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Gender: Female
Hometown: Montana
Home country: USA
Member since: Mon Oct 31, 2016, 02:23 PM
Number of posts: 19,538

Journal Archives

Maybee got spayed today.

It was a hard day for her…the vet said she howled unless a tech held her in their lap while she came out of anesthesia. Maybee had a designated staff person with her until I picked her up. The cone of shame is a disaster…she flails like a crazy person if she has to wear it. The t-shirt works way better…it covers her belly so she can’t worry her stitches. I just gave her a pain pill and will take her out to potty before snuggling her into bed with me. So glad this day is behind us.

Iris the Osprey - thought to be the oldest known of her species - returns to her nest!!

Experts believe Iris to be around 24 years old. She recently returned to her nest at the mouth of Hellgate Canyon here in Missoula. You can see her 2022 return in the video below.

A halo around the sun coming up this morning.

It’s nothing fancy…just an iPhone pic…but I thought it was lovely to see.

Update on Maybee the border collie. She just turned 5 months old.

She’s a pistol and keeps me running. Now that she has all her shots we are hitting the local trails when it’s not too cold. She’s smaller than any BC I’ve ever had but I don’t mind. Since she goes to work with me every day, being a little smaller is good since I have to lift her into the back of my vehicle. She thinks she belongs on my bed which I kinda don’t like but then she gives me that look and I fold every single time. She’s turned into a frisbee fetching machine. She’s a wonderful friend and I love her to pieces.

Puppy update! Maybee's first big girl hike.

We went up into Pattee Canyon…we have a friend who owns a chunk of property that we’re able to access to run ourselves and our dogs. I can’t take Maybee on public trails until she’s fully vaccinated in about 3 weeks. It was a bluebird day here in western Montana. The kind of day that makes us think spring is close but we know better. The witch of winter has a few more tricks up her sleeve I’m sure. However, Maybee is the BEST girl…she stays close and is such a good listener. I’m considering training her to sniff out antlers. She’s got a great nose.

Go Hellgate! Cross town rival basketball.

Big night here in Missoula, Montana….my alma mater Hellgate High School playing perennial rival Sentinel (my husband’s school). Our son goes to Hellgate (thank goodness) and we are whipping those Sentinel Spartans soundly. They play this game at the University of Montana field house because it’s such a big deal in the dead of winter here in the Rockies…everyone is there…except us because we just got through Covid and don’t want to tempt fate. We’re listening on the radio and it’s just so much fun. Goooooo Hellgate Knights!

The herding is strong with this one.

Maybee herds me everywhere.

Maybee the border collie pup update...

She’s 3 months old now. Potty training is going well….still has an accident here and there…but those are mostly my fault when I’m not paying close attention.We’re sleeping through the nights for the most part. She loves to play rough and tumble with our 6 year old lab who is a very patient big sister. She’s a herding machine and has no problem moving our chickens around the yard with just a stare. Maybee herds me around the house which has led to me tumbling to the ground with a laundry basket full of clothes…we’re working on what to herd and what not to herd. She is obsessed with knots in the wood floors and in the kitchen cabinets..that’s a work in progress. Maybee’ s favorite toy (holee roller ball) was the favorite of the border collie I lost in August. I think that’s just the best…

Sick chicken...in the dead of winter, darn it. Fingers crossed she will bounce back.

Poor little Zelda. She’s been off the past couple days. I noticed her fluffy chicken butt wasn’t fluffy this morning. Looks like vent gleet to me…a bacterial issue. She’s the only hen in my flock who seems to be affected. I brought her inside and gave her a 20 minute epsom salt bath in the laundry sink. She fell asleep and didn’t seem to mind a bit. We got her back end cleaned up and snuggled her in towels so she could rest. She’s drying off in the laundry room now. I am adding apple cider vinegar to the hen’s water…it’s supposed to help with lower gut health. I’ll take her outside to roost with her posse as soon as she’s completely dry.

I love my girls. They’re such troopers during our long winters. Zelda in particular is such a sweetheart. Has anyone here dealt with this particular problem?

No dogs on the bed.

I mean it. For real.

Well, I’ve always had a no dogs on the bed rule…until this one. Maybee gets to be on the bed apparently.

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