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Jeopardy Regulars - Spoiler

Avenatti: We have set Cohen's sworn testimony for Dec 13.

I hope Nelson, Gillum, and all FL Democrats hammer their opposition on Medicare, Medicaid, and

Georgia Mayor Compares 'Black Voters Matter' To Suicide Cult Amid Bus Controversy

Wow. Just wow.

Killing Jamal Khashoggi Was A Saudi Warning Shot

Hitler liked when his subordinates fought, too.

Sanders says White House staff "passionate," not angry at each other

POLITICO race ratings: Democrats breach GOP statehouse walls

10/19 Mike Luckovich: Prognosis iffy.

"I'm sorry, I have very bad news for you,"

Melania Trump Look-Alike In T.I. Video Says She's Getting Death Threats

Wages for the 1% just reached their highest level ever

Is Trump the "Supidest Person" ever to become President of the United States?

Reaching Out. Touching Me. Touching Your Heart.

I just the saw the most vicious campaign ad

MBS should forever be referred to as "Mr. Bone Saw"

Viggo Mortensen reads Albert Camus' Lecture, "The Human Crisis"

Arkansas Supreme Court strikes "Tort Reform" constitutional amendment from ballot

93 more ex-students accuse former USC gynecologist of sexual misconduct, attorney says

Does anyone here want to tell him?

Hey Anderson Cooper

2018 US Senate Election Prediction - Worse and Best Case Scenario for Democrats.

Halloween Is Coming #86

Halloween Is Coming #87

OKAY someone PLEASE calm me down...

Halloween Is Coming #88

Halloween Is Coming #89

Halloween Is Coming #90

Has anyone made crystals out of peanut butter and charcoal?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know how bad the odds are

Can we please proofread the title lines of OPs? Just sayin'....

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Keep It Lit!

The Ritz-Carlton Is Hosting Saudi's 'Davos In The Desert,' Rights Abuses Be Damned

I'm developing crushes on some of our candidates

Aide to Saudi Crown Prince, Suspect in Khashoggi Case, Shown Walking into Consulate

NY-02: Peter King blows his temper during debate

Conservatives mount whisper campaign smearing Khashoggi in defense of Trump

"Any guy that can do a body slam..."

Trump is having a rally in Montana...and not a single news network, including Fox, is showing it.

Trump at Montana rally PRAISES Gianforte for body-slamming journalist Ben Jacobs (VIDEO)

NCDOT Wants Public Input

If you are on Facebook or any other social media, the enemy is "inside the wire". Bots and trolls

"He's this guy."

Donald J. Trump: Champion of the Proletariat

Rachel Maddow covering trump's self-dealing on the FBI building

Trump: I knew body slamming a reporter would help Gianforte

FL vote projection model - Day 8. We are improving but need much more!

Two new contributions in tossup races

I personally need a friendly approach to solving stochastic differential equations with singular...

Beto O'Rourke for Senate, CNN Texas Town Hall, Thurs. Oct. 18

Damn I'm glad Murphy Brown is back. GREAT episode, tonight

A bedtime story for our Loungers.

Did you try turning it off, waiting 60 seconds...

This is truly horrible. The president is gleefully applauding violence against a journalist.

Have a laugh with Will Ferrell

MT-AL: Trump Praises Gianforte for Physically Assaulting Reporter

*Abigail Spanberger (candidate in VA) coming up on Lawrence show.

Trump official called Trudeau 'that little punk kid running Canada,' the U.S. president's economic

Oh, god, Joe & Mika are on Colbert tonight.

I have completed my own probe into seeing if I took cookies from the cookie jar

Is anyone at the point...

In Which SCROTUS Covers Up a Murder, and Republicans do...Wow, a Fuckton of Super-Racist Shit (Ferret)

21 YO Rapheal Devers hits a 3 run HR against Verlander?

Any person who supports Donald Trump and covers for him and/or his family is just as

Why is conservative media trying to silence Hillary by resurfacing Monica under the guise of #metoo?

Earl Scruggs and Friends -- for Robert

Conservatives mount a whisper campaign smearing Khashoggi in defense of Trump

The Guardian responds to Trump praising lawmaker who body-slammed Guardian reporter

Jeff Bridges talks about his best known movie roles

Switchboard Susan - Nick Lowe

"Potus tonight applauded the assault on an American journalist who works for the Guardian"

Love to hear about Montana: (on Lawrence show.)

Blast from the past. Paul Weyrich on voter suppression.

Election experts:. Is it safer to vote early? Or

This says it all.

I don't believe in stressing pets out by dressing them up in costumes, but I have to admit this one

"Tornado Alley" may be moving to the densely-populated Southeast

Oumou Sangare - Kamelemba (Wassoulou/Experimental) /Saa Magni

Sri Preston Kulkarni-now part of DCCC Red to Blue

Gots me an earworm...

