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Member since: Thu Oct 21, 2004, 06:06 PM
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Having fun at my corner

Mozart: Music about "Oh how we will triumph" - anticipation - been singing it all day

Ha, wie will ich triumphieren,
Wenn sie euch zum Richtplatz führen
Und die Hälse schnüren zu!
Hüpfen will ich, lachen, springen
Und ein Freudenliedchen singen,
Denn nun hab' ich vor euch Ruh.
Schleicht nur säuberlich und leise,
Ihr verdammten Haremsmäuse,
Inser Ohr entdeckt euch schon,
Und eh' ihr uns könnt entspringen,
Seh ich euch in unsern Schlingen,
Und erhaschet euren Lohn.

Oh, how I shall triumph
When they conduct you to the place of execution
And put the garrotte round your throats!
I shall gambol, laugh and jump about
And sing a song of delight,
Since I am rid of you at last.
No matter how softly and carefully you prowl,
You confounded harem mice,
Our ear is bound to detect you!
And ere you can escape us
You find yourselves caught in our snares
And will get your just desserts.
Oh, how I shall triumph etc.

Inspired and Inspiring: Spring is on the move in NC

Spring and Valentine all in one

Hi, friends, picking up the camera is no longer habit, and editing is tough. But enioy some (more) flowers

See this quick - before he changes his name again

Tyre Nichols photography website link. Learn about whom they murdered.

Just go to the top, and click on "about" to learn whom they murdered in Memphis


A story I found on facebook - store clerk analogizing the document storm with a personal experience

From Facebook, Tony Tamer, NC

I was once involved in a liquor store robbery where I was a clerk - I was about 51- the robber who was 22 years younger and outweighed me by 25 lbs , was next in line at check-out and while I was putting the bottle in the bag for the customer in front of him, he grabbed cash from my register and took off - out of reflex I grabbed after him - I caught hold of his coat and kept grabbing - he kept trying to get out the door - I made my way to his back and got him in a half-nelson and held on and forced him down eventually , he couldn't get out of my hold but I saw his eyes get big and stare at my main holding arm at the bicep - he opened his pearly whites wide and went for it - I knew he was going to bite but there wasn't anything I could do about it - I don't remember if I knew at this time he had a knife or whether I found that out a minute later - either way, I braced- he bit and bore down in his bite - lightning pain tore through me but I held on and after several long seconds, long enough for him to get breathless - he relented and I could feel the strength leave his body - I had him now. He pleaded that he'd just leave etc etc I told him to drop the knife etc etc. yada yada yada The police came ( our store was a block away ) the ambulance came - turns out I had a small stab wound right next to my spine in my back - I never knew until I saw some blood - The personnel director came to the emergency room while I was there and i felt in my pocket and remembered that just before the robbery I had put $375 in my pocket to make a drop in the safe in the office - so my register wouldn't be overstuffed with cash - I gave it to her - AND that's the big difference between the National Archives requesting top secret documents from trump for well over a year and Biden who turned over his as soon as he found out about them. If I had kept my $375 and they tallied up and requested it from me - and I would not turn it over - they'd fire me and soon the police would come to my house in short order . The National Archives requested the documents from trump multiple times - he had them in plain sight when they got there and trump's aides have said they moved boxes for him a few times earlier - YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE ! ( and by keeping the $375 I would have shown I wanted to profit from having kept it and my company would have prosecuted - you see how that works ?? innocent vs guilty intent ????? )

Department of Justice: Today would be perfect. Just throw a dart into the basket of reasons

Making fun of what is really not funny

If you lack taste and imagination - use money. Other people's if possible. Right, Ivanka?

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