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kansasobama's Journal
kansasobama's Journal
November 21, 2023

Most important issue is loss of democracy and beginning of an autocratic Trump dictatorship

Trump is not even making this a secret. It is mind-boggling minorities, even African Americans, women, independents are not enthused about 2024? Really? Do our youngsters know the mayhem that will happen under a Trump dictatorship? Why are Democrats not even educating the voters about the danger more seriously. If women think abortion is under threat, can you imagine what will happen in a dictatorship? Do independents realize they are going to be persecuted. Any non-MAGA will be. An independent is anti-establishment.

Trump will activate the insurrection act the very first day. If liberals think they will be on the roads protesting Trump's actions, think again. I am tired of the media reporting that the Georgia case is not impacted by a Trump win. Trump is allowed to suspend the constitution and Fani Willis will be out of power. Every Proud Boy will be released. What is wrong with our people? Nations around the world will withdraw special travel status where Americans do not need a visa to enter.

I am telling you-Hillary was correct. These are the deplorables.

I do not know what Julie Chavez is waiting for. At least some kind of education about "what dictatorship is" is in order. They need to build the foundation for this now. Democrats need to take the risky strategy of warning GOP voters to elect some nominee who will follow the Constitution. Democratic Underground, MSNBC, Salon will be history under a Trump dictatorship. I have written to Julie Chavez, coordinator of Biden 2024. There is no evidence she realizes that there is an undercurrent of support for dictatorship within the MAGA and Republicans. Is Biden thinking that America is all this nice people who understand issues. There is no such thing on the GOP side.

Hope Biden campaign and Democrats wake up soon.

October 20, 2023

Do we need to be worried more?

Hello Friends:

I know we are all positive about 2024 but do we need to exercise caution and work to avert a disaster.


Are youngsters and many independents even know what loss of democracy means? I mean Trump has pretty much said what he intends to do. Mayhem, opposition trials, Gen. Miley execution, NBC News charged on treason. This is dictatorship and people better believe it. Do people even know what dictatorship is and Democrats not doing enough to educate the people? I am just checking to see what our friends here think. It is serious. There is support for autocracy.

December 1, 2022

Hello Florida, Is this true?

Don't call Florida a red state yet: Left-leaning groups say their voters stayed home

Well, what did Democratic voters gain by this? Absolutely pitiful when Florida had a great Senate candidate to run against idiot Marco Rubio.
November 11, 2022

Nevada seems awfully close for comfort

Ralston says 80,000 to 90,000 ballots remain. Higher the number, the better. But consensus is - it is more on the lower side. Some even say 70000. That makes it very hard for CCM. She could barely overtake with a good showing, but we are talking about a definite recount. She has to overperform to be safe but looks unlikely. She may perform well.

October 31, 2021

VA Democratic voters- Vote with some thought and do not sit out please

I have lived through Clinton and Obama years and off-year elections. During Clinton, democrats were "not enthusiastic" during off-year and first mid-term because they did not get everything promised. They did not vote and awarded the GOP, who did nothing, the win by default. During Obama's first term, voters were not enthusiastic because they did not get everything in ObamaCare. They did not vote and awarded the GOP the big win. The same GOP that did nothing! Here comes 2021. Democratic voters are pissed because Voter Rights did not pass, and they get only 1.75 b instead of 3.5 b in infrastructure. So, they are angry and VA is preparing to vote in a Trumpian GOP by default. All this time, GOP did nothing. ZERO. If our voters keep rewarding the party that did ZERO, and kept getting angry at Democrats who do half, I just do not know how Democrats can ever do what they can. I mean, we lost the Supreme Court, thanks to our off-year election performance. The only solution is to vote for more left of center Democrats. Sitting out will not help. This time, we may lose the country. You do not want Virginia to become a Texas.

January 15, 2021

Best advice for Democrats

Thomas Friedman- NY Times- Jan 13, 2021
Friedman -“Be smart: Ban the phrase “defund the police.” Talk instead about “better policing,” which everyone can get behind. Instead of “democratic socialism,” talk about “more just and inclusive capitalism.” And tone down the politically correct cancel culture”

In short, left wing should be smart and cool it. Increase majority in the House and Senate in 2022. That is very critical. Govern center-left.


November 29, 2020

Somewhat disappointed with Rep. Clyburn

Report: Rep. Clyburn Disappointed With Cabinet Picks

South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn told The Hill that not enough Black Americans have been nominated to join the incoming Biden administration.


The top pick VP Harris? And, the process is not even over. No wonder Democrats have problem maintaining majority.

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