President Trump's Houston rally moved to Toyota Center

Meanwhile, it's winter in Canada...

A journalist was tortured, and dismembered while still alive, and this MOTHERFUCKER is . . . .

Fishbone anyone?

Tiny unfollowed Michael Cohen tonight after his rally in Montana.

Evoldi pitches clean-up in the 8th.

Crybaby Donny Protest Rally in Houston Monday Oct 22nd

Trump Applauds Montana Rep. Greg Gianforte for Body-Slamming Reporter

Hawley tries to paint McCaskill as too liberal for Missouri in Senate debate

White man who shot three black men during Hurricane Katrina pleads guilty

Everyday Sunshine

NV-04: National Republicans pull money from the race.

Wealthy Los Angeles grapples with outbreak of typhus among its poorest

I have been tokin' since 1967.

Eat 12 black-eyed peas on New Years Day for good luck for the year! Heard this is from the Ozarks

You don't say.....

How to make sausage on a stick.

Any Trump Rally...

The Ballad of EL Goodo

The Daily Show: Elizabeth Warren Proves Her Native American Heritage

Rival's advert plays up Jair Bolsonaro's links with Steve Bannon

How to say "you got me fucked up" in corporate email lingo.

The Daily Show: GOP Voter Suppression Ramps Up in Georgia


US judge extends hold on Mississippi's 15-week abortion ban

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox

Amid outcry over missing Saudi journalist, praises GOP congressman for body slamming reporter

Beto already has a song about him ... video

Don't watch this video if you're afraid of heights!

Man accused of threatening US senator indicted in Arizona

MN-GOV: National Republicans abandon unwanted nominee

Breaching dams to save Northwest orcas is contentious issue

Red Sox to the Series

Guatemala lawmakers lower penalty for illicit campaign money

Steve Earl covers Little Feat

KS-GOV: Kris Kobach begs judge not to release his sworn deposition about the Trump admin

R.E.M. & Neil Young - Country Feedback - 10/18/98 - Shoreline Amphitheatre (OFFICIAL)

New Rival Sons!

Just loved Murphy Brown. Again

Federal Police Denounces Michel Temer in Kickback Investigation

Brazil front-runner accused of illegal campaign practices

Front-runner in Brazil poll 'set up fake news network'

Black Crowes repost. 'Cause it's just soooo fucking good.

Brazilian Senator brands Bolsanaro 'a symbol of barbarism'

If Pink Floyd was formed in the 90's ... I give you the band 'Girls' ...

TX Civil rights project: Hillary at event to support reuniting families.

South American marsupials discovered to reach new heights

South American marsupials discovered to reach new heights

Watching the replay of Beto's town meeting, the cheering sounds different...

George Takei tweet: Breaking: Trump says Saudi prince has calendar proving his innocence.


How a Dictator Got Away With a Brazen Murder in D.C. in 1976

Jason Chaffetz mocks Elizabeth Warren

How a Dictator Got Away With a Brazen Murder in D.C. in 1976

Just sent Heidi Heitkamp $25

For brother Lebowski

Dirty Don just landed in Phoenix for a 36 hour stay

The LeBrake Show: Not Undefeated


How to pick up a cat like a pro

Health Care Let Neandertals "Punch above Their Weight"

Go to right now. Just do it.

The Magpie Salute

GOP Hypocrisy On Obamacare - The Last Word - MSNBC

Siberian Photos Help Connect Argentina To Its Asian Ancestry

Do Canadian Carvings Depict Vikings? Removing Mammal Fat May Tell

Dinosaur-Era Super-Piranha Terrorized Jurassic Seas

Democratic Challenger On Representative Dave Brat's "Shameful" Comments - The Last Word - MSNBC

These injections can help Delawareans overcome their heroin addiction

Is It Gettin' Heavy? Well I Thought it was Already as Heavy ... As Can Be ...

editorial cartoons on Khashoggi

Disagreements are few, but odd, in Blunt Rochester-Walker U.S. House debate

It Didn't Look Like The Crowd Was That Big In Missoula.....

BepiColombo spacecraft launches on mission to Mercury

U.S. Sen. Tom Carper pressed by Arlett about decades-old domestic violence incident during debate

Spinei: "Synched", St. Michel Strings/Sigfusdottir: "Clockworking", Nordic Affect/

I am so tired of the negative adverts coming from TX and other places

how do we call MIRT?

Must watch

Inspector general: interior secretary Zinke's travel with wife violated policy

Democrats file election complaint against prominent Republicans

Barber: "Adagio for Strings"/Einaudi: "I Giorni", Dubeau on violin/

I saw a rat in my apt tonight. I have lived here

'There is no more Republican party': will California's Orange county swing Democratic?

"And now, a political ad from your future Senator."

