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Archives: August 12, 2015

I'm switching from MSNBC to CNN.

God/Trump Connection Revealed: Christian minister claims God using the Donald for divine warning

I just had a Ronald Reagan flashback.. ie Donald Trump

Lawrence Lessig will run for President ... if ...

How much longer is the "Name recognition"excuse going to be used?

Two more PoC yesterday.

Trump calls Sanders "weak" for letting Black Lives Matter hijack rally

BLM 'protesters were kept out because the room had reached capacity.'

In Modern Ukraine, People of Color Need Not Apply

Native American Council Offers Amnesty to 240 Million Undocumented Whites

August National Poll

Here's another great article on how to handle grief:

Do y'all think the GOP will dogpile Trump and take him down?

"Deer Hunting With Jesus": Lost in America-Those Forgotten People We "Lib Dems" Love to Hate/PTS 1&2

Hillary Clinton Goes After Scott Walker On Education Cuts

Hillary Clinton holds private meeting with Black Lives Matter activists

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Bloody Awful! & a new Kittehs gif

Kitty stuck in car okay after secret trip

"This has gone too far!"

"Deer Hunting With Jesus": Lost in America-Those Forgotten People We "Lib Dems" Love to Hate/PTS 1&2

Why conservative billionaires have started talking like Bernie Sanders...

GOP Focus turning to Abortion 2016

How would the issues in the primaries be different if we had South Carolina and Nevada

New York probes allegations of inmates beaten after prison escape

Stress Relief Break! If this doesn't make you laugh, you are probably nearly dead...

The "Other Side" that the Lib Dems and BLM's have to Deal With--Why Are They That Way?

3 Good Cops enter a Room, Then 1 Asshole cop shows up. And then this Happens

Hollie McNish - HATE

As bear sightings rise, New Jersey votes to expand hunt

It's hatch chile season!

Oregon state rep attended Portland rally

Russia, Saudis fail in talks to agree on fate of Syria's Assad

Audio Tape of First Version of King's I Have a Dream speech discovered.

"Clinton has even started to signal that she is looking past her own primary debates-another sign".

Wi-Fi Hobbyists Worry New FCC Rules Could Ban Custom Firmware

Hey Howard Dean: Your (Moderate) Corporate Wing of the Democratic Party has already cost the party

Remember when Obama couldn't get Hillary's black voters?

Inside Sister Monica’s Secret Ministry To Transgender People

FFS Ari (in for Rachel)

Meet Bernie Sanders' Top Celebrity Backers

This Canadian campaign ad is amazing — and by amazing, we mean utterly insane

Department of Labor rules for Hanford whistleblower

Department of Labor rules for Hanford whistleblower

Five shocking findings from Public Policy Polling's latest Iowa survey (PPP):

Boston Police Commissioner Hoping to Criminalize the Recording of Cops

Department of Labor rules for Hanford whistleblower

Damon Wayans Jr. Won’t Star In ‘Let’s Be Cops 2’ Until Something Is Done About Police Brutality

Today's Non Sequitur

LGBT Students Seek to Oust Anti-LGBT HCC Board Member

If they didn't think Bernie could win, they wouldn't spend so much time telling us that he can't.

Colorado is mourning the disastrous toxic spill

Disabled Veteran Rescues Cat Who Rescues Him Too

Kate Bush fans - Experiment IV cover that is amazing

Bernie Sanders & Black Lives Matter & the MSM

Milton black community calls for Confederate flag removal (FL)

Clown fight in Car one!!

Catholic Bishops In Kenya Call For A Boycott Of Polio Vaccines

Misheard lyrics

Man at center of Columbia Confederate flag fight speaks out (PA)

I like this flower.

#BlackLivesMatter members filmed their meeting with Clinton, however, and plan to put the video out.

Police chief fires Texas officer who killed unarmed teen

NYT: After 2 Killers Fled, New York Prisoners Say, Beatings Were Next

EPA Chief Apologizes for Toxic Spill Affecting Rivers in Colorado, New Mexico

Navajo Nation declares emergency after mine spill, residents demand answers

Symone Sanders #BlackGirlsRock

Could a 'President Bernie Sanders' deliver?

Kansas Really Loves A Voter Fraud Conspiracy!

Bad For Business: Rush Limbaugh Dropped By One Of His "Original" Affiliates

Is Chris Matthews Trying To Take Down Bernie Sanders?

Saying "NYC taxi drivers are unionized" is disingenuous

Are you ready to rock?

Scott Walker is America’s biggest hypocrite: The “fiscal conservative” is giving $450 million to wea

Amnesty International votes in favor of decriminalising sex trade

White supremacy in action. Some days, I just want to scream, scream, and keep screaming.

