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Photo: Bernie Barn Berner in Vermont.

If you don't like a Dem politician, anything you disagree with is going to be blown out of

Oliver Nelson Septet - Stolen Moments

Two princes: Kushner now faces a reckoning for Trump's bet on the Saudi heir

In Trump's Saudi Bargain, the Bottom Line Proudly Wins Out

Trump on rally blitz as he tries to stave off Dem gains

White House nominations to 9th Circuit set off firestorm

John Oliver: Dialysis

It doesn't matter to Trump what he does as long as he wins? He said it.

538's Senate projections

Democrats didn't leak Dr. Ford's letter--it was most likely the White House

Gay Teen Asks Straight Captain of the Football Team to Homecoming

Nancy Pelosi's Internet Bill of Rights

Newsweek: "Proud Boys" group will be investigated by NY hate crimes unit.

Case Solved: Mitch McConnell's "Himpathy" Assault Claim

Tweet of the Day

Comrade Rohrabacher- thrown under the GOP bus and left for dead

Trump: Putin 'probably' involved in assassinations

Newest video on Reynolds and money by ProgressIowa

*Special Parts Unknown, Tony's Impact, on CNN coming up @ 9:00.

Lesley Stahl freaking FRIES Trump over "falling in love" with Kim...then he says he "isn't a baby"

Trump's done 33 "Maga rallies." Obama, at same point in presidency: 9 rallies.

The NYT is soliciting responses from black conservatives criticized for supporting Trump

Missouri Republican Hawley decries Democrats' 'mob behavior'

Trump says GOP wouldn't have 'won' on Kavanaugh without speech mocking Ford

Personal responsibility?!1 What's that? - "The press treats me so terribly"!1

Back in April, Malcolm Nance was interviewed on "Great Conservations" -- catch it if you can.

PG&E just cut power to 5800 upper Napa Valley residents

Poll: Nation's first carbon fee leading among voters

Headlines - jimmy Carter on now on M$NBComcast n/t

Trump called for plan to remove all US diplomats from Turkey in frustration over detention of Americ

Doing postcards to voters for Stacey Abrams and her running mate Sarah Riggs Amico...

The Opera House: Trailer

So what if the latest polls have Democrats down in the key Senatorial races. Screw the polls

One Way To Increase Voter Turnout Is To Create A Way....

Eddie Edwards Says We Need To "Wean People Off Social Security"

Trump fears Biden 2020, losing Pennsylvania

Trump-Supporting 'Proud Boys' Group Will Be Investigated by New York Hate Crimes Unit After Violence

About the "Blue Wave". I will enjoy this more than anything: Watching Trump blame everyone else

"NPC" accounts on Twitter

538 A couple of surprises for me (not most YOU) - congresscritters voting WITH and NOT with SHITLER

XTC - Day In Day Out

Good interview of Avenatti on PBS (from 27 Sept)

Bastards push polled me tonight.

The GOP Has No New Ideas Because Elderly Billionaires Own Its Brain

Alec Baldwin's new talk show is on now....ABC network.

Fuck "60 minutes"

American Masters Itzhak Perlman, now, PBS, Ch 22 + 26

Tonight's Salad

I usually record 60 Minutes. Is there any reason to watch the Dump segment?

Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 in F major, BWV 1047

November 6th, It will definitely change back again...

Blue tune #9

Trump on Mimicking Christine Blasey Ford: 'It Doesn't Matter. We Won.'

Forget all the pundits' opinions. Disregard the speculations and the contrarian BS that is

60 Minutes can go straight to hell

Latest Florida Vote-by-Mail Update

538:Democrats Have A Chance To Win One Of The Reddest Districts In The Country

Brilliant post in comments on Raw Story:

The leading cause of hateful division in this country

Americana at the NE Ohio antique engine & tractor meet

Millions of Californians' jobs could be affected by automation

We're no longer "The Shining City on the Hill"; we're now a morally bankrupt black site

Woman fired after blocking black man from entering his apartment building

No, no, no, no, no. This is just plain wrong. And creepy. 😱😱😬😂

There are no words

I wish I had been this clever when I got a parking ticket in the mail...

Trump Baby Blimp Flies Again, as Thousands of Women March in Chicago

What's up with our concept of adulthood?