REALLY? NOW? Trump Credits Violence Against Reporter For Gianforte's Win.

UD poll: Most favor legal weed, universal health care

Vetoed! Watch President Trump Name Ripped Off NYC Building - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

I'm meeting Goober and Floyd in Mount Pilot tonight.

The Flaming Lips - Fight Test

Ammar Campa-Najjar: Duncan Hunter Is A Coward - All In - MSNBC

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/18/18

Several injured after Navy helicopter crashes aboard USS Ronald Reagan

(xpost) Several injured after Navy helicopter crashes aboard USS Ronald Reagan

Stephen Colbert - Guests Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski: We Need Nothing From Saudi Arabia

Ex-FBI agent gets 4 years in prison for leaking documents

WaPo 10/18 Conservatives Mount A Whisper Campaign Smearing Khashoggi

Hillary Clinton didn't Really lose, she lost because Republicans are really good at cheating!

Hate in Maryland: From racist taunts to swastikas to a campus stabbing, bias reports up sharply

Eighteen Days ... 6 November 2018 ... Vote

StarKist admits fixing tuna prices, faces $100 million fine for collusion

The most important science policy issue in every state

Hogan Continues to Maintain Double-Digit Lead Over Jealous

One month, Two Hurricanes

Another Take On tRump's New "Art"

17 ways to become a more interesting person

Trump just celebrated the beating of a political reporter in unhinged Montana rally

Early voting starts on Monday, 10/22 in FL. Post your county's early voting sites here.

🐦 OCT 27 at 11AM - GOTV Rally with Bernie Sanders and Barbara Lee, Berkeley, CA

In tiny Bhutan, known for its pursuit of happiness, democracy brings discontent

Trump: 'I Have a Natural Instinct for Science'

The Rachel Maddow Show 10/18/18 - MSNBC - Full Show

Joe Donnelly's ax-swinging campaign ad veers into 'Veep' territory

Morning Jerk has launched its Dem bashing two week midterm program. Turn them off.

Morning Joe and company are ranting and raving about Democrats and their message.

Voters are going to fire Republicans because they have not done their job.

Supremely Trolled

Wild Songbirds Can Pick Up New Tunes

Friday TOONs - Deficit Driving Edition

Spanish courts seize corrupt Chavista minister's 40 luxury homes in Spain

I don't see a door. Do you see a door?

East Nashville canvass Saturday Oct. 20

"Worker president" Maduro blocks workers from protesting in Venezuela for their wages, benefits

Amnesty International accuses Ortega in extrajudicial killings

Mission accomplished

Nicaraguan dictator accused of torturing protesters

Manafort back in court to hash out details of his sentencing

Pilot gives $1m to McConnell-linked PAC aiding Blackburn

Cook who served kangaroo meat no longer employed by western Nebraska school

'Fiasco': The short life and ignominious death of de Blasio's national progressive agenda

4 Ongoing Or Upcoming Dam Removal Projects - Klamath (CA); Nooksack (WA); Grand (MI)

Washington Post Editorial: "The police-state kingdom"

File this under "Southern Hospitality"

Foo Fighters cover Enter Sandman w/ 10 year old LIVE KC

Colgate-Palmolive latest company to close in Venezuela

Well, damn. If I hadn't just splurged on

Rates Of Brain & CNS Cancer 72% Higher In Butte, Anaconda Than In Other Montana Counties

Longview News-Journal -- We endorse: Beto O'Rourke is best choice for Texas senator

Plastic Pollution Of Falkands, St. Helena, Ascension Islands Up 100-Fold In 30 Years

Joe and Mika doing Demmi Downer this morning.

Both sides....

It is bash Democrats day for Mika and Joe

Both parties encourage "mobs". Our mobs are diverse collections of righteously

Union leader released by SEBIN. All union hierarchy removed from posts by Maduro

Nikki Haley jokes at fundraising dinner: 'You wanted an Indian woman, but Elizabeth Warren failed

Five Tribes of American Voters

These Are The Army Units Deploying Overseas In 2019

Well Golly! Some NC Republicans Now Willing To Admit Global Warming Is A Problem!

There are five threads complaining about MORNING JOE today...

Advice for the wave of foreigners invading Florida....

President Obama Doesn't Have Time For These 7 Excuses Not To Vote

Dinesh D'Souza speaking at Texas A&M: Political climate stifling voices

Cherry Blossoms Across Japan Blooming Six Months Early

Democrats demand to know why EPA children's health official was abruptly put on leave

President Obama Doesn't Have Time For These 7 Excuses Not To Vote

Georgia Is Using Amateur Handwriting Analysis to Disenfranchise Minority Voters

UK's May condemns Trump for praise of lawmaker who assaulted reporter

Talk about an ominous sign in the sky

The Con praising Gianforte last night - Gianforte committed a crime

Kansas City doctor gets prison time for $1.5M drug fraud

Cutting Social Security - Was ALWAYS The GOP Plan.

