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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 11,395

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g 4 solar storm affecting earth including northern lights seen in northern california!!

the last time i saw the northern lights when the hale - bop comet was around and the branch dividians thought it was a ufo. sorry for digressing.
here is the link

there was a post by Behind the Aegisabout early gay photos ,

many years ago i found this and still find this very loving. rrrrrr.

earlier i complained about utube on my fave browser with only audio and no video.

seems to be fixed now. thanks to all who responded.

is anyone else having issue with youtube . all i get now is audio and no video.

thanks .

did i miss anything when i went to bed last nite (re trump)

went quiet this am.

frost , warning for sonora ca tonite and greater

northern ca.

scattered showers around the area.

i thought i had read on here where someone said that

many radio stations are getting rid of their live on line real ppl djs and using ai. is this true?

i learned something today.

Fujiwhara effect . my head hurts.

if t--p is remanded into cousdody , what happens to his ss detail?e

does it go with him or does it evaporate ?

i am looking for a good web based lighting detection page .

must be free. wu had a good one untill wu changed it. tried another one and that page changed the interface and didnt like it. have latest lightning strikes on goggle map and lightning maps dot org. they failed me when i learned that there are thunderstorms going on around sacramento, marys ville and northward . i also learned that there are thunderstorms in stockton , modesto. any help apprecieate . all place names in california.

thanks for your information. we lost the thunderstorm activity when the sun went down.
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