW wins the speakership, can any Dem call a vote to vacate?

October 14, 2023

Joe Biden in a nutshell:

September 26, 2023

I got kicked off another so-called "liberal" website...

For using the term "MAGAt"


To describe Trump supporters. Doturd supporters CAN NOT be described as other than maggots, because that's what they are.
Mearly mentioning "MAGAt" (maggot) got their moderators panties in a twist and kicked me off.

I am so fucking sick of our side going to a gun fight with butter knives.
OOOOHHH, Let's not insult the other side by calling them names!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH we must be SOOO GENTILE!!
When they go low we go high......


Our entire country's SURVIVAL is at stake right now. The MAGAts on the other side WANT A FUCKING CIVIL WAR for fucks sake.
Do we just lie down and take it???? Or do we get in the gutter with them and fuck them over??
Until the left realizes the stakes involved, the destruction of our democracy and impending dictatorship, "taking the high road" IS NOT AN OPTION.

Oh, and BTW:
The other site's name rhymes with "Fairly Dose"
They can kiss my ass and my monthly contribution goodbye. Hope they are proud of their principled stand after Trump shuts down their site in the coming dictatorship.

August 27, 2023

LOTSA LIBTARDS with guns....

I don't know what all this talk about "Civil War" is........but

There are lotsa "libtards" with guns.

....just sayin"....

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