Oh, that'll leave a mark...

Religious Trauma Syndrome: How some organized religion leads to mental health problems

Shreveport Police Department will no longer host or promote prayer vigils

Arizona Cardinals 45-10 loss to the Broncos

Images of the Season: Fall Is in the Air, Part 2

Morning Joe used the first hour of their show attacking the Dems for not having a central message.

The origin of Super Villains: Queen Bee

The Rundown: October 18, 2018

Top 50 Graphic Novels: #15-11

Rep. Duncan Hunter is running a despicable campaign

Bolton to meet with Putin and Lavrov

What's their angle? "Nothing wrong with a little killing, as long as the right people get killed."

Trevor Noah has a neat idea about voter surpression

EU looks to boost Asian ties as US pursues protectionism

The Yellow Lab who raised a lion cub

Oh, LOOK. Tiny Mushroom Man has tweeted a new hashtag that the red hats can chant at rallies.

RDAG customers still without resolution after Thursday bankruptcy court hearing

Cop explains the facts of life to 11 and 13 year old black boys with a BB Gun

Acosta describes crowd reaction: He looked at me and ran his thumb across his throat.

So how long will donald trump give the Saudis to concoct a story?

Where To Find Candidate Information

Indian passenger mistakes plane exit door for toilet

SPLC sues for records detailing Trump administration plan to arm teachers with guns using federal fu

Profiles in Crazy, IX . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Scenes from their dysfunctional marriage mirror what they've done to America.

Who are these depressed Democratics that Joe and Mika

Victoria mosque arsonist Marq Vincent Perez gets 24-year federal prison sentence

Montana Greets Trump With Massive 'LIAR' And 'IMPEACH' Signs

British backpacker who graffitied 13th century Thai fortress faces 10 years in jail

I'm on the West Coast. What did I miss on Morning Joe ?

Michigan GOP women's group backs Dem candidates

Does anyone have contact info for MSNBC?

EPA on U.N. Climate-Change Report: 'What Report? Haven't Heard of It'

107,000 purged from Georgia voter rolls for not voting in past elections

Conservatives mount a whisper campaign smearing Khashoggi in defense of Trump

The Complexity of Black Girlhood Is at the Heart of The Hate U Give

CNN's Acosta sends private message to former Melania Trump aide: 'F**k you'

ND-SEN: Heitkamp moves from Tossup to Lean Republican

"Since I Don't Have You," by The Skyliners: this month's births and deaths

Colorado congressman says Democratic opponent funded 'socialist' magazine

Trump Praises Assault

I believe Mueller's report is almost ready but they don't know who to give it to??

Insect collapse study 'one of the most disturbing articles I have ever read,' expert warns

So when they lose will Don the Con say

Once upon a time a lot of people puzzled over how "The Big Lie" propaganda was so effective

This is an hour's worth of the raw truth

'Affluenza' teen's mom released on bond

When we win the house is it possible to investigate

GOP women's PAC is backing Dems in two key Michigan races

There is no fucking caravan

SETX Democrats: Harvey response was unacceptable

republicans top The Shit List - a Bill to allow shit in water

TL;DR: guy takes his girlfriend to see Jordan Peterson speak, she immediately tells him...

Carly Fiorina on Trump's 'horseface' insult: A new low

How many Republicans will vote for Trump after...

Interior selects Bundy supporter who favors 'war' against the BLM to serve as senior legal adviser

Study: Trumpists More Motivated By Racism Than Economic Anxiety

Let's Be Real: America Won't Punish Saudi Arabia Over Khashoggi

Joe: Here's How Dems Can Push Back On 'Mobs' Talk Morning Joe MSNBC


Trump Got Elected Bashing Sharia Law. Now He's in Bed With Its Lethal Champion.

Mueller report PSA: Prepare for disappointment

The whole world is watching America...

US home sales fell in September to slowest pace in 3 years

Justice Dept. Rank-and-File Tell of Discontent Over Sessions's Approach

Absentee voting in Virginia soars three weeks ahead of election

Former Webb County commissioner, former Laredo city councilman plead guilty to bribery


The Trump effect: Spotted in Park Slope Brooklyn.

The Con is Why the Rubes Support Trump

Colbert on Pat Robertson BRILLIANT!

107,000 purged from Georgia voter rolls for not voting in past elections: report

Miami-Dade woos Democrats with Emilio Estefan's food, mojitos and gay men's chorus

Snoop Lion & Cheech and Chong Speak on Their Best and Worst Marijuana Experiences SWAY'S UNIVERSE S

AARP poll: Delgado leads Faso in race for Congress

Katy resident plans to fight HOA to keep huge Beto sign in front yard

Facebook LIVE Now: Liz for Indiana - Vote! With Bernie rally.

