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Gender: Female
Hometown: Texas
Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2011, 07:53 AM
Number of posts: 9,640

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Truth Matters!

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Joe Biden is a great POTUS and not too old.

He's more effective than Obama and Clinton put together.

Besides, if Joe were too old, which he isn't, I think he would have enough integrity to resign if he knew he could no longer do the job.

Heads up, another email scam to watch out for.

Got an email from "FedEx" that my meds were on hold at the distribution center, and I could schedule a delivery and pay $1.98 for delivery. Go to the website, but my malware ap says don't go there; it's malware. So check online with my pharmacy, and they are still filling the Rx. Upon checking the email address of the original "FedEx" sender, it says from info@wknbfwmxjvsc.us. This is a really pernicious scam. Probably paying that seemingly insignificant $1.98 on a credit card would result in a very big and unhappy extra fraudulent charge. Thank goodness I have a great malware ap installed.

Shame on those scammers

An open letter to George Santos

Dear Congressman Santos:

You really should resign your office. I know that you have twisted yourself into a giant pretzel to get that office, but the manner in which you got it was based on fraud, lies, and thievery. Indeed your whole life has been based on fraud, lies, and thievery. You know it. I know it. Everybody knows it. You are despised and ridiculed by everyone everyday, because of your lies and frauds.

Now you must face the full faith and power of the US government, as it seeks to try and convict you for some of your frauds and lies. The gov has the evidence to prove their case. So stop telling yourself lies about how you can wiggle out of this mess now. You can't.

The easiest, less painful way to go now is simply to admit your lies and frauds and resign your office. Don't put yourself through a very public, embarrassing, and humiliating trial. Just go quietly. By cooperating with the prosecution, your attorneys can get you the best deal possible. So please, consult with your attorneys about this.

Resign your office, so you can go out with a little bit of class and dignity.

Coronation church stuff

I grimace at all the prayers and appeals to their bronze age invisible sky god, who waves a magic wand to suspend the laws of physics. Found it rather amusing that right at the beginning, Charles promised that he is a protestant, and will only let a protestant be king.

Ain't it grand to have a POTUS with a sense of humor?

Unlike TFG, who only has a sense of entitlement and ill-will.

Will Trump's speech tonight disregard and step over the proper speech advice of the judge

He's so totally pissed

His demeanor says, "How dare they! I'll get those rat-bastards!"

TFG will spend the rest of his days stewing in his own juices. There is no peace of mind for him.

He won't get a perp walk.

I doubt that he will be handcuffed. Last thing LEO and SecService want is a situation that is inflammatory. I predict he will be quietly delivered and quietly walked into a back door or service entrance. Of course after his arraignment, there's nothing to prevent him from standing on the front steps bloviating, ranting and raving. Ugh ugh double ugh.

Joe Biden's budget speech today

He swings and knocks it clear out of the park!!!

So what's next after banning "woke" books?

Let me guess. All books about Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Greek mythology, Wiccans, Sufis, and other non Christian-Judeo religions disappear from library shelves. Then might as well ban books about the labor movement too. Certainly don't want the kiddies reading the biographies of people they don't like. And do away with the whole anthopology section, because non-white, non-Christian, non-American cultures and customs aren't worth reading about anyway.

BTW, who are they to tell me what books my kids can't read? It's one thing for them to decide what their minor children can and can't read, but quite another to decide that for another parent. Is their book banning not an infringement on the rights of parents? They don't want their kids reading about FDR and Thurgood Marshall? OK. But don't decide that for my children.
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