MoveOn is pulling funding from Sen Manchin, so I'm going to send him a donation.

Bear cub with bucket on its head rescued after 3 days

Trump says mockery of Kavanaugh accuser got him confirmed

So touching...

The Beto Song

Memory of slain councilwoman honored in Rio de Janeiro

Jello man still wants a gobmint job...when he loses on the 6th

Fleeing electricity, Mexico Mennonites seek new home

Fleeing electricity, Mexico Mennonites seek new home

How far have we gone down the rabbit hole...?

'A place for them here': It's the migrants Trump rejects that will make Melbourne best

When elections get near, the media ignores the insantiy, the ridiculousness, and the obivous.

'A place for them here': It's the migrants Trump rejects that will make Melbourne best

What Does Being Far Right Mean

Bolivia Marks Decolonization Day


Ex-Guatemala vice president sentenced to 15-1/2 yrs in prison

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Saudi Arabia

Kate Moore: "Whoever You Are Come Forth"-Ashley Bathgate, cello/Brahms: "Ballade No.4"-Gavin Gamboa,

In about 20 years, half the population will live in eight states

Calls for new regulation mount as limo crash victims mourned

Medicaid work rule tops governor debate

Hearings on state's budget to get going

Just listened to this. Have to confess was never that fond of Wagner.

Breaking: Megan and Harry: Duchess of Sussex expecting a baby!

State's voter-ID law ruled constitutional

Too Cool For School.

Lawmaker corruption in Arkansas a topic at attorney general debate

Auto Safety Group Demands Mass Kia And Hyundai Recall Over Vehicle Fires

University of Arkansas institute receives $100 million gift

I'll definitely be looking up at our sons soon

Hurricane Michael: Dozens still missing on Florida coast

Don't Stand In The Way Of My Dreams...

Ex-college president reports to prison in corruption case

US retail giant Sears files for bankruptcy

French Hill: High on the 'Wall Street Flunky' list

Fintan O'Toole: Brexit: Ireland and the English Question

Coil tap PRs nails it

Challenger questions Senator Bledsoe's residency, cites double-dip on homestead tax credit

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex....Royal Baby birth watch Spring of 2019

Twenty-two Days ... Vote ... 6 November 2018

Minimum wage campaign begins advertising

Warren releases results of DNA test

Boys looking like dogs of war Tax payers still getting our moneys worth army issued

Kirsten Gillibrand for president

By not notifying Jamal Khashoggi, Trump aided and abetted

Elizabeth Warren's family story. Uploaded on Oct 14, 2018.

NYT wants to write another profile on Trump-voters. As if there weren't enough already.

Oklahoma students moderate gubernatorial debate

Elected officials drag feet on new EPA report as news of chemical exposure trickles out to residents

Should have joined union clown

Trump Hangs 'Tacky' Fantasy Painting of Himself With GOP Presidents in White House

Last Year, The Flu Put Him In A Coma. This Year He's Getting The Shot

Warren releases results of DNA test

Is Kashoggi, Trump's Shooting Someone On 5th Avenue??

Elizabeth Warren may or may not run for POTUS, but she's not letting Trump's racist LIES stand

Tempus fugit, everyone

1st Black Female Legislator in Vermont Resigns after White Supremacist Threats.

Alisyn Camerota did another follow-up interview with 6 independents.

LSU fraternities adjust to latest change in tailgate rules; students have mixed reaction

Voting Made Simple

TRUMP: Doesn't matter if Christine Blasey Ford was telling the truth because "we won."

And racist heads explode in 3...2...1

Most Of Arctic's Thick, Permanent Ice Gone: 70% Of Basin's Sea Ice Forms/Melts Annually

From The Duh File: Michael's Power Reveals Weaker Panhandle Building Codes (Compared To S FL)

2 weeks before Halloween and kids are singing Xmas

Shitstain's Reign Has Been Consistent In 1 Way: Systematic, Utter Denial Of Climate Reality

In these last three weeks before the election, the media is into it's "horse race" phase.

