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Member since: Sat Apr 7, 2012, 03:03 PM
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Hi! Longtime reader ( since early 2000's ) but infrequent poster, and I have a question for you:

Recently clicked on a news topic in discussion ( Re: Hillary Clinton ), and my security program immediately blocked it, and issued a top-security threat audible warning, which it usually does for trojans and other malware. I was warned and knew not to open the link, but being the responsible type of person, was wondering how to forewarn other readers that this was a possibly bad site for them to click on. I've never had that happen before on a DU site or link, and I don't know the protocol.

( Truth be told, I'm also not a very tech savvy person. )
Thanks in advance for your advice.

PS. The link in the opinion piece did NOT have any identifying information about the source: no web address, no publication or media attribution, etc.
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