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Karadeniz's Journal
Karadeniz's Journal
January 15, 2024

Because not everyone is created equal except for legal purposes. We are born

with different bodily areas of excellence, even disabilities, and different IQ's, so our physical brains vary in ability. The brain keeps us alive, so the survival instinct dwells there. Since ego is all about self, ego also is a function of the brain.

However, the factor you ask about can affect brain, but it is separate. We all have a paranormal influence usually called soul. This is what permits out of body experience, near death experiences to another dimension, its memories of previous existence can be recalled and psychics can tap into souls not in a living body. In the new testament, it is described as light, as in "don't hide your light under a basket." Nowadays, we know light has wave lengths and therefore frequency. The NT is very new age! It's our light that helps us rise above our obsession with survival of self. There are countless stories about soldiers who disregarded orders to withdraw in the face of encroaching enemies so that they could give their fellow soldiers a chance to escape. Witnesses to a car wreck who try to save occupants despite fire. People who run into a burning home. In such cases, the soul's energy is strong enough to direct the brain to selflessness. A society that ignores the welfare of others is not based upon soul values, doesn't recognize the total factors to Mind and will give rise to violence as people focus on demanding their personal wants.

Ego and personal survival, occupying the same space, create violent reactions. James Earl Ray's
ego needed to protect the white supremacy that it needed to make him feel good. The civil rights leaders threatened his ego. The problem is that his soul was too underdeveloped for him to recognize anyone's needs except his own. The NT requires its followers to recognize the worth and rights of others. One can call oneself a Christian with a dwarf soul, but Jesus said he wouldn't let them into his area, but he would tell them to go away, he couldn't recognize them. Christianity has been pretty well compromised.

October 6, 2018

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