Christian groups rally against possible abortion clinic in New Orleans East; doctor continues fight

What's with all of the sniffing? Trump

Instead of murdering Khashoggi, Why didn't the king

Meandering, Weakening Jet Stream Transports Saharan Dust To Greenland, Darkening/Melting Ice & Snow

How oysters are restoring New York's polluted harbor

How oysters are restoring New York's polluted harbor

Resurfaced Mike Pence Opinion Piece About 'Mulan' Reminds Us Just How Messed Up He Really Is

Independent Trump Voters: "dictator in the White House" has "surrounded himself with crooks"

Stalled Progress: Recent Research on Why Labor Markets Are Failing Women

Trump: "crowd at my rallies far bigger than ever before" and "stop Democrats cold at the Ballot Box"

Louisiana pays $149K to settle former Secretary of State Tom Schedler's harassment suit

The Twit tweets: Just spoke to the King of Saudi Arabia who denies any knowledge...

omg, it's hanging in the WH...

Yemen on brink of 'world's worst famine in 100 years' if war continues

Chinese online star detained for five days after singing the national anthem badly

What Trump said about Elizabeth Warren to Fox News last week

Wow! It's the middle of October, the temp is 45F and I still have hummingbirds this morning.

Former Puerto Rica governor: Chavez sent the Venezuelan consul to bribe me

Republicans Fall Flat In Trump Country

SNL: Bayou Benny's Liberal Lagniappe

SNL: Bayou Benny's Liberal Lagniappe

Ted Cruz jokes about Chappaquiddick as Joe Kennedy III campaigns for Cruz' Senate opponent

I have to turn him off

THE CRISIS - by Tom Tomorrow

BTRTN: Beating Trump by Becoming Trump... Should Progressives Do Rage?

The origin of Superheroes: Zot!

BTRTN: Beating Trump by Becoming Trump... Should Progressives Do Rage?

The Rundown: October 12, 2018

There's something about waking up in the morning...

GOP candidate for governor in Georgia ... "illegals are gonna vote democratic"

Trump's 60 Minutes interview once again reveals gross ignorance and wild dishonesty

Zack Space (OH-State Auditor) campaign ad: "Crossroads"

trump was told 'in a very firm way' that the Saudi's didn't kill Khashoggi

"How Liberals Are Destroying America"

Does the huge majority of Americans see what is happening to their country?

tRump reveals how he got Flake and Collins to vote for Kavanaugh

I haven't heard anything out of Lindsey Graham for a few days.

Trump: "rogue killers" might have killed Khashoggi

Conservatives lamenting that liberals are forcing them to vote for Trump.

Price Gouging!

Trump offers $1 Million For "Pocahontas" Elizabeth Warren To Take DNA Test To Prove Indian Ancestry

Trump, very impressed w/ King Salman's "very firm denial" of involvement in Khashoggi disappearance

Donald Trump is the victim of lies. Vicious lies. He does NOT hate Muslims.

Trump not in a suit. Softened look

Trump denies promising he'd donate $1m if @SenWarren could prove she's Native American

More like "rogue financial ties"

DNA - it's a FUhontas moment for Elizabeth Warren.

Trump suggests 'rogue killers' may be responsible for Khashoggi's disappearance

Not one doctor in NYC accepts Medicare ?

I just ordered Fun Dip and Nerds Ropes to hand out on Halloween...

GOP candidate seeking Al Franken's Senate seat busted for racist 'chimp' comments about Michelle O.

Joe Crowley holding high-dollar fundraiser for 'future opportunities'

Great video edit of tRump's latest lie

Trump denies offering $1 million for Warren DNA test, even though he did

Hey Trump...A man is only as good as his word

'Junk science': Kellyanne Conway blows off Elizabeth Warren's Native American DNA test results

Here's Why the Fight Over 'Political Correctness' Is Totally Bogus

Conway responds to Warren DNA test: 'Junk science' that 'really doesn't interest me'

Trump's 60 Minutes interview once again reveals gross ignorance and wild dishonesty

Trump denies offering $1 million for Warren DNA test, even though he did

CNN thinks Warren's video of evidence of ancestry is proof she's running for president in 2020.

