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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 45,689

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A woman will be Boston's next mayor


The results of the Boston mayoral primary election are in. The top two finalists, who move on to the November general election, are Michelle Wu and Annissa Essaibi George.

Wu’s parents both emigrated to the US from Taiwan. George identifies as a “first-generation Arab Polish-American.” Both currently serve on the Boston city council.

"Jesus will save me!"

A TFG supporter walked into a store. He was offered a mask to keep him from getting COVID. “Jesus will save me. I don’t need your mask.”

He was offered a vaccine to keep him from getting COVID. “Jesus will save me. I don’t need a vaccine.”

He caught COVID and died. Shortly thereafter, he stood before Jesus.

“Jesus, you were supposed to save me!”

“I sent a billion masks and three different vaccines. What else was I supposed to do?”

I have given thought to remaking the federal courts

We are NOT going to expand the Supreme Court. That’s a given.

What we could do, with bipartisan support, is change the length of service.

Under this plan, a president would seat three Supreme Court justices and a third of the circuit court. If this came into being, one year after a president was inaugurated he or she would place into nomination a list of people to serve on each court, and once they were approved the longest serving third would move into Senior status. If the president is re-elected he or she doesn’t get another third - this is a once-in-an-administration thing. And if, deity forbid, Trump gets re-elected he doesn’t get a second batch.

The Republicans didn’t like Stephen Reinhardt and RBG staying on the court for decades any more than we like Trump’s walking disasters potentially doing the same thing, so they’d probably like the fact a judge or justice wouldn’t be there more than 24 years.

My niece's cat exchange, or why I hate Republican dog owners

Last night my niece went to sleep with what seemed like a perfectly serviceable kitten.

This morning she woke up to the same kitten…who died during the night.

So she hauled the poor thing to the vet to figure out why it died. Vet came back with the news it was a genetic defect. Vet was very apologetic…and then…

“Do you want a new kitten?”

Turned out earlier in the day a couple came in with a serviceable kitten they wanted put to sleep. They had dogs, and got a cat without knowing what they were getting into. They didn’t like that it was chewing their fingers and climbing up people’s pants legs, so obviously the only solution was execution. The vet told them she wasn’t going to kill a kitten for being normal, and directed them to put the kitten in her hands and never come back. The vet was going to keep him for herself, but my niece came in so that plan changed.

I told her to name him Albert, after the famous British hangman.

Regarding the Texas "rat on your neighbor" law...

…what would this do?

My vision is for every gay man in Texas and every straight Texas man who has no wife or girlfriend to post to his Facebook page “I just got back from taking my girlfriend to her abortion.”

What was the first computer you used to access email?

Mine: IBM 4361 mainframe with 3278 terminal.

Who radicalized Ashli Babbitt?

From Wikipedia:

Radicalization (or radicalisation) is the process by which an individual or group comes to adopt increasingly radical views in opposition to a political, social, or religious status quo. The ideas of society at large shape the outcomes of radicalization; for example, radical movements can originate from a broad social consensus against progressive changes in society or from a broad desire for change in society. Radicalization can result in both violent and nonviolent action - most academic literature focuses on radicalization into violent extremism (RVE).[1][2] Multiple separate pathways can promote the process of radicalization, which can be independent but are usually mutually reinforcing.[3][4]

I saw the video she released of her driving down the road screaming at a video camera. She didn't get the way she is just from watching a few Trump speeches. Nay, her radicalization was deep and long-lived. Do you think it was her time in the Air Force, or from her upbringing?

Does the Hard Right believe COVID is a parasite?

This is the only thing I can think of to suggest why both of the drugs they've chosen as The Cure For Covid are antiparasitics.

The bleach thing is different: the people who sell Miracle Mineral Solution claim it'll cure everything from autism to Zika virus, so of course they're gonna say it'll cure COVID. But the actual drugs and not the industrial bleach? They kill parasites.

Fun at the Fair

My mask and I went to the county fair this afternoon.

While there, I walked past a booth sponsored by a group that calls itself "RINO Recall."

Someone calls out from the booth, "would you like to help us recall all the RINOs in Kootenai County government?"

I said, "as long as you're replacing them with Democrats, I would."

He didn't like that very much.

Really reaching department: Josh Duggar seeks dismissal of child porn charges because Trump


Oh, you're going to love this: Josh Duggar is the oldest of Jim Bob Duggar's 19 children and has seven of his own. He was busted for allegedly possessing a massive stash of truly hideous child pornography. (The article describes one of them. I will not repeat what it said, but it is WAY the fuck out there.) He is currently attempting to get the charges dropped because Homeland Security Investigations, the agency that nailed him, was led by people Trump illegally appointed to the office.
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