RWW News: Ted Cruz - Mobilizing Christians To 'Vote Biblical Values' Is The Key To Saving America

UT System Sues Ken Paxton to Stop Records Release

Families of Disabled Children Sue Texas Over Medicaid Cuts

Murder and Mayhem: The War of Reconstruction in Texas

The Cock Brothers.. Hilarious

More photos: "A Bolivian Subway in the Sky"

Kivalina AK Residents Will Likely Be First US Climate Refugees, And As Early As 2025

Rebecca Solnit; If Rape Jokes Are Finally Funny It's Because They're Targeting Rape Culture

This is my kitty and I'm going to hug him

"State Of Emergency" For Tourism-Dependent Caribbean Islands As Rotting Seaweed Covers Beaches

She never dreamed having her picture taken to recruit engineers would turn out to be a controversy.

Tech-Loving Girls From North Africa and the Middle East Descend on the U.S.

Fires Surrounding Lake Baikal Growing Explosively, Coating Water And Swimmers With Ash

Speedwagon had it right 30+ years ago?

Bernie Sanders surges ahead of Hillary Clinton in N.H., 44-37

Dozens Killed Or Hospitalized By Extreme Mideastern Heat; 1000s Protest Lack Of Services In Iraq

Bernie Sanders surges ahead of Hillary Clinton in N.H., 44-37

African Golden Cat World's Most Mysterious, And With African Deforestation, Possibly Most Threatened

Bill Clinton defends repeal of Glass-Steagall

Bill McKibben-Environment:Why the Next Presidency is So Important

"First you take your hoe..."

I feel for this Great Dane

Bernie Sanders surges ahead of Hillary Clinton in N.H., 44-37

USA’s Mr. Robot Is the Anti-Capitalist TV Show We’ve Been Waiting For

Hillary Clinton Emails Take Long Path to Controversy

Bernie Sanders surges ahead of Hillary Clinton in N.H., 44-37

August 12 marks the 30th anniversary of the world's worst single-plane disaster

As of 10 Aug, 720 people have been killed by the police in 2015

Will anarchy help black people? I think not.

#BlackLivesMatter More Than the Hurt Feelings of White Progressives™

Fun game to play on game night. Take as many books

Tell us about your Journey to Bernie.

I know of a First Lady who could effectively address #BlackLivesMatter

August 12 marks the 30th anniversary of the world's worst single-plane disaster

Watching the GOP Debate

For those who want to know what Bristol Palin thinks of the Fox News/Megyn Kelly feud...

LA Times: "What non-Californians don't know about Carly Fiorina -- but should"

How To Eat Soup Dumplings (DIN TAI FUNG)

"If he's (Sen. Bernie Sanders) our best option, then I'm burning this down."

Justice or Else! 20th anniversary The Million Man March Washington D.C. 10-10-2015

Alabama's Solution To States' Bankruptcy Woes? Go Fund Me!

Black Lives Matter's View of Hillary Clinton's Responsibility.

NBC ends suspension of Brian Williams

Imagine a 'President Bernie Sanders'

White supremacy isn't about you, or about your candidate

New England Braces For a Wet and Penetrating Storm

Since WaPo and NYt got it wrong, all the blogs seem to have followed suit re Westlake.

Dumb Criminals: Chicago Man Steals Vibrator, Signs Release Name As "Obama Is A Criminal"

Bernie Sanders just took the lead in New Hampshire...

A little pot from Colorado

Lawyers Guns & Money Blog: "Scott Walker: Reverse Robin Hood"

Where did Bernie Sanders go after the L.A. event?

NYT: Any Sexual Abuse by Guards May Violate Inmates’ Rights, Court Says

China Stuns Financial Markets By Devaluing Yuan For Second Day Running

survivor guilt?

Rupee falls to lowest since 2013 crisis on yuan devaluation

News anchor walks off set rather than do another Kardashian story

Feds: Mississippi couple planned honeymoon to join ISIS in Syria

EMU to drop Huron logo from marching band uniforms

Not first disruptive tactic for activist who shut down the Bernie Sanders speech

Los Angeles City Council OKs 20-year transportation plan

‘Mad’ stabbings turn Ikea store in Sweden into a house of horrors

My skin color

US-Trained Syrian Rebels Refusing to Fight

Barbara Ehrenreich: In America, Only the Rich Can Afford to Write About Poverty

Lone Star Rail not in Austin city budget but still on track

Gov. Brownback Caught Shielding Gun-Nut, Neighbor-Terrorizing Brother from Criminal Charges

Cincinnati’s experiment with an economy that works for everyone

Bernie Sanders Song Feel The Bern

Do You Have Change for a Bowie? The Advent of Artisanal Cash

I Kinda Wonder How The Main Stream Media Will Treat The Bernie Surge Ahead In NH Later Today.....

Texas Schools Face Critical Teacher Shortage

Dozens of retired generals, admirals back Iran nuclear deal

Mathematicians discover previously-unknown tiling pentagon

The question of groups

Why the Next Presidency is So Important - by Bill McKibben

When I was young I went to bible classes that my public grammar school offered...

Attack on the pentagon results in discovery of new mathematical tile

Donald Trump: I’d rather fight #BlackLivesMatter than let them speak at my events

Another perspective on BLM/Bernie

There's plenty of pie, but who holds the knife?

There's plenty of pie, but who holds the knife?

