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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 44,864

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You'll hate me: both Pfizer shots, no side effects

Just so you know, Ammon Bundy's been arrested again


And it gets better: he went to the Idaho Statehouse, where hes already been trespassed, and got arrested. Then he bailed himself out of jail, went right back to the Statehouse, and got arrested again.

Video: How to mill an 80 percent AR-15 lower with common tools

No milling machine is necessary. Using either a drill press or a portable electric drill, a router and the set of jigs sold by all the 80-percent lower dealers, you can make a ghost gun receiver quickly and easily. Both the drill and the router are available at any pawn shop worthy of the name.

Milk is about to get expensive, because of the containers

I stopped by Winco Foods yesterday on the way home from work, and visited the dairy department.

I found a letter from Darigold, the milk company in my area, taped to all the coolers.

Plastic milk jugs are made of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. Their jug manufacturer's resin supplier's plant is located in Texas - and shut down because of the cold snap. As a result, there is a severe shortage of HDPE resin on the market.

Darigold has declared Force Majeure, which will allow them to raise prices as high as they need to.

I know what my next tattoo is going to be

It will be a button on top of my left wrist. I will get it in about a month.

If I get lost driving in a big city, a push of this button will enable the Microsoft-FEMA-Pfizer-DHS COVID Tracking Chip that came in the vaccination I got today, and the one I will get in three weeks, to give me turn-by-turn directions to where I need to go.

You can get one too! Go to www.theresnotrackingchipinthecovidvaccine.com or www.quitbeingajackwagon.com and sign up today!

I had a hell of a COVID scare this weekend

I live in North Idaho where COVID rampancy is only exceeded by mask denial. So, when I got up yesterday with what I thought was a low-grade fever - it turned out my temp was under 98 degrees - and a case of diarrhea (both COVID symptoms) I thought "oh shit, I better get tested."

Off I go to the internets...I found a place that does no appointment/no referral testing on Saturdays and got on the road.

Question, question, question...

"Have you been around any infected people in the last 14 days?"
"I live in Idaho."
"Then that's a yes."

Today I got the results back. Fortunately they were negative, and the diarrhea has cleared up on its own.

Interesting Letter to the Editor we ran yesterday

This was in the Bonner County Daily Bee, edition of 2-28-21:

As the mother of two Eagle Scouts, I am fussy about flag etiquette. Here are some do's and don'ts for our flag.

1. Do not place any other flag more prominently than the American flag. No politician or cause supersedes the United States flag.

2. Never bastardize the flag for your political beliefs like changing the colors. It is not gray with a blue, red or any other color stripe. It is red, white and blue.

3. Do not display the flag with the Stars and Bars. The Virginia Confederate flag is about the destruction of the United States. That is its history.

4. Never use the flagpole of the US flag to try to beat a capital police officer to death while chanting "Shoot him with his own gun."

5. Never cut the American flag down off of the Capitol and throw it to the ground as insurrectionists cheer.

6. Never try to replace the US Capitol's flag with a Trump flag.

What happened on Jan. 6 was the culmination of an anti-democract, anti-American movement that has been building in our area for a while. It was not liberals in Trump hats that disgraced our flag. It was people who believe that only they should have a vote, and with Trump's lies and hateful words ringing in their ears, they were willing to spill blood to make Trump king.

Any politician or person that does not condemn that day is not an American let alone an American patriot.

On edit: I didn't write this letter, but I printed it. One of my duties at the newspaper is to write occasional articles, so if I write anything it will go in a different part of the paper.

So much for "guns prevent crime"


To make things as short as possible, some fucking idiot walked into Jefferson Gun Outlet, Metairie, LA, pulled out a pistol with extended magazine, and started shooting up the place. He killed two people, turned around and left. Then a bunch of the other customers in the store chased after him and blew his shit away.

The ADA demands a special construction bill for the gravesites of Limbaugh and Trump

To avoid even the appearance of discrimination against persons in protected classes, the graves of Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump must be equipped with a building of at least 80 square feet, with proper lighting, devices that neutralize foul aromas, climate control and ventilation, that is equipped with two ADA-compliant toilets, one ADA-compliant sink, grab bars and stall doors. The discharge piping of these toilets should be directed onto the ground somewhere between 12 and 18 inches from the base of the decedent's headstone.

Not providing such a structure opens state and federal governments to expensive, unwinnable class action lawsuits by women and disabled persons who would like to piss on Rush and Trump's graves, but due to physical challenges or lack of penises will not be able to.

Note to all: Do not eat asparagus before paying your respects at Limbaugh's grave

There will be hundreds of other mourners there to do the same thing you are. It would be completely unfair to all those nice people to stink them out.
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