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Profile Information

Name: Lara
Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Ugh, the deep south.
Member since: Fri May 2, 2014, 07:40 PM
Number of posts: 4,346

About Me

I'm me and I don't care if you don't like me. I like me, my wife likes me and my pets like me...a lot! And that's all that matters to me.

Journal Archives

If you have Netflix, you must, must must see

Hannah Gadsby's new stand-up, Something Special. She is a masterful storyteller. She weaves in and out, spinning her delightful yarn. She is brilliant!!

If you have Netflix, you must, must, must see

Hannah Gadsby's new stand-up, Something Special is really, for lack of a better term, Magnificent! She tells a story like a gifted artist, painting with her words. Twisting and turning for almost an hour and the ending is so unexpected and brilliant!!

Please run, don't walk, to Netflix for this grand storytelling.

I will cross post in the video/media group.

Congratulations, Mayor Donna Deegan!

Newly elected Democratic mayor of Jacksonville, Florida!!

She ran on a platform of improving the city’s infrastructure, increasing access to health care for the city’s residents and bringing businesses to Jacksonville that “want to be part of growing a better, fairer, more inclusive city” and “value our increasing diversity.”


IN YOUR FACE, LIL' WHITE BOOTS!! Florida wants diversity and a return to democracy.

And yet another reason not to vote for RFK,Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. accused Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and American “NeoCons” of intentionally provoking Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Monday. In a paragraph-long tweet, the Democratic presidential candidate claimed that Zelensky could have prevented the invasion by just saying the five words “I will not join NATO.”


RIP Jerry Springer

You were definitely an original.

Bernie Sanders endorses Biden, rules out 2024 run.

YORK (AP) — Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont said Tuesday that he would forgo another presidential bid of his own and instead endorse President Joe Biden's reelection.

The leading progressive, who was Biden's chief rival in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, told The Associated Press that he would “do everything I can to see the president is reelected.”

“The last thing this country needs is a Donald Trump or some other right-wing demagogue who is going to try to undermine American democracy or take away a woman’s right to choose, or not address the crisis of gun violence, or racism, sexism or homophobia,” Sanders said in an interview. “So, I’m in to do what I can to make sure that the president is reelected.”

Biden on Tuesday announced his decision to seek a second term, even as polls suggest that voters in both parties don't want him to run again. The Democratic president will face the winner of the crowded Republican primary, which features former President Donald Trump and a half dozen lower-profile conservatives.

I love you, Bernie!! Too much is at stake for a battle! Thank you and shame on all of you who disparage Bernie Sanders! He loves his country and knows the risks of taking on Biden. He loves our democracy and knows what is the right thing to do. Give props to Bernie who will NOT cause any dissent at the convention.


Trump is being handed insider info on how to 'relentlessly mess' with 'insecure' DeSantis

Donald Trump's war on Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is being bolstered by former associates of the Florida lawmaker who have their own axes to grind and are providing tips for how to get under the skin of his possible rival for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination.

With CNN reporting that the Republican primary has already spiraled into a "food fight" and candidates and potential candidates already trading barbs and attacks, Rolling Stone is reporting that the former president is getting outside help undercutting DeSantis before he even announces his run.

According to their report, former aides and allies of DeSantis have run to the Trump camp to spill the beans on what makes the Florida governor tick and also how to "relentlessly mess" with him.

I LOVE this fight!! Pass me the popcorn!!


Wow, I witnessed a hit and run car accident on my way to work tonight.

And got it all on my dash camera. Including the lady's license plate number. The victim was a young lady and she was all shook up after flying through the air to avoid the other car. Her car was totaled, but she was physically unharmed. Though she may feel it later after the adrenaline wears off.

The other driver almost hit a bus too, slowed down almost to a stop, then took off. She was an older woman, the victim said. And it was obvious that she knew she had caused an accident. The bus driver got it all on video too.

I was so glad to have gotten it on video.

Does anybody remember Woolfie's Deli in Miami?

They used to have a chicken liver and onion dish that was devine. It had a scrummy sauce that I believe had a touch of white wine in it. Does anyone, anywhere have a similar recipe? Do you know any former Woolfie's chefs that could enlighten me?

I have scoured internet for years. I have read many articles on Woolfie's and and seen a lot of their recipes, including chopped chicken liver pate, but this is not a pate.


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