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Profile Information

Name: Kevin
Gender: Male
Hometown: Fort Myers, Fla
Member since: Tue Apr 28, 2015, 09:30 PM
Number of posts: 183

About Me

A antiwar Hippie from the early 70's. Old enough to be in the Draft lottery for Vietnam in 1972. Strong proponent of weed legalization.

Journal Archives

To all women

Please get the word out. " Guys vote pro choice or don't get laid".

Show this to anti vax and anti mask idiots.


Explaining the 1st amendment to MAGA Idiots.

The whole point of the first amendment is that if you want to say Fuck Joe Biden then you can. And if everyone else on earth wants to call you a dick for what you did, then they can. Simple.

Reaganomics is dead

Tonight Joe brought a shovel to bury it.

This call is being recorded

It's amazing how many republican officials in Georgia made sure to record their conversations with Trump. There is probably more of these we have yet to hear.

Trump flags

I live in SW Florida were there are still many Trump flags displayed on homes and vehicles. After yesterday I would hope to see some of them disappear. I'm stuck at home with Covid so I will not be driving around for at least a week. Curious to what others are seeing.


As the Trump flag-toting mob rampaged through Statuary Hall, the Senate chamber, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office, Coulter mused: “It enrages me. This is the first time there has been mob violence from conservatives, and we’re never gonna hear the end of it.”

That's right according to Ann (Adams apple) Coulter there has never been mob violence from conservatives. Good grief what an idiot.

Fox News

Source: Fox News online

Not a thing on Fox about the Trump phone call to Georgia officials.

Read more: https://www.foxnews.com/


So question to election experts. Georgia is going to have to have a recount of the vote. So what is the timeline for this? Looking forward to Georgia turning blue.

Obama triggers Trump

So tomorrow is the final debate between Biden and Trump. Supposedly Trump's people are coaching trump to not interrupt as he did in the first debate and keep his cool. So today Obama comes to Philadelphia and jokes about Trumps China bank account. He goes on to say that if he was found to have a Chinese bank account when he was running for re-election Fox News would go nuts and call him Beijing Barry. You know Trump has seen this and it's going to get under his orange skin. Should be pretty easy for Joe to set him off. We shall see.
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