Am I just being paranoid or are there lots of attempts to tamp down voter turnout?

'When They Go Low, We Go Vote': DNC's Midterm Message Morning Joe MSNBC

Volunteers, high Democratic enthusiasm help drive Dona Ana County's early vote surge

Mueller probably has one more bombshell indictment up his sleeve.

'Better Healthcare At Lower Costs' Is The Message: Chuck Schumer Morning Joe MSNBC MSNBC MSNBC

Today in civil asset forfeiture:

Fair warning: I'm about to trash the words "Morning Joe" from my DU feed.

Justice Dept. Rank-and-File Tell of Discontent Over Sessions's Approach.

OMG This a real ad here in Arkansas

Republicans smear murdered journalist to cover for Trump

Heitkamp fends off attacks from Kevin Cramer over voting record in first North Dakota Senate debate

Republicans want to sell you junk health insurance plans.

Has anyone looked into Amendment Y, Congressional Redistricting?

Voting Laws: 50 States; 50 Different Sets of Laws

We loved her for 20 years. Miss Pookie just crossed the rainbow bridge.

Iconic Dodge City moves its only polling place outside town

Julian Assange launches legal action against Ecuador

GOPrs will never admit that corporate and top marginal tax cuts are horrible ideas for the economy

I have watched bits and pieces of MSNBC this morning and I tell ya

Smithfield meat worker allegedly peed on the production line

Small, Tiny, Victory Over Those Who Value Dollars Over All Else

A review of the *reviews* : The COOPER-GAGA "A Star Is Born"

Zervos Lawsuit Judges Fret Over Whether NY Court Can Jail A Sitting President

On Our Way Home - Empire of the Sun

Scott Walker just got re-elected: Evers campaign PLAGIARIZED sections of the Evers budget

Radio ad in Arkansas House race says 'white Democrats will be lynching black folk again'

Jesus Wants You to Vote for Republicans

Trump and the truth.

Trump Says He Now Believes Khashoggi Is Dead, Threatens 'Consequences'

Migrant Caravan Masses Near Mexico's Southern Border


I pulled a 1,500-year-old sword out of a lake

Treatment of nausea.

While President Continues to Play Dumb on Murder, 2016 Reporting Shows Saudis Only Blacklisted Khash

In 2020, Democrats Expect a Female Front-Runner. Or Three.

Any news on the Manafort hearing today?

Do you know why the military shoots at silhouettes of people?

Amritsar: Scores dead as train mows down crowd

Stan Mack, formerly of the Village Voice, writes first ever comic strip letter to the editor of NYT

Quaker Bets Oat Milk Is More Than Just a Passing Fad

I am rewatching Rescue Me & the frankness of the alcoholism is suprising to me

Saudis blackmailing Trump over Don Jr., Jared?

Heritage Foundation's Ethically Dubious Law Clerk 'Training Academy' Suspended

He's Here

Finally, the Saudis Come Clean on Khashoggi Accident

Divorce records of Keith Ellison (D-MN) show he was a victim.

Saudi King checks MBS' power as Khashoggi crisis grows

Facebook LIVE - Marching with Bernie to Vote

Cohen case filing: "on an ongoing grand jury investigation".

So let me get this straight.

40+ award winning Natural History Photos

DIVE-DIVE-DIVE - There's a sleeping walrus on the deck

Nebraska Du-ers......check the voter purge list here. Last day to register online, also.

Does anyone remember after election when Trump said it wasn't Reagan's party anymore, it was his?

If you haven't seen this video of former Supreme Court Justice David Souter speaking

Crowd walking with @SenSanders and @LizForIndiana down Seventh Street to Election Central.

I live in East TN

Conservatives mount a whisper campaign smearing Khashoggi in defense of Trump

**NEW AZ POLL ALERT** Sinema (Democrat) 48% McSally (Repugnant) 40%

Friday - Aww, that's so cute

US cancels major military exercise with South Korea

"Proof of Collusion" preorder on Amazon:

Julian Assange sues Ecuador for 'violating his rights'

Trump Organization files $90,000 lawsuit against estate of man killed in Trump Tower apartment fire

**NEW NV POLL ALERT** Rosen (Democrat) 48% Heller (Repugnant) 46%

Bernie Sanders & Nina Turner Rally Bloomington IN with Liz Watson

Happy 75th anniversary, the first isolation of streptomycin.

Video: Bernie Sanders & Nina Turner Rally Bloomington IN with Liz Watson

This elementary school surprised their 'superhero' custodian with an appreciation party...

Tune in for another MrScorpio's HOUSE FIRE Session!

How many working computers do you have in your house?