Kirsten Gillibrand should be the LAST person we want to run for president

Former National Security Agency Director @GenMhayden responds to Trump on 60 Minutes

Candlelit Space Ships

Shit like this is why there've never been pics of me on the Internet

Minnesota GOP Senate Contender Compared Michelle Obama To A 'Chimp' On Facebook

Holy Shit - Perdue said he 'took' the phone because

Several dead in Texas after shooting at toddler's birthday party

Right wing hack put in charge of USA Gymnastics post anti-Nike tweet and has worked with law firm

To be President, you need to pass a science & civics exam

"Take the test and I will give a million $s to your favorite charity paid for by Trump."

'It'll change back': Trump says climate change not a hoax, but denies lasting impact

DGA campaign ad: "Her, Him, You" (WI-GOV)

BBC: How chemical weapons have helped bring Assad close to victory

list all the excuses donnie will make not to pay $1 million to the charity of warren's choice

US embassy apology after cat pyjama invite

Mass exodus from Venezuela? What mass exodus!? It is a workers paradise!

How life in Britain changed after the Romans left (409AD)

A top Washington neocon hawk transitions from male to female

VOMIT ME THIS - Latest painting to be displayed in the White House

Does the fear of "false accusations" pose a threat to the left in upcoming elections?

"Republicans sort of cringe and wish Trump would find something else to do for a few weeks"

Trump sending Pompeo 'immediately' to meet Saudi king over missing journalist

OMG! A baby has been named after me!

Pro-Trump Activist Warns on MSNBC: 'Witches' are 'Placing a Hex on Brett Kavanaugh'

BREAKING: Kamala Harris called on Franken to resign

The trickled-down effect

Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy's brother-in-law scored millions on claim of Native American ancestry

How a western bank enabled a Russian money launderer.

"The real question is, does an Indigenous people claim anyone who claims to be one of us?"

Pic Of The Moment: "Winning"

Elizabeth Warren goes ALL THE WAY IN with new DNA/family video.

Here's a Video of Beto O'Rourke Petting a Bunny to Brighten Your Day

Orange doofus reports Saudi denial and 'rogue' killers as cleaners show up at embassy

Global stock market sell-off resumes

Just a reminder: Trump broke the law to become POTUS.

One word - FOCUS on the midterms please

"Not cookie!" video wins $10,000 on America's Funniest Home Videos

Got my absentee ballot

Howz about a pretty cat pix to start the week off with -

trump & rick scott kissing each other's asses on florida tarmac....

Trump arrival in FL live on FB

All politics with the Con and Red Tide Ricky

I repeat

I wanted to do something to commemorate my 10,000th post.

I'm Not Sure We're Ready for the Chaos That Will Follow the Midterms

Gordon Klingenschmitt: Senators Who Voted Against Kavanaugh Are 'Demonized People'

Giant, Prehistoric Bird Chowed Down on This Neanderthal Child's Bones

WaPo Picks a Side in Maryland Race--the Side That's Offering Billions to Amazon

trump to Leslie Stahl...'I'm 'president' and you're not'


I'm not a baby. I'm President and you're not. From the President of the United States of America

Myanmar's Military Said to Be Behind Facebook Campaign That Fueled Genocide

Trump on 60 Minutes: "I'm not a baby." Also Trump:

Baldwin urges 'overthrow' of Trump government via voting

Three retired USMC generals signed letter saying candidate ACampaNajjar is a threat to U.S. security

trump sending pompeo to saudi arabia to do...........what?

Exporting Terrorism

Re: Trump's mocking of Blasey-Ford:

Just Be Best! A Randy Rainbow Parody Song brilliant

On Election Day, Clinton had an 85% chance of 45 of FEAR..

Chavismo has "photographic proof" that Fernando Alban committed suicide... only...

A Blue-Velvet Universe: Very Large Telescope Captures Invisible Glow of Deep Space

What the GOoP translates to "Warren used her Native American heritage to get special treatment!"

Legalize Cannabis candidate endorses Keith Ellison for attorney general

Ezra Klein promoting "both sides-ism" asking us to believe partisan hack Juanita Broaddrick.

Juju loves Oolong tea, and my favorite is PuErh Chinese tea...

Congrats to DU, for having over a quarter-million registered users.

It's not "junk science" you asshole: it's a "junk presidency

Well, Trump Got Prayed Over Again.

Bill Clinton...

