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Gender: Male
Hometown: TN, KY
Home country: USA
Current location: KY
Member since: Thu Jul 6, 2017, 07:43 PM
Number of posts: 14,242

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President Carter fought for us with 2x4s rather than guns......

and his 2x4s won millions of hearts and minds.........

Applause, cheers for rescue teams leaving Turkey

Applause, cheers for rescue teams leaving Turkey
Feb 19, 2023

Turkey saw off international search and rescue teams with applause and other gestures of thanks as teams from a number of countries returned home after helping in the wake of devastating earthquakes.

Well deserved. Bravo!......... ....... ........

Pete Buttigieg is busy doing his job. Republicans are too busy running their mouths to do theirs.

The irony of DeWine's statement is that the Federal Government is all over that tragedy from day one and will be there until the last of the mess is cleaned up. They'll also be there in court to help citizens who have been harmed while DeWine turns his back.

Two heart-warming stories from a vet in Turkey......

Be sure to click on the "CC" button so you know what they're saying (unless you happen to know Turkish):

Cat Asks For Help! ( Enters Vet to Show His Wound )
Tugay İnanoğlu
2,986,694 views Jan 10, 2023

Dog is Rescued From Giant Tumor! #TheVet
Tugay İnanoğlu
5,323,142 views Jan 18, 2022

These folks in that office represent the very definition of humane. I hope their community shows plenty of appreciation.


Posted by KY_EnviroGuy | Wed Feb 1, 2023, 11:02 PM (7 replies)

Cutest Nuthatch There Ever Was

Cutest Nuthatch There Ever Was | Red-breasted Nuthatch Fun Facts
Lesley the Bird Nerd

I really enjoy Lesley's videos, especially since I have not been able to feed for a while.... I miss hearing the Chickadees fussing at me when I go out, but don't miss having to chase away cats that kill my friends. I don't recall seeing Nuthatches on my feeders but there could have been and I just passed them off as chickadees or small woodpeckers.

I was especially surprised to see the Nuthatches feed from her hand and then hide seed in her clothing. I'd like to know how she tracks her bird friends and knows their exact territory.


ProfessorGAC, I think this is one you might enjoy

Imagine this: You're in Vince Gill's house in his at-home recording studio doing a new album with him and some of Nashville's finest professional musicians.

This is Tom Bukovac, guitarist, talking in the background and Gordon Mote, one of Nashville's top pianists who is blind. Gordon follows in the footsteps of Hargus "Pig" Robbins who was also blind but played piano on hundreds of hits for stars like Elvis, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Kenny Rogers, Chet Atkins and many others.

Here, Tom and Gordon are just fooling around during a break in the session and it's all impromptu.

Even though a person might not love country music, surely most anyone would love this level of musical skill.


Lots of cultures see the right to cook and serve good meals as almost sacred.

Cajuns, Italians, some Asians and Mexicans come to mind. Vending machine and quick-stop cooler food has a bad reputation for making people sick, although many times while doing road service jobs, that was all I could find late at night.

We have frequent trouble in our local Nextdoor internet discussion group with wingnuts injecting their venom into the most non-political of discussions. They will find a way to inject politics into someone's post about a lost dog.

Recent discussions about problems with the US Postal Service brought them out in force, with some lady saying it should be privatized. I don't engage them much 'cause I don't want our cars vandalized.


When two top studio pickers sit around the kitchen table with guitars.....

massive joy erupts. If nothing else, please listen to the first 7-minutes and also perhaps the final 7-minutes to hear them noodling around.

Homeskoolin’ Bonus….”Old Pals”
501choruse Channel

Tom Bukovac bio: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Bukovac

Jedd Hughes bio: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jedd_Hughes


Mandatory re-training and demilitarization of all American cops.

After 911, most cops have been trained to exercise tactics designed to fight serious terrorism attacks and we gave them the equipment to do it. Unfortunately, they've translated that brutal "shoot to kill" training into many routine police activities, mostly driven by shear fear and male ego. Racism and misogyny in the mix then becomes very dangerous and toxic to the public.

After a while, this militaristic attitude becomes ingrained and difficult to reverse. They need to be re-programmed but always held accountable..

It feels good to call for arrests and dismissals but that won't bring people like this young man back. The family will sue and probably get a big payoff but that won't bring this young man back either.

They also need very frequent and improved anti-racism training.


Agree, but the ever-present fascist right-wing cancer continues to grow......

just as it has in my memories post-Nixon. I still suspect Nixon's failure was a wake-up call for right-wing billionaires to open the floodgates of money with no moral restrictions to slowly undermine the U.S. Government.

I agree with you and others posting here that an instant takeover of our government is nearly impossible, perhaps other than by nuclear armageddon.

The most absurd parts of the J6 rally are that it was entirely based on the Big Lie and yet tRump was able to attract hundreds of citizens to travel to Washington D.C. and endanger their futures based on that lie.

But what we must work to stop and reverse is:
* that slow corrosion of fear and hatred they promote that divides us like never before,
* right-wing administrative occupation of almost all of our public and social media,
* absurd, astronomical amounts of money being poured into our elections, and
* GOP non-stop lying to - and deceiving of - our general public with no consequences.

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