President Donald Trump's Latest Attempt To Sow Fear Ahead Of The Midterms Deadline MSNBC MSNBC

Just how many 'joe and mika sucks ' post are there gonna be

833 336 8683. Voter hotline use this if you are having voting issues Heard tom perez on the stepha

Some people don't understand where Donald Trump is coming from.

''I want to see the largest voter turnout in our history this year. ''

Twitter kills pro-Saudi "botnet" spreading Khashoggi disinformation tweets

Eric Trump: Saudis have already been punished, given all the CEOs that have pulled back support

So laughable: Anti-D ads being run in CA by the Congressional Leadership Group

What happens if we manage to shut down a gazillion dollar money laundering scheme?

So dim wit Trump let me get this straight

Facebook LIVE Now: Keeping Our Promises Town Hall with Sen. Sanders, Liz Watson, JonBowzerBauman

Luckovich-Being umpire and opponent at same time

Mexico to Offer Visas to Caravan Migrants, but Only 100 a Day

Dump is giving Saudis more time than Kavanaugh

Godzilla Gets Official Constellation From NASA

Tweet of the Day

Poor Heidi Cruz. She and Ted can't afford a second house.

Encouraging turnout news from Iowa

MSM Needs to Investigate Whether Republican Dark Money is Paying for the 'Caravan'

Ramblin' Man

Manafort just appeared in court in his prison uniform AND in a wheelchair:

New federal appellate justice has no prior experience as judge but is no stranger to traffic court

Diane Y Newberry WINS TODAY'S INTERNET in her EPIC response to Trump's tweet

He would have turned 97 today. His best-known movie is ranked among the worst ever made.

Great new ad from Bill Nelson (FL)

Why is Heidi Cruz complaining about not being able to buy a second house?


Endorsement of Canadian white-nationalist candidate by Iowa's Steve King draws rebukes

Democrats spotlight criminal records of four Republican candidates for the Legislature

Stop Asking Hillary to Atone for Her Husband's Wayward Penis

ethical question (sort of)

Swift Justice: New Appellate Judge Courts Trouble With Traffic Cops

Cool story: Swedish girl pulls 1500-year-old sword from lake

Evidence suggests crown prince ordered Khashoggi killing, says ex-MI6 chief

John Bolton pushing Trump to withdraw from Russian nuclear arms treaty

Mnuchin still plans to attend Saudi anti-terror financing meeting after Khashoggi disappearance

How the New Transgender Rights Laws in Massachusetts Favorably Affect Us All

Justice Dept. charges Russian woman with interference in Midterm elections

How do you edge a pie? With fork or finger and thumb or ?

What created the creator that created the creator? That's the only question:

Judge drops some charges against ex-Trump campaign manager Manafort

Seth Abramson: "collusion indictments will come".

#2 Chavista in Venezuela makes veiled threats on political prisoners. "More suicides" possible?

Univision is live showing the caravan breaking through the Mexican border. This is horrific!

Putin-- "US Global dominance almost done"

Police Have Made Their First Arrest Of A Member Of The Far-Right Men's Group That Beat Up Protesters

The monkey business behind the "Monkey Business"

DOJ has filed charges against Russian Elena Khusyaynova for "sowing discord in US political system"

I will be glad when this election is over.

Gen S. Miller drew his side arm in Kandahar attack/ more info @bottom of post

Email message from Sharice Davids!

Reporting Shows Saudis Only Blacklisted Khashoggi After Journalist Criticized... Trump

Big Florida turnout update

Police officers in the US were charged with more than 400 rapes over a 9-year period

White People, Stop Using 911 To Oppress Black People

The 5 most popular links on Facebook in the last 24 hours, per @crowdtangle:

Eight weeks without a cigarette!

CBS News: Trump "is not such a tough guy when he has to deal with his billionaire friends''

MSNBC collective polls give both Evers and Baldwin the lead.

CBS News - Trump "is not such a tough guy when he has to deal with his billionaire friends''

Andrea Mitchell Tweet on lack of ambassadors Not Normal

Bearded, Keffiyeh-Clad Jared Kushner Avoids Conflict Of Interest By Joining Saudi Royal Family

Bertrand Russell...

Dan Rather: "President Trump - with his tough guy rhetoric - reminds me of..."

NEWS IN BRIEF New Ted Cruz Attack Ad Declares Beto O'Rourke Too Good For Texas

What's for Dinner, Fri., Oct. 19, 2018

Video: Bernie Sanders rallies with seniors in Bloomington IN for Liz Watson

On Bullies. Let's Discuss How We Have Dealt with Them

Congratulations, we've got a Democratic majority in the House AND Senate

Manafort to be sentenced Feb. 8,2019.

Russian woman charged with attempted meddling in upcoming U.S. midterms

Group Photo with Bernie and Liz Watson

Iowa youth basketball coach admits to sexually exploiting at least 400 boys

Aviation Enthusiasts: Technician accidentally sets off cannon on F-16 , destroys another F-16!

