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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 6,946

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re a qestion i had on syncing iphone to macbook air.

to find phone . goto finder / and then choose what u want .

i exported a photo of my mom to make desktop photo on the iphone and found a proceedure for that too also.


i am breathing a sigh of releif as i hear that gov newsome has his job.

lard lips wanted to destory ca for voteing against him. im sure ill hear no end from our mostly r community whining that the election was rigged . prove it in court and a recount that you pay for, not us , this cost us a lot of money . the rs should have paid for it themselves .

from what i have read , the ca recall was a dismal FAIL for the rs .

am doing steamship whistle imitations again.


i have a early 2014 macbook air with dual core and 15"screen

the little gal is about ten years old. i was given a iphone 6 lately and how do i,, transfer photos from macbook air to iphone 6?
usually if external device , the device shows on desktop. not so with iphone . do i need a special cable or does lightning work. thanks in advance .

my birthday is wed. :) 64

full title , the birthday cake polka.

on sherrif john.

watched him on channel eleven when i was a child .


breaking . 7.1 eq hits Acapulco, Mexico City.

usgs details .


tonites din is homemade stir fry veggies. chopped ham. and rice .

was intruppted by a caller from the r national commitie . grr. bad words here. instant hangup.

saharan dust cloud

i knew this affected weather but didnt realize how much.




major hurricane larry and his path with 50 foot waves . if u r a ship get out of the way. hope he dosent make landfall.

flooded philly freeway.

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