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Beartracks's Journal
Beartracks's Journal
April 3, 2021

Republicans are the first to claim small business is the engine of the US economy...

... but then they always pour the fuel into the trunk.


May 26, 2020

"This Is So Unfair to Me": Trump Whines About His COVID-19 Victimhood as Campaign Flails

Source: Vanity Fair

As he headed into Memorial Day weekend, Donald Trump complained that he was COVID-19’s biggest victim. “He was just in a fucking rage,” said a person who spoke with Trump late last week. “He was saying, ‘This is so unfair to me! Everything was going great. We were cruising to reelection!” Even as the death toll neared 100,000 and unemployment ranks swelled to over 38 million, Trump couldn’t see the pandemic as anything other than something that had happened to him. “The problem is he has no empathy,” the adviser said. Trump complained that he should have been warned about the virus sooner. “The intelligence community let me down!” he said.

The White House declined to comment.


But the biggest obstacle standing in the way of a Trump-campaign reset is the candidate. “Trump is doing it to himself by tweeting idiotic conspiracy theories about Joe Scarborough. Women are tired of this shit,” said another former West Wing official. An outside adviser agreed. “Trump can’t pivot to a different strategy,” the adviser told me. “He only knows one strategy—which is attack. It worked in 2016. But now it’s not what people are looking for.” The adviser told me that Trump’s New York friends are planning an intervention to get him to stop tweeting about the Morning Joe cohost.

And when he’s not feeling helpless or aggrieved, Trump continues to cling to magical thinking. “He lives in his own fucking world,” the outside adviser said. Trump recently told a friend that the Moderna vaccine is going to be ready in months.

Read more: https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2020/05/trump-whines-about-his-covid-19-victimhood-as-campaign-flails

Can you imagine Lincoln re. the Civil War: "Why does this shit happen to me? This is so unfair!"

April 28, 2020

Trump Says Coronavirus Was Expected to 'Blow Over' in February

Source: Bloomberg News (via MSN)

President Donald Trump defended his early, dismissive response to the coronavirus outbreak, saying Tuesday that he was told late in February that it wouldn’t be a problem.

“Even professionals like Anthony were saying this is no problem,” Trump told reporters in a White House meeting with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Tuesday, referring to the government’s top infectious disease specialist, Anthony Fauci.


The Washington Post reported Monday that Trump was repeatedly warned in his daily intelligence briefing in January and February — a document the paper said he seldom reads — that the virus posed a threat to the U.S.

“I would have to check,” Trump said of the report. “I want to look as to the exact dates of warnings.”

Read more: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-says-coronavirus-was-expected-to-blow-over-in-february/ar-BB13k00A

March 8, 2020

Incredible: the novel coronavirus has more spine than Republicans.

Unlike the Senate Republicans who ask "How high?" when Trump rage tweets his delusions and wishes, the virus doesn't care what he thinks about it. He can't just fire the virus or throw it under the bus, he can't just give it a nickname (although I think he's tried by simply referring to it as "Flu" ), he can't threaten it and he can't ignore it. The virus is not beholden to Trump to make him look good or otherwise cover his incompetent ass, and for that matter it may finally show Trump's base what Republican Senators and conservative talking heads refuse to admit, although they most certainly know it to be true: the emperor has no clothes.


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