Details of DOJ filing regarding Russian plan: Call McCain geezer, target LGBT, stop Mueller

Sean Hannity attending Ted Cruz events in Houston, Beaumont

NRA Goes on Downgrade Spree in the Wake of GOP Defections

Texas family shocked after school demands they prove that they're really Jewish

U.S. fertility rates collapse - historic declines across all races

I voted for Trump's agenda today!

If I had one magical power...

Will Launching Autonomous AI Bring About the Technological Singularity?

Turkey widens Khashoggi search, quizzes consulate staff

Charles P. Pierce: The Ratf*ckers Are Hard at Work All Over This Fair Nation

GOP Rep. Jason Lewis once mocked women who felt traumatized by unwanted touching

PLEASE SHARE with NC'linians: VOTE AGAINST ALL NC Constitutional Amendments

Here's A Running List Of Racist Attacks On Candidates Of Color

Mom of 'affluenza teen' released on bond

Mega Millions jackpot has reached the One Billion Dollar threshold. (Obligatory big lottery thread)

Rick Scott Is Heavily Invested in Fossil Fuel Companies Donating to His Senate Campaign

Sarah Sanders is opposed to "completely debunked outrageous slanderous lies" and "unnamed sources."

Trump seizes on immigrant 'caravan' for midterm push

Roger Stone about to be indicted?

Confess: Did you buy a Mega Millions ticket today?

New York man arrested for threatening to kill two US senators over backing Supreme Court Justice

Wash. gun safety initiative will 'impact other places' -- Giffords, Kelly

Republicans say tax cuts pay for "themselves"... Who are, or what is, "themselves"?

Ted Cruz's website has been hacked! I know it probably isn't actually his but WTF!!

GOP plays hardball in race to confirm Trump's court picks

No room for error: Students need more credits to graduate

Editorial: I-1634's saccharine attack on local goverment

Trump doubles down on his remarks last night lauding body slamming of reporter.

Dirty Em Up!

Small-dollar donations explode in the Trump era

47,000 Ticks on a Moose, and That's Just Average. Blame Climate Change.

Unraveling Trump's Toxic Agenda

Rihanna Rejected Super Bowl Halftime Show in Support of Colin Kaepernick

For DU electricians, a lamp cord question.

Long time ago, you could get a driver's license in South Carolina at 14.

Proud Boys founder says several members involved in street brawl will surrender to police


Democratic candidate denounces attack ads on rap career

Reporter asks Trump if he regrets high-fiving Gianforte at last night's "MAGA rally"

The U.S. is going to tell Russia that it is leaving landmark INF nuclear treaty

Just loaded my latest show's podcast!

ME-2 polling: Golden (D) / Poliquin (R) tied at 37%; 9% going to Independent candidates

Colombia's State Council rules municipal right to ban mining is valid, days after court removed this

Threats to cut aid from Honduras 'not going to work'

Nancy Pelosi hints at short-term lease on House speakership

Manafort in wheelchair, facing 'significant issues' with health

Killing of Colombia's victims of land theft has become systematic: report

Baselessly claims Democrats are behind migrant caravan

Vox: 23 charts and maps that show the world is getting much, much better

Russian Oligarch Money Flows Freely Into The Upper Reaches Of The GOP

StarKist Pleads Guilty To Price Fixing In Alleged Collusion In Canned Tuna Industry

Trump wants new NAFTA signing ceremony before mid terms. Canada, Mex just not that into it.

New Voting Season T Shirt

South Carolina Is Lobbying to Allow Discrimination Against Jewish Parents

The strange case against AUC narco Miguel Angel Mejia in Colombia

Bernie draws thousands as 2020 decision looms

Red-tide awakening: How Florida's environmental woes could hurt GOP's Scott in Senate race

South Carolina Man Pleads Guilty To Biting Off Former Girlfriend's Lip

UK joins chorus of disapproval after tRump praises assault on Guardian reporter

The Never Trumpers are really stepping up their bashing of Democrats

America's Number One fear

833 336 8683. Voter hotline use this if you are having voting issues

Silver "The fundraising data, on the other hand, points toward a massive Democratic landslide."

Check it out, you'll get a chuckle.

Russia's Journey from Orthodoxy to Atheism, and Back Again

Is there any news about Manafort? I've been away today and don't see anything.

Have you seen "Take Care of My Little Girl"?

Houston Chronicle endorsed Beto

Trump: "Hackers had nothing to do with my campaign. We've done a LOT to protect the elections."

Breaking - Russian national indicted by FBI

Nancy Pelosi hints at short-term lease on House speakership

Now some fliers are turning to pot before takeoff

Read Jamal Khashoggi's columns for The Washington Post

Updated : Saudis have confirmed on state television that journalist Jamal Khashoggi is dead.