Beto O' Rourke on Ellen show, talking about his DUI

Anybody ever have a P201 error come up when installing Dreamweaver

Poll: Democrats Surging in Pennsylvania

The Most Coveted Tea in the World: Pu-erh

Remember when military policy was discussed almost daily?

It's National Grouch Day! Post Your Gripe, Grouse, or Grumble!

'Truth changes your soul': Tara Lyons gets admission, settlement for sex abuse as a child

There's a reason we don't see Abraham Lincoln's face.

Japanese Tea Ceremony: Tea At Koken

Aunt Crabby For The Win:

'It's a scary time': Trump surrogate says GOP in danger because witches put a 'hex' on Brett Kavanau

Three Women Hailed As Heroes For Stopping Alleged Date Rape

So, if it wasn't "rogue killers" who murdered Mr. Kashoggi, has the White House

The polls are open in Georgia


What's for Dinner, Mon., Oct. 15, 2018

Miyazaki, Japan, (The home of my Ancestors)

Workers put Trump on notice: 'The U.S. mail is not for sale!'

Workers put Trump on notice: 'The U.S. mail is not for sale!'

Car engine switch - code computer match

Workers put Trump on notice: 'The U.S. mail is not for sale!'

Barbra Streisand: Don't Lie to Me

Miyazaki Japan, the home of my ancestors...

THIS IS A DRILL - THIS IS AN ACTUAL Bosch CO2143 1/4 In. x 4 In. Cobalt Drill

Amazon's HQ2 announcement is imminent. Here's a look at the final contenders.

(Gop)Senator rips phone out of student's hand as he's asking question

CROSS POST: Three Women Hailed As Heroes For Stopping Alleged Date Rape

I finally convinced my spouse to register

Reporting BOTS on Twitter. NPC bots are a RW new bot

Trouble brewing: climate change to cause 'dramatic' beer shortages

Right wing trolls are trying to divide us with the Democrat vs. Democrat tactic .

What did you do to heal your body after chemotherapy?

tRump orders FBI to investigate Warren's DNA test claims

Whatever is found in Turkey regarding Khashoggi, Trump's media bashing is responsible.

Work it Gina (87 y.o. Gillum supporter)!

Joe Biden is the most popular Democratic potential 2020 Presidential candidate...

"My scratching post is supposed to be back today, Debra. What's wrong with this picture, eh?"

Reminder: Who sued Bill Maher for 5 million after PROVING he was no Son Of An Orangutan ?!!

Democrats Maintain the Edge in Secretary of State Races

Joe Biden appeals to working-class whites who defected to Trump.

At least somebody got the joke...

Just got a "PORN SCAM" e-mail, feel soooo violated

Kemp: 'Ridiculous' To Suggest I Step Down For Stalling 53K Voter Registrations

Kemp: 'Ridiculous' To Suggest I Step Down For Stalling 53K Voter Registrations

"Make Me."

You can look up a sample ballot for your polling location in NC

Daughters of Dasheen by Sandra Davis

Trump says it again: "If I appointed Ivanka as US Ambassador ...

Black Voters Matter. Seniors board bus to vote. Bus stopped and seniors kicked off....

U.S. budget deficit jumps to $779 billion

Tone-deaf R TV ads have only one theme: they/it will raise taxes

I kid you not, the Connecticut GOP has posted this online.

Man shot in Panama City amid looting in aftermath of Hurricane Michael: report

For those of you on Twitter with large followings

Simple materialistic pleasures.

Annual Budget Deficit Jumps to $779 Billion

Think on these things:

Repugnant Party Rising Star In the Race Of Her Life

My New Myth about the Origin of the Universe

Pay up Trump, you lying bastard:

Hillary Clinton: Monica Lewinsky Was "An Adult" The View

New filing on US vs Butina (order to seal).

Palast finds more purged voters..Nevada, Illinois, Indiana..look at these #s...

3 weeks and a day until 2020 primary madness begins

Chicago's Sip of Hope - a cafe where it's OK not to be OK

Rob Reiner: stop the lying insanity that is the President of the United States

Wishful thinking from Chavismo mouthpiece: Invasion is imminent.

Took me all morning to complete my ballot.