Scott Walker wants to fire academics with whom he disagrees politically

Gallup: Socialist Least Electable Group

FiveThirtyEight's in damage control mode

Joe Lieberman Excited about Jim Webb

I am happy Bernie Sanders added a Racism and Racial Justice plank...however

Jeb Bush to Appear on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert"

Clinton & Bush duke it out on Twitter, but Sanders is social media king

House of Fire: Can India’s Parsis survive their own success?

Deb Fischer says Iran nuclear deal should go back to drawing board

Anchor Walks Off Live TV in Disgust After Refusing to Report on Kardashians

Braintree to prohibit utilities from digging up newly-paved roads for 10 years.

Daily Holidays - August 12

Warm seas nearly shut down Pilgrim power plant

Solar panels to be installed at two Braintree schools

Taunton mayor calls nursing home violations "inexcusable," demands action

Clinton and Bush may duke it out on Twitter, but Sanders is social media king

Would Voters Entrust The White House To An Atheist?

Bush: More troops in Iraq ‘may well be needed’

Kerry Says Russia, China Likely Reading His Emails

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1: Empty Hat

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Lingering Questions Remain About Boston 2024

Republican Kinder ahead of Democrat Koster in early Missouri governor poll

How The GOP Can Appeal To Women..........The Onion

Conan O'Brian on Bernie's rising poll numbers

City cuts Vertex tax break after shortfall in jobs

Noam Chomsky: Capitalism in Most Forms Is Inconsistent With Democracy

Ed Shultz podcast, July 31, Bernie Sanders. Enjoy.

Trump attacks China, waffles on the auto bailout and proclaims Bernie 'weak'.

Ohlala, An Uber For Escorts, Launches In Berlin, Plans Global Rollout

Bernie's mishandling of the BLM thing shows lack of leadership.

Memo to Jeb Bush: It was W’s Surge that created ISIL, not Hillary

China stuns markets by devaluing yuan for second day running

UK Labour apology as website glitch hits leadership voting

The Rude Pundit - Brief Beach Blogging:

I had a call today from the Joce Pritchett, D candidate for State Auditor in Mississippi...

US military helicopter crashes off Okinawa; 7 injured

Analysts drop Q2 Japan growth expectations

Question: What if Sanders couldn't go to NetRoots Nation? Would this "racial" schism exist?

Washington's Twisted Logic of Air War

the evolution of a charge: from white privilege to white supremacist

Bernie's racial justice platform (easier to read at the website, though)

Italy's south makes Greece look prosperous

New TVA Watts Bar nuclear reactor passes hot functional tests

German investor sentiment drops sharply

Amnesty International accuses UN peacekeepers of rape, murder

Hillary's well known and obsessive secrecy comes back to haunt her. Again

Moody's cuts Brazil rating to near junk status

NYT: President Obama’s Letter to the Editor

UK Chief Climate Advisor: Australia's Emissions Plan "Pathetic"; "Abbott's Hubris Is Staggering"

Counterpunch: "Trump’s Triumph: Billionaire Blowhard Exposes Fake Political System"

Everything we feared about Communism....

Harper Gov Spent $4.5 Million On Tar Sands PR, Including "Energy Literacy" Among 1st Nations

Chuck Schumer working the phones on Iran.

Ted Cruz Tells Hate Group: Only Way to Save U.S. is by Turning it into a Theocracy

Kathleen Kane's driver pleads not guilty to charges he searched emails

As a Clinton supporter, congrats to Bernie and his supporters on the NH poll

Delivery driver allegedly turned away because he's black.

Al Lawson considers challenging Brown in new district

FEMA - Woefully Unprepared For The Infrastructure A Destablized Climate Will Demand

Head of Group Opposing Iran Accord Quits Post, Saying He Backs Deal

This is what the US media doesn't want you to see regarding the river in Colorado.

EU approves €2.4 billion to tackle migrant crisis

Picasso painting seized on yacht taken to Madrid museum

UN official warns of 'deliberate starvation' in Yemen

U.S. Military Helicopter Crashes Off Japan's Okinawa; 7 Injured

Merkel called out over creditor pressure to sell Athens water

Pictures! (Dial-up Warning)

Venezuela releasing jailed opposition leader to house arrest

If you decide I am your enemy....

850,000 children facing acute malnutrition in Yemen and it's DELIBERATE!

Film pooch Uggie now starring in dog heaven

Rubio Sticks to Sporadic Game Plan

Scott Walker's warmongering would make the world more dangerous

Jeb’s Iraq revisionism: His idiot brother wrecked the place, but it’s all Obama’s fault

I am wondering if we could have dedicated space in a group for appeals soliciting

Business as Unusual

Paying it forward.

It turns out the Civil War really was about Slavery

President Obama letter to the editor in defense of the Voting Rights Act

The Latest on Croatian hostage killed by Islamic State

Venezuela says pushing for OPEC, Russia action to stem oil fall

The Secret of Bernie Sanders' Success

Phoenix: passerby and officer save kittens from dumpster

In Ferguson - Guess Who Gets Arrested?

