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Member since: Sun Mar 17, 2019, 08:08 PM
Number of posts: 2,113

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TWEET: Hmm... Did Ted Cruz just swallow a fly?

No sound. Just watch his mouth.


TWEET: Orgies may explain Marsha Blackburn's hair. 🤣🤣


TWEET: This hateful bitch with her ugly clothes and raging stupidity...


Rachel Vindman, ladies & gentlemen! I absolutely ADORE this woman!

UKR President Zelensky addressing Congress LIVE now...

I'm watching CNN but is probably on all news channels.

TWEET: This is how retired astronaut Leland Melvin posed for his official NASA photo.


TWEET: "The Russian occupation forces came into battle with... the Russian occupation forces."


Any "heartless" DUers out there?

Some DUers post, some lurk and most probably do a little of both. However, we're all DUers and we can all use some love! I have 11 hearts left & would like to give them to those who've been overlooked thus far.

Ask & ye shall receive... ❤

Broken Peach - Tainted Love (Halloween Special)

Per CNN, Lindsay Graham just changed his vote to call witnesses...


I am SO PROUD to be a Democrat!

We have mastered the art of virtual celebrations - our convention rocked, as does tonight's inaugural celebration of America. Ours is always a message of love, diversity, humanity and hope for the future vs. the Republicans' message of hate, fear, blame and longing for some mythical bygone era.

Oh yeah, and we get the cool artists, too!
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