Look who's going to run Medicaid nationally

Money adds zip to our lives, but that zip is gonna turn to zap. Trump is an elected pickpocket.

"You currently vote 87.2% in line with this president. How do you reconcile that?"

NYPD Looks to Charge 9 Proud Boys With Assault for Manhattan Fight

One amazing house defied Hurricane Michael's fury

Saudis Will Admit Khasoggi Was Killed *

... the Saudis are preparing a report that will acknowledge Jamal Khashoggi's death was the result

So, Now You Want Civility?

"President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump distribute water"

''Trump doesn't believe that universal health care works anywhere in the world. ''

Sanders to Bring Back War Powers Resolution to End Unauthorized U.S. Military Involvement in Yemen

Fixed up version of the new tacky Trump painting

(Jewish Group) Former ADL Director Attributes Rise in Anti-Semitism to Trump

CNN: Saudis Preparing Report Admitting Khashoggi Was Killed In Interrogation Gone Wrong

(Jewish Group) Anti-Zionism Has No Place in the Progressive Movement

Trump is now claiming it was rogue killers that killed Khashoggi

(Jewish Group) The Privilege And Peril Of Being A White Jew In Today's America

🐦 OCT 22 at 2PM - Rally with Bernie Sanders in Kenosha, WI

American Bar Association drops review of Kavanaugh

Randy Rainbow!!!

🐦 OCT 24 at 5PM - Rally with Bernie in Fort Collins, CO

🐦 OCT 24 at 1PM - Rally with Bernie Sanders in Boulder, CO

Drug Store Truck Drivin Man

US voter records from 19 states sold on hacking forum

Why did Sears go broke?... Two words: Walmart,.. Amazon.

Rogue. CNN analyst: Dump shows his ignorance.

Pierce: Elizabeth Warren Had to Engage With This Nonsense. That's What Our Politics Have Become.

Who Is James A. Wolfe? Former Senate Intel Panel Security Director Indicted for Lying to FBI

Anyone watching Forever on Amazon Prime?

Hmmm, Michael Avenatti's people are reaching out to me...

'Iron Man' star Robert Downey Jr. sends special message to Bluffs boy with brain cancer

Halloween Is Coming #71

Halloween Is Coming #72

Halloween Is Coming #73

Halloween Is Coming #74

Halloween Is Coming #75

Randy Rainbow Rocks It Again!

Florida Supreme Court rules against Scott

Next governor of FL gets to appoint THREE justices to the FL Supreme Court

He's got the wettest water

Did I just hear Bill Kristol say

Democrats poised to make historic impeachment push, after dust from midterms settles

Republicans worry that Trump and his aides have no idea the hell that may await

The @realDonaldTrump Foundation doesn't have the $ to pay the $!M pledge to Warren

Federal government posts widest deficit since 2012

Mar-a-Lago member gives $150,000 to help Trump aides mired in Mueller probe

Former VA chief Shulkin: 'Chaos' probably a 'pretty accurate term' to describe Trump White House

Editorial: Even with flaws, I-1631 provides climate solutions

That VoteVets ad against Red Tide Rick is one great ad

Russian cartoon from 1953 - Americanized

Postal workers rally, raise concerns about privatizing mail

I received something unsolicited from ebay. What do I do?

Marjan Mozetich - Affairs Of The Heart

Poll: Beyonce is most politically divisive celebrity in the US

Victim of Hate Crime Speaks Out

Barbara Streisand - Don't Lie to Me (Official Video)

Fuck a Duck..Trump will pay if HE gets to administer DNA test himself....

On the Elizabeth Warren Native American blood issue

5 ways a House victory for Democrats will impede Trump's agenda - even if GOP keeps the Senate

4 Republican policies led to a $779 billion deficit in 2018:

"Tacky" Painting seen in background of Trump's 60 Minutes Interview

Listen To Randi Rhodes

Just now to reporters: Trump says he wants to administer DNA test to Warren himself and then he'll

Trump is too scared to campaign where Americans didn't vote for him

So Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and a some other Democrat walks into a bar.