15.8M Fewer Uninsured Since 2013

The Ongoing Fight Against The Right To Vote - Ari Berman Discusses His New Book

"Left" wing media continue their Bernie BLACKOUT in the face of new poll showing him LEADING NH

I have been saying since the beginning that Hillary has an excitement problem....

The 1 percent vs. the rest of America

The Bernie effect: Noam Chomsky says Sanders will push the Democratic Party to the left

How 5 People Survived Nagasaki’s Nuclear Hell

About that "EPA" toxic spill . . .

This Could Seriously Be The Greatest Political Campaign Ad Of All Time

The Secret of Bernie Sanders' Success

How Donald Trump Has Out-Cruzed Ted Cruz

"Here's the outsider candidate Donald Trump voters should really be supporting"

Obama Writes Letter On Voting Rights To The New York Times Magazine

Koterba toon: The EPA

If you liked Hillary's IWR vote, you'll LOVE Schumer's Iran vote

The Teflon Toxin: DuPont and the Chemistry of Deception

Obama could lift some Iran sanctions on his own even if congress rejects the deal

Job openings little changed at 5.2 million in June; hires and separations hold steady

Has BLM expressed a vision of post-racist America?

Never-before-heard recording of ‘I Have a Dream’ released, taken a year before famed rendition

PPP Iowa poll: Hillary would lose to Rubio, walker, Huckabee and Carson

what's for dinner - wednesday, august 12

Take a moment, reflect, and change the way you treat others.

Truce Between Hezbollah Fighters, Militants Starts in Syria

ISIS Affiliate in Egypt Says It Has Beheaded a Croatian Man

Expanding on the Subject of Intelligent Christians

Assange to be cleared as sex claims expire

Newsmax continues their anti-vaxx hysterics...

WV Editorial debate: EPA's terrible War on Coal and 2 actually rational responses

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Nate the Neonservative Gets It & You Don't!

"Mr. Trump, I thought you were a gentleman....."

Why Liberals Have To Be Radicals

Democrats win three state House seats in special election (PA State House)

Editorial debate: EPA's terrible War on Coal and 2 realistic responses

16M fewer uninsured since ObamaCare, study finds:

What's On The Mind Of Trump's ANGRY VOTERS?

Michelle Bachmann reveals: Religious Right actually wants to see Israel destroyed.

How young is too young to talk to your kids about religion?

Jeb’s Iraq revisionism: His idiot brother wrecked the place, but it’s all Obama’s fault

"Make America Great Again"

Garland school removes Confederate symbols (TX)

Just watched "Fed Up" on NetFlix

The production team behind Chuggo's music videos has now transitioned into political ads.

Four Demonstrably False Claims About The Iran Deal That Are Showing Up On The Opinion Pages

Since a soda is deleting aspartame, a refresher on Darth RUMS's diverse crimes:

Freaked-Out People’s Bank of China Devalues Yuan Again, All Heck Breaks Loose

Debate disagreements hit Dems

EFF: Movie Studios Seek SOPA Power Through Broad Site-Blocking Order

Teenage girl finds gold bar in German lake...

NLRB to decide on union rights for franchise workers soon.

"Bernie Sanders is great, but some of his most vocal supporters are becoming a problem"

Another way to drink a watermelon

Boston Chapter of #BlackLivesMatter Tweets About Meeting With Hillary Clinton

Cat employs Spider-Wrap Kung Fu move on dog

Capitalism is failing, and it's time to panic

Teen finds gold bar while swimming in German Alpine lake

Hillary Clinton met with five Black Lives Matter activists following campaign event...

If you live in a cold state, are there earthworms in your state? How do they survive the winter?

Guns and Violence Against Women

Legionnaires' outbreak widens to 12 dead in New York

Faith Based (Emotional/Gut) Reality vs. Critical Thinking and Critical Discourse

Inside the GOP Clown Car

'How does your candidate of choice stand under the umbrella protecting us from such things

*Hillary Group* That New Hampshire Poll...

'How does your candidate of choice stand under the umbrella protecting us from such things

Phony, unprincipled war on Planned Parenthood / Rubio proudly a part of it

My sister was killed in the Charleston church shooting A new site that covers Bernie's stand on the issues.

General Beauregard's Takes Down Its Rebel Flags, but Athens' Confederate Monument Remains (GA) A new site that covers Bernie's stand on the issues.

Spoiled Son Sets Fire To Ferrari In Order To Upgrade To New Model

Confederate flags flown in Whidbey Island Fair parade draw ire (WA)

This may sound surprising, even silly and counterintuitive

I hope The Cure tours again soon

This thread is useless without pictures!

Not first disruptive tactic for activist who shut down Bernie Sanders’ speech

The best argument-

Bribery Used To Be.....

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 8-11-15

TPP protesters descend on NZ Parliament

The October Farrakhan led "Justice or else" march on Washington

Tomb of Nefertiti, Egypt's mysterious ancient queen, may have been found

State Dept. Disagrees That Clinton E-mails Contained Classified Information (HILLARY GROUP)

Guess who's behind the poll that shows Bernie in the lead?