Thinking about Mega Millions...has anyone ever had luck of that magnitude happen to them...?

NYPD Unit That Monitored Proud Boys Event Has Troubled History

OK this will make you laugh so hard your side will hurt: Tulsi Gabbard weighing 2020 POTUS

Interpol orders arrest of ELN terrorist given sanctuary in Venezuela

Pres. Obama coming to Milwaukee October 26

The Eagles celebrate their legacy with new members in the first of three Forum shows

Nancy Pelosi hints at short-term lease on House speakership

Trump: No regrets about cheering congressman who body-slammed reporter

Just walked out on wife over racist argument

Saudi Journalist murder was a fistfight gone bad!

Khashoggi 'died after fight' - Saudis

S.A. says that Jamal Khashoggi died in a "fight."

Do we know what happened to Jamal K's fiance...nobody is saying anything about she safe?

I am sickened and ashamed

CNN: "Saudi Crown Prince will head commission to investigate death of Journalist Jamal Khashoggi"

Well! It has finally started to it's take form!

How Sears Was Gutted By Its Own CEO

Alaska Gov. Bill Walker suspends re-election bid, three days after his lieutenant governor resigned.

CA-SEN: Poll finds De Leon draws most of his support from Republicans

You don't take a bone saw to a fist fight. Nuff said

Milo Yianopoulos

'Black folk will be catching hell again.' Ads seek to scare black voters in Missouri

Chalk up another vote for Donnelly!

Bolsonaro's son banned from WhatsApp amid claims of fake news campaign

Bolsonaro's son banned from WhatsApp amid claims of fake news campaign

Facebook - We're LIVE at the University of Michigan with U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and more ...

Tim Cook lambastes Bloomberg for iCloud spy chip report, calls for retraction

Re Kashoggi: either Donald Trump is a gullible idiot or he knew the whole time.

TCM Schedule for Sunday October 21 - Monster of the Month: The Mummy

Facebook: Gretchen Whitmer: Tune in LIVE for our rally with @berniesanders:

Death Eaters Flying Over Phoenix, AZ as 2 Fake-Presidents Here at Same Time

What is that? Fuel tank from satellite lands in walnut orchard in Hanford, [CA]

TCM Schedule for Monday October 22 - 200 Years of Frankenstein

They brought a BONE SAW. Case closed.

Reviewing Scientist's Hurricane Prediction for this season. How did He Do?

Saudi Arabia fires 5 top officials, arrests 18 Saudis after saying Khashoggi was killed in fight

Trump: Democrats "have gone so far left, they can't even believe that they're over there."

SD-GOV: Republican AG still not endorsing a candidate for Governor

Spy Bosses Warn Of Foreign Interference As Feds Unseal New Russia Charges


Revealed: Rick Scott's financial link to botched SunPass contract

New Justice Department Case Shows Russia Is Now Attacking the Midterm Elections

Mega Millions: How much money will you actually get if you win the jackpot?

Student's class essay about being raped sends man to prison

If everyone here on DU wins a dollar from tonight's lottery, we all would be richer than Trump!

DNA Match

Big victory for voting rights on Missouri

Dick Durbin Shuts Down Trump's Claims Of Democratic Mobs With 3 Words

Republicans Have No Choice

Alaska's Independent Governor Suspends Re-election Bid

Remember: "Liberals are weak, beta snowflakes. We have to stop their violent, intolerant bullying."

Yanno . . . . . maybe Manaforte can get a message to Cosby about . . . . .

Saudi Arabia admits Khashoggi died in consulate, fires two senior officials

The Internet Isn't Impressed by Donald Trump's New Grammar Rule

How long until trump accepts saudis explanation of Khashoggi death?

Haley breaks with Trump: 'In America, our political opponents are not evil'

Caravan migrants break Guatemala border fence, rush Mexico

2018 US Senate Election Prediction- if Democrats win all of the Tossup races.


I am absolutely prepared to be very pissed off . . . . . .

EPA withdraws proposed Obama-era rule change for uranium mining

Beto O'Rourke Makes Brilliant Case For Why Democrats Should Move Forward With Impeachment

Wisconsin Democrats Get Out the Vote Event with President Obama

Pierce: Donald Trump Is Not the President* of the United States in Any Way That Matters

Clergywomen numbers increased significantly in two decades, sometimes equaling men

Trump just admitted to getting Russian help. And he did on CNN too.

Obama to campaign for Dems in Wisconsin

Lawsuit over Seattle's responsible gun storage law thrown out by judge

'We're Voting Them Out': What It Looked Like When Horde of Hoosiers Marched With Bernie Sanders

Miami GOP Chairman just caught leading Proud Boys in attack

Need to clean up after disaster