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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 08:34 PM
Number of posts: 59,855

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i have a suspicion that this murder yesterday is why cdc backed off masks.

it became very clear very quickly that if we were going to mandate masks, someone had to enforce that.
making retail workers and rent-a-cops do it was going to get people killed.

i was SOOOOO disturbed to find out how many people didnt care if i died. not strangers. neighbors i had known for 20 yrs.
you can make people give a shit, and clearly way too many didnt.

ya know whose name i havent heard in too long? rupert murdoch.

all these stories about whose phones are being surveilled.
and the big question is- was anyone actually listening?
you can bet at least vm's were listened to.

cuz if old rupert could listen to the royals, anything is possible.
and when he got caught, what happened? not.a.fucking.thing.

these people all sleep in the same bed.

lol. i googled myself, and found this-

i sorta have to every once in a while just to see if the neighborhood rumor mill has bled into the intertooobz.


dear gig companies-

we, your customers, dont want to do your supervision for you, or your market research.
but what we would like to do, is choose those employees who do a good job.

i can scorch an instacart shopper, but i cant ask for the wonderful shopper i had last week.

fix this.

all the filibuster lovers need to do to keep it is-

give sr1 an up or down vote.
and stop abusing the privilege.

that's it.
grow up. do your job.
eat your peas.

when the former guy dies, we MUST have his brain examined.

it could happen before that, when he has his day in court his lawyers would be remiss if they didnt bring up diminished capacity.
we need an answer to the question-is he nuts? does he have dementia? is he brain damaged from all the drugs?

mental capacity is a fraught topic but an important one.
we need to get into this century, and sharpen our laws because there are all kinds of brain conditions that impair judgement besides axis 1 mental illnesses.

we know he flunked 2 dementia screens and lord knows what else is in his medical records at reed.
if his upcoming trials focus on his mental capacity, and the truth about his health, instead of his criminal liability, i might be satisfied w that.
imho, it has been the elephant in the room for the last 5 yrs, and it is a conversation this country needs to have.

holy cow. tiffany window added to art institute's permanent collection.

couldnt figure how to link to the video here.
click through. 3 min of wow.


full disclosure- i am an alum of the school of the art institute.

a fitting song for today.

no man's land, aka the green fields of france.

a thread for one of our own on this memorial day.

cliffordu lost his battle w als on feb 10 of this year.

i got close to cliff on fb a few years ago, and we were planning how to get together when he started getting sick.
i posted a few threads here about his dx, and his battle at the time.

i did get to meet him in the brief period when he was living an apt w a caregiver, but he soon returned to the va hospital in portland.
he got married while there, and his wife louise was at his side every day thereafter.
i think she was a sweetheart from his past but i never did find out.

als has been determined to be a service related disability, so he was able to get good care.

he was an amazing person, poet, musician and friend.
he was also a handsome devil.
i miss him and think of him often, but esp today.

my life atm-

there is nothing here to eat except peas.
jebus this shit has been hard.
i've never spent this much time alone in my long life.
i dont like it. it's probably character building, but i'm not having fun.

and trying to step out of it, i find myself having to step over the wreckage of 2020.
2021 sucks in it's own special way so far.
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