Black Lives Matter. Period. That is why I support BLM.

Is this the largest feature in the universe?

Where Did the Antiwar Movement Go?

China Advised to Double Solar Goal to Fill Nuclear, Hydro

Inside The GOP Clown Car

President Obama's eloquent letter:

EIA Analysis: Wind Energy Is The Lowest-Cost Option For Reducing Carbon Emissions

Canine actor Uggie, known for role in 'The Artist,' dies

Swirling mystery of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

Washington Post: "Is this the end for Rick Perry?"

Woman Dead in Cell Had Said She Didn't Want to Die in Jail

Court accuses EPA of ‘filibustering’ on pesticide safety

Judge OKs $4.75M Settlement by 'Kids for Cash' Center Owner

Gas price B.S.

Worst day of the year for European stocks

Great photo from the National Archives: Hillary and Chelsea in Nepal (HILLARY GROUP)

I like seeing "brown people" for Sanders speak up to defuse this Black/White antagonism

Latinos are getting fracked

"ALL forms of socialism are BAD! EVIL!" chant the uninformed.

"My hair has its own micro-climate!" . . . Please come CAPTION The Donald!!!!

More than 2,000 mostly Syrian and Afghan refugees held in stadium on Greek island

South Africa counts carcasses as rhino poaching surges

Today is World Elephant Day...

The Wall Street Journal scorns Trump Carson Fiorina Perry Santorum Jindal Graham Pataki & Gilmore

"I'm not as interested in what you have to tell or sell as in how you choose to live & give"

Tiny houses for Los Angeles homeless create backlash

This Canadian campaign ad is amazing — and by amazing, we mean utterly insane

Interesting take on Hillary/BLM meeting: Clinton Campaign Shuts Down Black Lives Matter Protest

Megyn Kelly did tell one huge, deliberate lie during the last Republican debate

Pat Robertson has some peculiar ideas about the Bible...

Pic Of The Moment: Remember When The GOP Demanded That We "Listen To The Generals?"

Stephen Colbert goes off script and makes Jon Stewart cry in touching and well deserved tribute

Dominion admits cost of North Anna 3 (nuclear reactor) will top $19 billion

Luckovich: Coke

San Francisco’s housing market: Pricey, increasingly unaffordable

Why the Bush Crime Syndicate will never be tried in the World Court

Mississippi Ban on Adoptions by Same-Sex Couples Is Challenged

Police Shootings About Class As Well As Race

Joe Biden’s South Carolina Strategy

Presence of armed militia group in Ferguson raises anger

Heatwave in Egypt kills at least 61: health ministry

**HRC Group** 100,000 people have attended Bernie Sanders events this month. That doesn’t mean much.

Former Police Officer Files Racketeering Lawsuit Against Los Angeles Police Department

Surging Childcare Costs Are Hurting More and More Americans

Northern California blaze grows, jumps into Napa County

FYI, my post about the Farrakhan march (updated)

A Tsunami of Climate Refugees is Drowning Europe

Cold Sesame Noodles without the wait for take-out

U.S. labor market tightens further in June

Think tank says soft drinks aren't making us fat (a think tank funded by Coca-Cola)

Adoptable shelter animals get 'Trumped'

Eagle Kills Drone.

Mayor of Somerville, MA. gets Sanders; supports O'Malley

Trump May Have Won Me Over

Rand Paul Faces Pressure at Home

how concerned should we be about biden maybe jumping in?

This Little Fusion Reactor May One Day Power the World

The Emperor Has No Clothes.

Johnny Clegg and Juluka

(Coal Company CEO) Blankenship repeats request to keep UBB disaster out of trial

Navajo Nation declares emergency after mine spill, residents demand answers

Common Dreams: To Become 21st Century City, Los Angeles Plan Aims To Curb Car Culture

KABOOM!!! Front page today's Boston Herald

Good lawd! Look at this explosion in Tianjin a few minutes ago.

Louie Gohmert praises Donald Trump: He improves GOP presidential debates ‘immeasurably

Linguist explains secret language of Gulliver's Travels

Common Dreams: NATO and Russia 'War Games' Not Games At All

Bernie Sanders: Environmental-Justice Champion?

Bankruptcy 101: a primer for U.S. coal markets


Tomb Raider 2013 Movie

CLINTON: What part of “you must carry your rape-spawn to term” are you having trouble understanding,

Uh huh. Whatever.

Thanks, Obamacare: America's Uninsured Rate Is Below 10% For First Time Ever

Pennsylvania top prosecutor says charges tied to porn emails

Ford Throws UAW (and Trump) a Bone, Shifts Work from Mexico to Ohio

Hillary Clinton accuses Scott Walker of raising taxes on students

Man arrested in alleged attack of gay West Point alums in New York City bodega

CNN Political Analyst: 'Bernie Sanders Could Win the First Two Primaries' Aug. 12, 2015

CEO Pay Exposed — Income Inequality Is MUCH Worse Than We Thought

What we need is "A CONCERT FOR BERNIE" in every state....

