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Gender: Male
Hometown: St Paul MN
Home country: USA
Current location: Here
Member since: Wed Mar 21, 2012, 10:41 PM
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Is a nuclear war winnable?

There has been discussion of the capability of the US nuclear arsenal compared to Russia. It has been put forth that much of Russia's weaponry may not be functional.

Given the necessity of stopping expansionist tyrants as soon as possible and the apparent superiority of NATO nuclear weapons, should the risk of escalating to a nuclear war no longer be a reason for the US/NATO to avoid confrontation?

Has it reached the point where the US and its allies would win a nuclear exchange?

Frey nominates O'Hara to be next Minneapolis police chief

Frey nominates O’Hara to be next Minneapolis police chief

The nominee for Minneapolis’ next chief of police was announced Thursday.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey formally announced Brian O’Hara as his nominee for the role at a morning news conference after sources confirmed his nomination to 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS.

KSTP previously reported that O’Hara was one of three finalists for the job. He’s currently a deputy mayor of police services in Newark, New Jersey.

Interim Minneapolis Police Chief Amelia Huffman was not included in the search committee’s final three candidates.

Does it date me if this is the first thing I thought of-

Moscow's proxies in occupied Ukraine regions report big votes to join Russia

Moscow's proxies in occupied Ukraine regions report big votes to join Russia

Russian-installed officials in occupied regions of Ukraine reported huge majorities on Tuesday in favour of becoming part of Russia after five days of voting in so-called referendums that Kyiv and the West denounced as a sham.

Hastily arranged votes had taken place in four areas - the eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, and to the south Zaporizhzhia and Kherson - that make up about 15% of Ukrainian territory.

Luhansk authorities said 98.4% of people there had voted to join Russia. In Zaporizhzhia, a Russian-appointed official put the figure at 93.1%. In Kherson, the head of the voting committee put the "yes" vote at above 87%.

Denis Pushilin, head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic, said 99.2% of participants in the region had voted to join Russia. All four areas said all ballots had been counted.


Looks like the people have spoken in a free and fair vote...

The Cherokee Nation is again calling on Congress to deliver on a 200-year-old promise

The Cherokee Nation is again calling on Congress to deliver on a 200-year-old promise

The Cherokee Nation is renewing its campaign for representation in Congress, calling on federal legislators to honor a treaty that the US government made nearly 200 years ago.

In a video released last week, the tribal nation reasserted its demand that Congress seat its delegate in the House of Representatives – a right stipulated by the 1835 Treaty of New Echota.

Under the treaty, brokered between the US government and a minority group of Cherokee leaders who claimed to represent the tribe, the Cherokee were ultimately made to give up their ancestral land in the South and relocate to present-day Oklahoma. Though a majority of the Cherokee people – including then-Principal Chief John Ross – opposed the treaty, it was ratified in 1836. About a quarter of the tribe’s population died of disease, starvation and exhaustion on the resulting journey now known as the Trail of Tears.

In exchange for their homelands, the Cherokee were promised $5 million, new land and other provisions, among them a delegate in the House of Representatives. “For two centuries, Congress has failed to honor that promise,” Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. said in the video, referring to the delegate. “However, the Treaty of New Echota has no expiration date. The obligation to seat a Cherokee Nation delegate is as binding today as it was in 1835.”

It would set a bad precedent. Imagine if the US had to start honoring all of those treaties?

Family says fatal shooting case shows 'stand your ground' defense doesn't work for Black men

Family says fatal shooting case shows ‘stand your ground’ defense doesn’t work for Black men

William “Marc” Wilson was recently convicted of involuntary manslaughter for a shooting that he says was in self-defense against a racist attack on a Georgia highway, and his family and lawyers say the case reveals a racial double standard for “stand your ground” laws.

“If you put me in Marc’s shoes, there’s no way that I would've been prosecuted,” Wilson’s cousin, Chance Pridgen, who is white, told Yahoo News. “Odds are I would've been given a medal — probably gotten a parade in my name. It’s unreal how he was treated just because he’s a little bit more tan than I am.”

Wilson, a biracial Black man, 21 years old at the time of the shooting on June 14, 2020, fired his legal handgun at a pickup truck of white teens who he says were yelling racial slurs at him and trying to run him and his white girlfriend off the road near Statesboro, Ga. One of those bullets struck and killed 17-year-old Haley Hutcheson, who was in the back seat of the truck.

After an emotional seven-day trial late last month in Bulloch County Superior Court, a jury found Wilson guilty of felony-level involuntary manslaughter. Wilson was acquitted on the other charges, including felony murder, which carried with it a potential life prison sentence. He is set to be sentenced Tuesday.

Harvey Mayor's Security Fires Shots at Robbery Suspect in Chicago

Harvey Mayor's Security Fires Shots at Robbery Suspect in Chicago

A security detail for Harvey Mayor Christopher Clark fired shots at a masked individual who pointed a weapon at them during an attempted robbery on Chicago's North Side, officials said Wednesday.

