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Member since: Thu Jun 8, 2017, 09:22 AM
Number of posts: 312

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Thank China For The North Korean War - Coming - China Is Our Enemy Why Give Them $$

Without China's aid, North Korea would not exist making nukes with Seattle, San Francisco, and LA's names on them.

Blame China.

Even the first Korean War we had thousands of Chinese supporting them.

We should be boycotting Chinese crap, not enriching them.

Get The Money Out Of Politics Or Our Democracy Is Lost

Every problem our country / world faces pales in comparison to our number one problem.

Our government is basically an auction.

The highest bidder / campaign contributor gets the legislation they want.

Just ask the Koch Brothers.


And the Kochs are only a part of the problem.

I think getting the money out 100% could be a party plank. No one can say our government isn't favoring the rich with everything they do. Even Obamacare paid insurance companies first. For the poor to get a crumb, the stockholders and PHARMA get a steak.

Get. The. Money. Out.

What Is Worse For National Security? Leaks, Or A Pathological Liar With Zero Leadership Skills

Constantly embarrassing our nation in the eyes of the world.

Projecting weakness, especially weakness of character.

Proven to be a real nut job more worried about how he looks than the security of the world.

What is worse for America?

Trump You Did Win Because Of Russians - Just Admit It - Stop Lying

The margins in many swing states was very thin. The Russians gave "the media" tons of ammo to use to constantly bash Hillary, and offset any momentum she got from your screwups, and behavior.

Then there was the bots, and social media attacks depressing turnout, and a whole lot more, including what we still don't know about.

You add it all up and you wouldn't have won without Russians. Period. It is obvious.

Without Russia Hillary Would Be President.

I wish more folks would "admit" it on the tee vee.

One Democrat that would come out and say it would be nice ya ya think?

Thank You Whistleblowers / Leakers For Your Service To Our Country

If it wasn't for your courage, we wouldn't know that our "prezzident" was a pathological liar with zero grip on reality.

I do not condone leaking top secret info that puts our folks at risk, but our nation deserves to know what Trumpitler, and his cronies are doing to our country. We deserve to know when they are lying, robbing us, or selling us out for rubles.

So to all you patriotic Americans out there informing the press so they can inform us on WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON thanks again. You are real heroes.

Rec if you agree.

Trumpitler Travels To Deliveranceland To Find Supporters....

Stupid enough to still believe in him after ALL THE LIES ARE DISCLOSED.

Deplorables don't care.

Trumpitler is gonna make their miserable pathetic lives better.

Welcome to the alternate universe where the Fox Watchers dwell.

Up is down, wrong is right, hate is great, and having no health insurance is the best thing there is.

Trump's "Assets" Should Be Distributed Among His Victims - All Of Us Are Suffering A Thousand Ways

I am serious.

If not reimbursing the tax payers, reimburse the contractors, and laborers he neglected to pay.

The victims of the Oligarchs he laundered money for.

The list of his victims is endless.

Imagine If "They" Investigated Trump's Sex Life Like Ken Starr Investigated Bill Clinton's

The thought simply horrifies me.....

The point is, see the difference.

Thoughts? How Long Before Gen. Kelly Says F This?

If he has as much "integrity" as I hear, it could be a week or two.

Then again he may be assimilated by the Borg.

How long will he last folks?
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