Krugman: "International competition is a mostly bogus notion; class warfare is very, very real"

Gay Pride Stabber Sent to Psychiatric Ward

For the first time in MLB history, all 15 home teams won

ZocDoc-like startup for trans-friendly care highlights strain on LGBT clinics

BLM after Bernie

The big party right after the Greek stock market crash!

Interested in opinions: increasing use of swastika in jewelry, claims that they are trying to "rehab

The KKK Would Like You To Join Them In Ending AIDS By Killing Gay People

PolitiFact: Americans For Prosperity’s ‘facts’ are FALSE

TYT: Bernie Sanders Proposes New Holiday For Voting

Double Down Time.

Cruz accidentally gives away the game

Who is going to be for the average citizen?

Photo-tribute to Amnesty International's decision on the decriminalization of human trafficking

MSM coverage of Sanders' surging in NH Poll

Jesse Ventura flirts with independent presidential bid — or becoming Donald Trump’s VP

Emailed letter (in full) received today from Clinton Campaign re. Hillary Clinton emails: (HILLARY GROUP)

After GOP debate, Scott Walker's Iowa numbers take a hit

Trump's appeal? . . . Gothem City!!!

Kerry Travels to Cuba to Raise the US Flag in Havana

Huckabee: DOJ Should 'Criminally Prosecute Planned Parenthood'

A few days ago 8 were murdered by a criminal with a gun.

Animas River Lawsuit Against EPA 'on The Table,' Colorado AG Says

AP Exclusive: Cuba dissidents won't attend US Embassy event

China blasts: Shipment explodes in Tianjin port UPDATED

What Is Jon Stewart's Next Move? - It's Pretty Cool

Jesse Ventura open to playing second banana on Trump ticket

Rapper drops Clinton for Bernie Sanders

Retired Rear Adm. Sestak supports Obama/Kerry Iran deal.

TYT: Target Goes Gender Neutral, Fox News Freaks

The latest Donald Trump garbage fire: Crudely insulting Caroline Kennedy and Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton on the Sanctity of Protecting Classified Information

Toxicologist Skeptical Of Early Animas River Reports, Metals Are ‘Long Term Poisons’


TYT: Carly Fiorina Doesn't Believe In Everyone Getting Maternity Leave

John Lewis And The Horrible Voting Rights History Of John Roberts - Ari Berman Discusses

Venezuelan Inflation Soars to 800%

Sestak responds each week toToomey's weekly newsletters

No, Obamacare isn’t killing full-time jobs, new evidence shows

A note about Hillary Clinton's emails

Clinton Campaign Seeks To Calm Supporters About Emails

Fox News Caves: Donald Trump Clearly Runs The Republican Party

Love this tweet from the Maddow Blog

Navajo Nation says it feels brunt of Colorado mine leak

I am trying to understand my "white supremacy"

Oil at $30 Is No Problem for Some Cost-Cutting Bakken Drillers

Top General: US Should Consider Embedding Troops In Iraqi Units If Little Progress Made

Trump leads Republicans in MO Republican field, GOP field leads Clinton

Kasich Gains Traction In Key GOP Contest

Santorum Was Right

Religious lunacy, take 4,560,321,338,494

With thanks to Playinghardball for the heads up. Some more info

Thanks, anti-vaxxers!

Bernie Sanders-Seattle Rally video (enjoy)

GMO Foods: Myth vs. Fact:

Thank you Thom Hartman for your perspective on the Marissa Johnson diatribe

Bernie Sanders-Portland, OR rally video (enjoy)

Switzerland To Lift Sanctions Against Iran; A sign of support for the nuclear deal.

Fuel Depot in China Explosion caught on video

Eagles fans start petition to have Pope Francis bless Sam Bradford's injured knee

Jeb Bush on Obama's handling of Iraq

NRA's Ted Nugent Defends Trump's Lewd Comments About Megyn Kelly By Making His Own Lewd Comments

Bernie Sanders-Los Angeles rally with intros video (enjoy)

I've supported BLM since the beginning, and I support Bernie now. Here's some thoughts...

Al Gore is running!

For those of you that say removal of the confederate flags is somewhat of an excuse

Are Feds trying to scam the Navajo people?

Governor Jerry Brown Signs New Law Eliminating Secret Grand Juries For Police Shootings

Do More Guns Really Mean More Safety?

Bernie might be surging in NH, but Hillary is the clear favorite among African Americans

After Banning Trump For Sexism,RedState Calls Clinton "Homely Woman" Who Slept "Her Way Into Power"

Thanks, Trump!

Once a con man, always a con man.

DU Dinner Special for tonight......

Trump Calls Jesus "A Loser" “He’s as weak as Bernie Sanders.”

Feel The Bern! Bernie Sanders Drawing Huge Crowds In Red States

Why am I sad?

