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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 24,496

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Where Is Meadows Keeping Himself These Days?......

I haven't seen hide nor hair of him for the longest time.

He's really keeping a low profile.

I Just Got An Image Of The Courtroom Trial For This Indictment Where Tr**p Will Be Present.....

Can you imagine trying to keep him quiet as witnesses are being questioned and say something that he doesn't like.

I think the judge will be reprimanding him countless times and threaten with silencing him somehow or remove him from the courtroom.

I know - I'm really jumping ahead here.

Do You Think That Law Enforcement Is Monitoring The Booking Of Flights To NYC.....

starting today for arrival in NYC over the weekend or Monday?

I'm wondering if a number of MAGA supporters will make the trip - to trip things up?

How Far Down The Rabbit Hole Will The Repugs Follow Tr**p?.....

How far down the rabbit hole will his MAGA supporters follow him?

Why Does MSNBC Have A Live Picture Of Tr**p's Plane In The Background?.....

I heard Tr**p won't be arraigned until next week. So he won't be flying to NYC today.

Do they think he's a flight risk?

Well - I Guess You Can Indict A Former President.....

Tr**p (the unprecedented one) has finally set a "precedent".

Has Anyone Seen Pics Of The J6 Gallows Being Erected Outside The Capitol?....

I've never seen any pics of the gallows being erected on the Capitol grounds on J6.

I just can't believe that there were no photographers on the scene taking pictures of that happening. It always puzzled me as to why we've never seen pics.

Somebody had to be carrying lumber, hammers and nails to the Capitol grounds to build it. Somebody had to be supervising the building of the structure and a number of people working on the building of it.

Did I just miss seeing such pics or were none made available to us to see?

Why Is It That The Dems Are Always Accused Of.....

politicizing issues like shootings; investigations; etc.

Why don't the Dems respond back and accuse Repugs for politicizing issues?

It seems that the Repugs are always playing the 'offense' and force the Dems to play 'defense'.

Whatever happened to the old saying: "The best defense is a good offense"?

Aside From All Kinds Of Lawyers - Who Surrounds Tr**p Now? Who Are His Advisors?.....

Who are 'his people'? Who is he taking advice from these days? Is it still people like Bannon, Miller and Flynn? Or does he have a newer more sinister group of people he listens to and who plan his campaign(s)?

Is he still connected to the RNC? Do the Repug Think Tanks provide him info?

Who really is leading this show?

One Common Denominator......

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