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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 07:34 PM
Number of posts: 61,431

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e.v.e.r.y. pregnancy endangers the life of the mother.

every last 1.
and that we are talking about mississippi here- i just cant w these hoodlums.

i dont post here, but i thought

the folks who do hang here would appreciate this post-

ok, everyone's sharing what they're thankful for. this is mine-

i'm starting to find the silver lining in living alone.
i never really have, until 2020. even if it was only friends that were close enough to be part of my day-to-day life.
all that ended in jan last year, and it's been tough. since june this year, i dont even have a tenant.
but right now, i am actually thankful that i went through a lot, alone. nobody to help me, but also, nobody to judge me.
i've been quite the hot mess, and i'm so grateful for the absence of side-eye, tongue clucking and i told ya so.
it's a new phase of comfort in my own skin.
free to totally fuck up, and apologize to no one.

anyone else here use tidal?

my kid, the drummer, signed up for a free trial, and bugged me to try it.
then he upgraded his free trial to a family membership, and set me up.
he's all about the audio quality, which is nice. lots of stuff that is masters.

i like it, but i think the algorithm is a bit weird. i gave them a lot of artists that i like, but it seems intent of serving up the artists it finds 'related' more than the actual picks.
i suppose it will get better if i use it more.

anyone else?

hey lounge. anyone looking for a one of a kind apartment in chicago?

i hope it's okay to post this here. could be considered spam.
but a) i'm pretty proud of it. poured a lot of money into it this last year.
but also b) i cant imagine anything better than having a du'er for a tenant.

i know there are a lot of my chitown peeps on here. can y'all spread the word?


ok, so who loves their medigap plan?

i had a bcbs ppo, a spendy one, but dont feel i got my money's worth.

most of my docs are in a huge group that takes most plans.
need dental, and vision would be nice.
dont take a lot of meds, but ya never know.

the worst thing about the bcbs was that it actually wasnt them. they farmed out the customer service. had billing problems that werent handled well.

i dont know why this shit is so complicated. had insurance of many kinds all my life, and it was never this nuts.

reidout w eastman undercover reporter- new footage.

Rep. Adam Schiff: GOP Is Now An Anti-Truth, Anti-Democratic Cult Of Former President

chatting w my kid the drummer and shared this-

have a good friend who is an amazing drummer, but who also owns a djembe that is the equivalent of a strad. i played this shit out of the album this comes from, and always swore my friend could play the whole drum line on that thing.
almost choked when i finally saw the vid, and how many drums it took.

fun fact- this was on an aids benefit disc called red, hot and blue. covers of cole porter songs.
i wore the disc out driving from chi to iowa in '08.
lots of good cuts and some great vids. google it.

my son this morning in a text-

I know youíre Bull headed and donít give up on something until youíre breaking ribs doing cpr

not sure if i feel attacked or seen.

hey, who remembers that little girl who was having drum offs w some rock star?

yeah, vague, sorry. i sorta knew the guy/band but it wasnt someone i listen to. so i am drawing a blank. i'll say doh when someone knows.
she was an adorable little african american girl, no more than 10 ircc.
tried to search through the lounge, but no luck.

i wanted to send the vid to my son the 30 yo drummer to give him something to strive for.
jk. just thought he's get a kick out of her, and i know he knows who the guy is.

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