NEW VIDEO: Kids Try Out Right-Wing Ideas

Trump Calls Jesus "A Loser"

NEW VIDEO: Kids Try Out Right-Wing Ideas

from Martin O'Malley, a personal request:

I understand Hillary's taking big money

Freedom from Religion Foundation calls for removal of “In God We Trust” stickers

Almost half of Colombia’s countryside lives below poverty line

Corruption allegations no impediment for Colombia’s new consul in Chicago

Frances Oldham Kelsey, Who Saved U.S. Babies From Thalidomide, Dies at 101

Colombia decriminalizes marijuana cultivation up to 20 plants

Colombia decriminalizes marijuana cultivation up to 20 plants

Colombia decriminalizes marijuana cultivation up to 20 plants

Stephen Colbert’s Plans for His New Show, and a Prayer for Trump

13 teachers forced to flee Medellin schools just this month

Nicolle Wallace is out at The View after refusing her demotion to "contributor."

Stever Kornacki with Schumer on Hillary, Bernie Sanders and O'Malley July 2015 (enjoy

3 more women detail disturbing sex abuse accusations against Bill Cosby

A Matter of Words – Losing a Customer and Opening a Conversation

Jimmy Carter has cancer

8 stats that reveal just how badly the police state hurts black women

FSM mating habits under investigation

Inspired to say hello.

Robert Reich: 4 Recurring Criticisms of Bernie Sanders and Why They're Wrong


Jimmy Carter Says He Has Cancer, Revealed by Recent Surgery

Anyone allowed to carry firearms at G.O.P. events?

Blunt Talk - New show starring Sir Patrick Stewart!

US court sides with Argentina to limit bondholder suit

US court sides with Argentina to limit bondholder suit

Guatemalan Opposition Party Lider Leads Electoral Polls


Why is Chris Matthews Comparing Bernie to Mao Tse Tsung? (video)

Mexican Supreme Court overturns state law, allows same-sex couples to adopt

Mexican Supreme Court overturns state law, allows same-sex couples to adopt

"Trump: I would attack ISIS on Twitter" (Borowitz Report)

Dr. Dre Addresses Michel'le Abuse & Dee Barnes Assault Allegations

So What Happened with Black Lives Matter and Hillary Clinton?

CNN / ORC Poll: Trump tops in Iowa as Scott Walker drops

Sweet William Shatner tweet

If Bernie wins Iowa and/or NH, a few other states, but loses to Hillary, what impact would he have?

Memo to Jeb Bush: It was W’s SURGE that created ISIL not Hillary By Juan Cole

DuPont's toxic Teflon chemical is in humans, our environment, and it will *never* go away

Importance of knowing how to work with legislators across party lines,

does Verizon make a smart phone?

Jim Webb Opposes Iran Nuclear Deal


Ted Cruz Fundraiser To Honor Lawmaker Implicated In Child Abuse Scandal

Jimmy Carter appreciation thread.

Never fails. Just paid off one credit card, got a balance of $500 total on the other two.

Chilean astronomical site becomes world’s first international dark sky sanctuary

Can anyone tell me what happened 47 years ago today?

Chilean astronomical site becomes world’s first international dark sky sanctuary

Is one of the nodes down?

CNN / ORC Poll: Clinton remains strong in Iowa

NY Executive sues boss who 'kept her as sex slave' for 7 years

How Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley want to address racial injustice.

China's Air Pollution Is Traveling To The United States

How Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley want to address racial injustice.

Bolivia ready to rebuild ties with US: Morales

Bolivia ready to rebuild ties with US: Morales

The nurse's cape....

Cory Booker: 'Dem presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is a Life-long Defender of Minorities'

Let us pray for President Carter and for all who have cancer.

Inside the GOP Clown Car

CNN Poll Shows Trump Way Up In Iowa As Walker Falls

Is unlimited Super PAC cash already backfiring on the GOP?

Tomino’s Hell: the Cursed Japanese Poem of Terror

HHS Pushes Back On States Defunding Planned Parenthood Over Videos

Donald Trump To Give In-Person Interview To 'Meet The Press'

I'm having doubts

Personal Favorite....The Devil is a Part Timer

Well, well, well...look who's got a new job!

Donald Trump Proves Jimmy Carter Right...

JEB EXPLAINS how ISIS was created without a single mention of the name "BUSH"

Poll: More Than Half Of Jersey Voters Say Christie's 'Arrogant,' Not 'Presidential'

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 13 August 2015

The FDA just recalled Kim Kardashian’s Instagram post

Guatemalan Candidate for Central American Parliament Shot Dead An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders Supporters

Poverty Increases in Honduras

So now MSNBC is allowing libertarian douchebag Nick Gillespie to lie with impunity

The big Jeb Bush charter school lie: How Florida became a cautionary tale for the rest of the countr

Honduras: Garifuna communities resist eviction and theft of land

Honduras: Garifuna communities resist eviction and theft of land

The 1 percent’s sinister inequality lie: How cold-blooded billionaires are pretending to care about

War-Hungry Conservatives Vow To Stop Obama’s Iran Deal

Vote Rigging in Kansas

6 Things to Know About Bernie Sanders' New Press Secretary, Symone Sanders

Hisashi Iwakuma of Seattle has a chance for a no hitter:

Tuna Company Agrees to $6M Settlement in Worker Oven Death

Judge Orders Kentucky Clerk to Issue Gay Marriage Licenses

The sky is falling! Perseid meteor shower peaks tonight

These Companies Are Getting Rich While The Planet Burns

A Day in Western Mass

Bernie Sanders: The right to vote is preservative of all other rights....