According to a statement from the mayor's office, the incident occurred just before 2 p.m. Wednesday.

Members of the mayor's security detail observed a man, wearing a black ski mask, exit a Jeep and point a gun at an 86-year-old man in an attempted robbery in the 1500 block of North Halsted.

That security detail then exited their vehicle near the mayor's residence and attempted to intercept the suspect. The man then pointed his weapon at the security officers, and at least one of the officers then opened fire, striking the Jeep.


It will be interesting to see how Chicago handles this.

Do you suppose there is a discussion board

In the UK where people post how they are tired of hearing about the US President. They are then answered by people who proclaim the US President is important and newsworthy?

Jensen doubles down after facing criticism for comparing COVID-19 policies to rise of Hitler

Jensen doubles down after facing criticism for comparing COVID-19 policies to rise of Hitler

Republican candidate for Minnesota governor Dr. Scott Jensen defended his comparison of COVID-19 restrictions to the rise of Hitler after he faced scrutiny from Jewish advocacy groups this week.

The comparison, which Jensen made this past spring, made headlines after they were highlighted by local Jewish blog TC Jewfolk.

In an address at an anti-mandate event by Mask Off Minnesota, Jensen compared mandates to control the spread of COVID-19 to Hitler's rise to power during World War II.

"Little things grew into something bigger," Jensen said. "Then there was a night called Kristallnacht. The night of the breaking glass. Then there was the book burning, and it kept growing and growing, and a guy named Hitler kept growing in power."

Yes Doctor, antisemitic violence is exactly the same as wearing a mask to the store...

Millions in East Africa face starvation due to drought

Millions in East Africa face starvation due to drought

The World Health Organization warned on Wednesday that millions of people in East Africa face the threat of starvation. Speaking at a media briefing in Geneva, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that drought, climate change, rising prices and an ongoing civil war in northern Ethiopia are all contributing to worsening food insecurity.

Over 50 million people in East Africa will face acute food insecurity this year, a study from late July by the World Food Programme and Food and Agriculture Organization found. Roughly 7 million children are suffering from malnourishment and, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, hundreds of thousands are leaving their homes in search of food or livelihoods. Affected countries include Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda. 

"The current food security situation across the Horn of Africa is dire after four consecutive rainy seasons have failed, a climatic event not seen in at least 40 years, or since the beginning of the satellite era,” Chimimba David Phiri of the Food and Agriculture Organization said in the report.

The warnings have been gradually building for months, as the situation worsens. In June, David Nash, a physical geographer at the University of Brighton, reported for the Conversation that “large areas of Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya are currently in the grip of a severe drought.”

I know this doesn't get the same attention as California nuts or cows but I was thinking if we try to work on the root cause it may benefit Africa and California. It would be exceedingly difficult to build a pipeline from Chicago to Somalia.

Fixing the Southwest's water problem or "Drain baby drain"

Everyone is aware of the severe drought in many western states and the painful restrictions they are facing. Some folks have noticed that just up the road a ways are these things call the Great Lakes that have a lot of water.

Now we have the small issue of getting the water from there to here. Also some pesky laws and treaties, since we share most of these lakes with Canada, are in the way but money solves everything. Let's do some back of the envelope math to see what it will take.

Per USGS California used 38 billion gallons of water in 2010. Per day. A barrel is 42 gallons so for ease of calculations let's say we want to ship 1 billion barrels of water west each day. The states in need can split that up and fulfill their needs with local supply.

Infrastructure- the Alaska pipeline is about 800 miles long and can transport 2 million barrels per day. The distance from Chicago to LA is about 2000 miles. So we will need the equivalent of 500 Alaskan pipelines at 2.5 time the length. It cost $11bn in 1974, so say we find a contractor who will give us the same rates as 40 years ago-
500×2 5×11bn=$13.75 trillion. Um, let's amortize that over 100 years at 0% interest. That is $137.5bn per year, that's better.

Shipping- oil cost 50-75 cents to ship a barrel 1000mi. Since water is denser than oil we will use the higher rate.
2k mi×1bn barrels× 75=$1.5bn daily

Cost of resource- this will be the trickiest. The receiving states will say free since it is a "national resource" but it is a resource states are giving up. Plus Canada has an interest so will want something. We can be generous and say $.05 per gallon or $2.10 per barrel, $2 1bn daily for that water.

So pipeline cost $137.5bn /yr
Shipping $1.5bn×365= $547bn/yr
Water $2.1bn×365= $1,333.5bn/yr
Total cost $2.018 trillion per year to solve this problem.

Of course we should consider human nature. Will this cost make people learn to conserve resources and build/live with sustainable parameters? Or will the renewed availability of resources spur growth and use so we would eventually need to ship more than a billion barrels of water per day?
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