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marieo1's Journal
marieo1's Journal
December 26, 2020

Total agreement

I have always said this - all the media cares about are profits - they are just like DJT. They could care less is it destroys our country. I watch a little bit of the news just to know what is going on but I stop watching it non-stop. IF it is bad, they love broadcasting it to get all of us stirred up...they have posted his lies and treat them like facts!!!

April 9, 2019

The reality

I am all for impeachment but if we do we must remember who will be in charge then, Pence and the rest of the wacko's. I wish there was a way we could impeach all of them. DJT has surrounded himself with a bunch of criminals, white nationalists, wacko's to protect him from impeachment Pelosi knows to impeach DJT is to jump out of the frying pan into the fire!! Smart lady!!

June 5, 2018


Bill Clinton was a great President!! We all got along better financially till the RW started their tricks. Hillary would have been a great President, too. Financially I and my friends were a lot better off under Clinton. I'll always believe the RW knew he had a weakness and that the whole Monica thing was a setup. RW cannot stand anyone that fights for and hears the common people in our country. It doesn't matter how brilliant anyone is (i.e. President Obama) they will still do everything in their power to take them down. The RW has been taken over by megalomaniacs and they could care less about the rest of us. This is their ploy, if someone is too good, too accomplished, too brilliant, too capable, the RW will take them down.

February 20, 2018


I have always loved Hillary, Chelsea and Bill Clinton. They are intelligent, caring human beings. I know one thing, when Bill Clinton was President, I had more money in my own pocket. I truly believe they care about all people not just lining their own pockets.

November 24, 2017


I'm in total agreement. Thank you for posting this!! It's ironic, lol, that all accusers are DJT supporters and came forward after the Moore and Russia investigations.

May 1, 2017

Clintons Loss

These guys are all wrong!!!!! She lost because the media has never told how much she did for our country and complimented her for it or thanked her for it. All the media did was repeat every single bad thing the republicans said about her or Bill Clinton, over and over again. They hammered on it. And....they always praised DJT and he couldn't utter a word but what the media just reported it over and over again. I wonder how much money DJT's cronies paid the media to do that. I quit watching most news because I got so sick and tired of hearing how great DJT was!!!

April 14, 2017

The negotiator

Only in his pea brain is he the 'the greatest negotiator in the world', the rest of us know better!!

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