Florida ranks dead last in lobbyist transparency – Tampa Bay Times

Former Guatemalan Dictator Released from Psychiatric Hospital

Slow DU Loading?

Bernie fans.... need your help...

Where does Bernie Sanders stand on the issues?

The trillion dollar F-35 debacle. Video you should see:

Judge Gives Texas Deadline on Same-Sex Marriage Policies

Tweet from Hillary: The Affordable Care Act is working.

Wind blows away coal's market share in Iowa

Clinton is open to raising Social Security taxes on six-figure earners

A&P asks bankruptcy court to set aside union provisions

Anti-Gay Groups Mount ‘Texas Response’

Unravelling the mysteries of the Mayans

I love you anyway

A&P asks bankruptcy court to set aside union provisions

Unravelling the mysteries of the Mayans

Socialism for Dummies

A&P asks bankruptcy court to set aside union provisions

Scott Walker does raise an interesting point in opposing abortion even when the mother's life

How El Salvador’s Supreme Court Is Undermining Democracy—With Washington’s Help

How El Salvador’s Supreme Court Is Undermining Democracy—With Washington’s Help

After being disqualified for breaking a tournament's 'no girls allowed' rule, her team had her back

After being disqualified for breaking a tournament's 'no girls allowed' rule, her team had her back

Julian Assange Expected to Be Set Free Next Week

A rational case for why Bernie is absolutely electable.

Rape lawsuit against Florida State involving Winston may continue: judge

People's World on Bernie -

Please support the Mike Malloy Youtube Channel

Campaign 2016: Trump, Bernie and the Peasants with Pitchforks

Scott Walker’s crony capitalism

H-E-B says Blue Bell ice cream products will be back on shelves in mid-September

Mysterious purple glow in space station feed suggests alien observers

Transgender Inmate Freed Before Federal Hearing On Surgery

Ask your mail man if birth control is right for you!

Hello. You know me, at least some of you. I've been here since 2003.

Officer fired for shooting football player may face charges

Principals decry loss of funding, local control under Scott Walker

Who is this???

Greek bailout terms to give eurozone vast powers over policymaking

Feds say California DMV employees traded cash for licenses

Remember the "Re-home" guy-

Analysis shows more unarmed Latinos killed in Texas and California

Update: the Assange case

How Do You Campaign For Your Dad In Iowa? Ask Martin O’Malley’s Teenage Son.

Most charges against Wikileaks founder to expire

Mike Malloy - Mike Explodes With Caller Defending Israel

Two public hearings Thursday to discuss removal of Confederate monuments (LA)

8-11-15 Fighting for a Say in 2:00

Smyrna mom upset students can fly Confederate flags on H.S. campus (TN)

8-11-15 Fighting for a Say in 2:00

Brent Budowsky: Sanders rattles Trump, Clinton

8-11-15 Fighting for a Say in 2:00

Northern Orange NAACP wants Confederate flag clothes banned (NC)

Federal Court: Anti-Muslim Group Can't Post Ads on Buses

Donating to would be a meaningful

Sarah Silverman Introduction to Bernie Sanders LA

Peru's Rotten Wood

Mississippi Ban on Adoptions by Same-Sex Couples Is Challenged

Peru's Rotten Wood

Rahm Emanuel Backs The Iran Deal

I like this guy on Twitter, and he maybe has a good point:

Grassroots blasting of Schumer's nay on Iran pact seems not to resonate with Democratic senators

Tarantino's "Hateful Eight" Trailer

Walker Compares Inspecting Iran’s Nuclear Facilities To Inspecting Teen Boys’ Bedrooms

8-12-15 Founding of the Carpenters Union in 2:00

8-12-15 Founding of the Carpenters Union in 2:00

2012's over the top parody character is 2016's Trump. **NSFW! ** (seriously NSFW, not at all)

8-12-15 Founding of the Carpenters Union in 2:00

As of yesterday Aug. 11th I can no longer download youtube vids

Great article in Rolling Stone: "Inside the GOP Clown Car"

Police: Pennsylvania beauty queen faked having cancer in order to get donations

Texas toddler dies in car as temperature tops 100 degrees

This email server shit is Arkansas Project 2.0

What I want to know about the emails

Cosby accuser: "he told me I was blessed with his semen, like holy water"

After losing parents, 6-year-old embarks on smile mission

Stop the nonsense about the South fighting for something other than slavery

Norfolk Group Wants Confederate Flag Gone (VA)

Ohio’s Strange Monument Honoring Robert E. Lee

The Coddling of the American Mind

Anybody know this guy?