Question about king's 11/22/63.** SPOILERS

Trump administration plans to require drug companies to include prices in ads

Marjan Mozetich - El Dorado

Maine's former top health official Mary Mayhew to head Medicaid nationally

GOP nominee complains that ethics rules are 'road to full socialism'

First debate in Il-13th between Betsy Londrigan and incumbent Rodney David and

Outside groups caught lying to prop up vulnerable GOP congressman

Unfortunately, Trump has an easy-out on his $1 mil Warren bet.

Is it just me or is POTUS involved in a murder coverup?

Great tweet by reporter/columnist Virginia Heffernan regarding Khashoggi:

What's up with the green hats at Trump rallies these days?

No TOONs post today, sorry.

Hey, Pocahontas...

BREAKING NEWS: Michael survivor handed single water bottle demands paper towels thrown at him.

Former Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen, Now Registered as a Democrat, Calls 2018 Midterms 'Most Importa

Mops, Cleaners, and Trash Bags Delivered to Saudi Consulate Ahead of Khashoggi Murder Probe

I was surprised but my county is still accepting applications for poll workers.

Police presence at Collins' Bangor home Monday afternoon after suspicious letter received

There are no Democrats I will not work to elect. None. There are some that I prefer,

Thank You For Your Concern EUGene Robinson

So I got to thinking about something today

UPDATE: Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founder and billionaire investor, dies at 65

GOP megadonors desperately try to save racist nominee for governor of Florida

LSU fined $100,000 for fans storming onto the field after victory over Georgia

Breaking -Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen Dead at 65 - LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE

Putin, Duterte, MBS, Kim are all LAWLESS. This is what Trump envisions for himself.

GOP abandons all hope that failed tax scam will help them win votes

Trump administration will require prices in drug ads

Luckovich-Hey that is my Vote

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 16 October 2018

E Warren is right on the money trolling tRump over the DNA test

IL-06: Peter Roskum stoops below tRump in name-calling.

Alexa for Evangelicals!

Civil rights icon John Lewis endorses Aftab Pureval: He's 'ready to fight the fight'

"True American Patriot" Nunes begs for money: "I have become a constant target of attack"

Trump: "Rogue killers" may have murdered Jamal Khasshoggi

Stockman on Trump Blaming Fed for Correction: Rates Still Underwater, Carnage Just Getting Started

A Potential 'Brett Kavanaugh Effect Going The Other Way'? Morning Joe MSNBC

Presidential painting features a slim version of Trump hold court with GOP presidents incl Abe

On Ari Melber's show Ralph Nader called it the "Democrat Party"

Those Babbel commercials.

Maybe now that a journalist has been killed and dotard is protecting the killers, the MEDIA will dig

Warren should agree to Trump's new testing offer...on one condition

About Andy Thomas, who painted the "tacky" Trump print

Obama guy: Why Did Elizabeth Warren Release DNA Test Now, This Close to Midterms?

Does The Clock Now Tick For Jim Mattis And John Kelly? Morning Joe MSNBC

Breaking: Federal judge dismisses Stormy Daniels' defamation lawsuit against Donald Trump.

10 Trump State Democratic US Senators are up for re-election this year.

In about 20 years, half the population will live in eight states

Judge throws out Stormy Daniels's lawsuit against Trump

So, we now have to hear Trump's two cents from now till Nov. 6th?

Trump Is Clamping Down on White House Protest. Be Very Afraid of What Comes Next

Olympus just rearranged their website to add a page just for

Trump loved a painting of himself drinking Diet Coke with Abe Lincoln ...

Not for the faint-hearted.

My electoral dilemma and how I solved it

I'm going to see this movie soon

President Trump has a message for the 'fake news' media

Liz Warren is running for reelection in November. So why would ANY Democrat criticize her

You gotta read The Fifth Risk by Michael Lewis. The nonfiction 1984.

Trump Embraces Foreign Aid to Counter China's Global Influence

Sunshine Bridge to remain closed for months following barge accident

**Levity Alert**

Can we assume Nunes and Gowdy will demand investigations into Kashoggi's murder?

Trump's upcoming Texas rally is 94,995 seats short of his promise of "BIGGEST stadium in Texas"

Has the media officially normalized "Pocahontas"?

Everyone stop posting please.

I looked up every judge on my ballot

Trump: "I'm picking the biggest stadium in Texas we can find." It'll be the NRG Arena

Mrs. America pageant owner accused of racially biased language