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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 08:34 PM
Number of posts: 66,465

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Timothy Snyder briefs The United Nations Security Council on "russophobia"

i always watch when timothy snyder pops up in my yt feed.
this is rly interesting. i hadnt heard this term, but he rightly calls it out as hate speech. itís being used to justify wiping out ukrainians.
disturbing shit.

CPS schools remove dozens of cops, shifting $2M from school policing to other student supports

Last year, when 17 out of 72 schools opted to remove their cops, those resources were poured back into the districtís central operations and werenít put into other programs for those schools. LSC members citywide said they were frustrated that the district was asking them to choose between police officers or nothing. Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Chicago Public Schools officials were also criticized for pushing the decision to LSCs in the first place instead of taking a stance last summer when racial justice protests swept the country.

The decision stayed at the school level this year, but the district partnered with community groups and advocates over the past few months to help each school develop its own alternative safety plan for the LSC to choose.

That led 24 schools to remove one of their officers and seven to take out both in votes over the past month in favor of new positions such as a dean of restorative justice or a culture coordinator. Another 20 schools kept both cops and two votes are still pending.

After those LSC votes, at least one officer will still be assigned to almost 50 CPS high schools, a majority. But the number of cops at CPS will have fallen from 146 to 74 in the span of two years


brandon johnson is getting pounded on Ďdefund the policeí. but thereís some interesting convos on twitter around this race. vallas gets a lot of pushback on it, including a link to this article.
i find it interesting that lscís are getting this kind of power. they used to be allowed to select principles and sign off on budgets. not many of those elected were happy about that. they regularly took on issues. glad to see they have leveraged that up.

hakeem jeffries takes on book banners.

well, 4 nights of data, and man is my sleep a mess.

getting a bit of a handle on what meds do what, but that will take time. but rem and deep sleep numbers r pretty bad. it give u a score, and iím getting low 70ís.
big thing i got was that napping inst helping. it doesnt track them as a separate sleep, just rolls them into the night totals. but clearly they are light sleep that isnt doing much but wasting time.
so, iím gonna try to resist, and see if it makes my night sleep better.
w more activity on top of it, hopefully i can get better. sleep is everything in my world. i get so very stoooopid when iím exhausted. it discourages me. i need to find things i can do when tired that takes no brains. cleaning works. even zoning out at a screen, as long as itís something good, not doomscrolling, seems good. puts me in a decent mood.

it does seem to be helping to keep track of it all. i need encouragement, and the numbers make me happy.

1st guest on jen psaki's 1st show- hakeem jeffries

day 2 of tracking

like i said, itís my sleep i most want to look at. itís been a problem for quite a while.
itís mostly my breathing issues that wake me up. usually wake up and pee once a night. but lately itís been worse. 2-3 trips a night, waking way to early.

well, 2 nights of data and yeah, iím getting rly shit sleep. i take a couple meds at night, some bendryl to keep sinuses dry and make me sleepy and some melatonin.
also sometimes take ibuprohen if i have any aches, and a muscle relaxant if iím feeling twitchy.
w the full complement, i seem to sleep pretty well.
i wanted to start w the basics, and get some baseline. see whatís helping.

but damn. minutes of rem sleep and less than 2 hrs of deep sleep out of 7.
well, now i know.

hello there

iím sharing a post from my fb page, where ppl know me. iím not sure how many blanks there r here for folks who dont know my trials and tribulations w this body. feel free to ask.

well, i got a new fitbit. have had a couple, mostly to keep an eye on my shitty sleep.
but at this point if i dont pay more attention to my health, iím old and decrepit in no time. and for good. ugh. iíve stayed away from the medical/industrial complex the last couple years. had some bad interactions early in the plague.

strangely, both of the docs that i had issues w abruptly retired. so i dont have to go through the whole switching thing. my pcp had another doc in the practice that i liked.
was interested to see that many of the rheumies they have now mention shogrenís as a focus, which is a totally new thing.
it took me almost 20 yrs to get a doctor to give me a name for the thing that has subtly fíd up my life, esp in the last 20 yrs. but rly going all the way back.
maybe these days they do more than treat the symptoms and pat u on the head.

iíve put a whole lot of things in the- after i fix the money thing- basket. my health is the biggest thing in it. all else rests on that.
iíve been pretty good about daily yoga for a while now. at the point where it is energizing instead of exhausting, which is HUGE. i used to have to find time not only to do it, but to take a nap after. my balance is good these days, too, which just makes me happy. and safer.
a course of hi-dose edibles in 2019 cleared out most of the leftover brain glitches from a childhood head injury. so a lot of things that have always been slightly off in my neuro function are gone. the worst of those was subtle muscle cramps. caused a lot of pain, esp post exercise, but just gone.
so i feel like i finally have a chance to get fit. the only symptom of fibro i have these days is the fatigue. almost zero pain these days, and no blowback from exercise. itís amazing how much cramped feet can f up a yoga routine, but trust me, it does. i still get a tiny bit of cramping now and then, but nothing a light shift in position doesnt relieve. i dont trip over my own feet anymore. used to do it at least a couple times of year, all my life. havent done it in 3 yrs.

i thought a little moral support would help. so, hi all.
iíll let u know how it goes.

old man is doing well.

he seems mostly unfazed now. healing up well. you can see a couple incisions. still a little angry looking but better every day.

eta that face-

well, i'm up at 3 am cuz the old man is in pain. updated.

he has 3 big incisions, 2 on his side, but 1 right in the middle of his chest. he doesnt want to lay down.
i got up to pee, and puppy had to go, so sent her and radar outside. biff sat up on the bed, but didnt make a move to go out. it would be unusual for him.
the other 2 came back in, settled in, but biff just sat up, and wouldnt lay down. i thought maybe he did want to, so i sent him out. came back in, still didnt want to lay down. wont even down on command.
light went on- heís hurting. he has pain meds. but i gave him some ibuprofen.

poor old man.


he finally settled in about an hour after the post. i appreciate the warning about ibuprofen. i did not know that, tho i think the warnings are pretty overblown. iíve given it to dogs in the past, on vet advise, but from very long ago. heís certainly fine now.
they sent him rimadyl. after he gets his dose this am, if it doesnt seem to be knocking it out, iíll talk to the vet.

it just sorta shocked me to see a bully dog actually showing pain. rare thing that, and quite distressing at 3 am.

hold a good thought for my old man today, if u would. updated


excuse the bird link, but wanted to put up a pic.

just talked to the doc. all went well, and heís doing fine. had a total of 3 bumps removed. iíve had dogs w mast cell tumors before. they are generally slow growing, and at 11, unlikely to cause trouble.
the dental portion was not so simple. he had some swelling in his face, and like i feared, he has an infection in a bad tooth. lost a couple of teeth, cleaned it up, and home on antibiotics. hopefully that heals up ok.

he rly is good for a bully his age. but heís showin it. he is still a tad mad at me about this puppy. i may have to drag out a crate for him so he has some peace. but i think i can get her to be nice.
maybe i shd ask for a lil valium for her.

thanks so much for all the well wishes. biff sends kisses.
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