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From a corrupt Supreme Court justice to upcoming J6 public hearings: Legal Recap for April - Kirschner

Pupils' Menus, Philadelphia Schools, 1920

GOP Candidate Jensen suggest jail time for MN SOS Steve Simon

Texas' Abbott rethinks taxpayer-financed bus trips for migrants

Texas' Abbott rethinks taxpayer-financed bus trips for migrants

From @BetteMidler

Birds aren't Real...60 Minutes CBS

Republicans are crazy. She thinks Jim Carey is actually Biden

A Fox employee said executives at the network said they wanted to purposely air 'grievance' to 'get

Woolworth daily lunch counter menu w/ Turkey Croquette coupon (Apr 23, 1959)

Lockdowns and supply chain disruption to accelerate Apple's move away from China, with India a

Trump: We've endorsed Dr.Oz. We've endorsed JP right? JD Mandell. He's doing great

Danny Bonaduce takes medical leave from Seattle radio show

The "pResident" who never was ...

Democrats Punch Back Against GOP's Culture War (Read the full piece)

May Day march advocating for workers', immigrants' rights in downtown Seattle

Schumer says Ukraine aid package to include Russian oligarch seizure provision

Trump's lawyer throws tantrum -- accuses judge of engineering a 'public spectacle': report

Just saw Kristina Kamaro, Dotard endorsed for MI SOS, on tv.

Biden honors Walter Mondale as one of America's 'great giants' at memorial service

Post a list of celebrities & see if anyone can guess the one(s) you had direct contact with

Leaders, family, friends remember 'Fritz' Mondale

'Trump Gave Us Those Four Years'--Russian TV Analyst Touts Ex-President

Rapid growth of New Mexico wildfire prompts new evacuation orders

'Some bad apples': senior Tory minister denies institutional misogyny

Trump's Spokesperson Calls For Mass Arrests While Speaking At Q Conference

Putin Preparing Russians for War With NATO

Trump accidentally endorses JD Vance opponent Josh Mandel after bragging about his dementia test sco

This kid (The Birds Aren't Real) is funny!

Study: Climate Change Increasing Pandemic Risks By Forcing Animal Migrations - American Voices - MSNBC

Free Speech

*S. Tucci in Venice now, CNN,

What's really eating the Republicans

What's really eating the Republicans

Los Angeles mayoral debate LIVE (including Karen Bass)

Russia Army Top General Wounded in Command Post Strike

Bushland marked as environmental offset for new Sydney airport bulldozed for car park

Judge orders Trump supporter who defaced LGBTQ mural to write 25-page essay on Pulse club massacre

South Africa: Jacob Zuma sought to hand state assets to allies, finds corruption report

Since The Qidiots Like Venn Diagrams

Steve Sack remembering Walter Mondale

'Chickens--t' Move: Columbia Quietly Cuts Ties With Dr. Oz

Witnessing the war in Ukraine - 60 Minutes Overtime

Culture Wars With The Fascist Right

HEART - Battle Of Evermore "The Queen of Light Took her bow and then She turned to go"

Heroic 'Ghost of Kyiv' a myth, Ukraine admits

Bob Krueger, ex-Texas congressman and diplomat, dies at 86

Bob Krueger, ex-Texas congressman and diplomat, dies at 86

Los Lobos - Not Fade Away - Bertha Live, 1999

If Russians go nuclear they would be signing their own death certificates, say military analysts


Politically, I think it is useful to look at Jan 6th as two different events.

Dems punch back against GOP's "culture war" attacks

Tweet of the Night:

Russia says it's pulling out of International Space Station over sanctions

Tweet of the Late Night:

How the 'jack-in-the-box' flaw dooms some Russian tanks

We have an awesome Presidency, and an awesome President and he was on display last night

Emergency Contraception Rushed to Ukraine

Elfrida Andree's 'Piano Trio No. 1'

Russia. Putin. Genius. This is funny odd twist.

Alice in Chains + the Northwest Symphony Orchestra cover Led Zeppelin's Kashmir, Seattle, 2007

Trump defends, endorses Herbster at rescheduled Nebraska rally

Mike Lindell Back On Twitter, Immediately Gets Re-Banned

NANCY PELOSI IS THE BOMB!! That is all. nt

Jethro Tull - Live at Tampa Stadium, 7/31/1976, hour-long video

Ukraine should not be offered EU membership - Austria foreign minister

Fun breakdown of an anomalous relief pithcher

A Wild Turkey Is Attacking People in D.C. Multiple Agencies Are in Pursuit.

Monday's digit - 9/10: The warm afternoon sunshine is heart-warming. Jason, CWG

Ridley Road on PBS. Nothing changed

when will power relaxes into will whatever

You folks have a wonderful night...

Gaslit . Amazon Prime . Martha Mitchell . Sean Penn

Ozark finale discussion (spoilers)

(Jewish Group) Moon Knight Is Marvel's First Openly Jewish Superhero

homelessness in a red state?

Harvest of War: The war in Ukraine's effect on the world's food supply - 60 Minutes

On Friday, an electric bus in Paris burned when the battery pack burst into flames

Ray Charles - Mess Around: John Candy Doing the Mess Around, Planes, Trains..

Prehistoric women were hunters and artists as well as mothers, book reveals

from Harford County Running Club:

Why should I wake up.


Biden: Mondale rescued me from darkness

FYI: 5 Illinois Counties Now in Medium Transmission Risk for COVID: CDC

Florida lost 70,000 people to Covid. It's still not prepared for the next wave.

I don't get it: they go after Hunter Biden for foreign relations jobs but Ivanka

Sleep, where are you?

When are they gonna seize Oligarch assets

Panel says Virginia should do more to promote solar development on brownfields

Crazy Herschel, a scalding anti-Walker advert

Concerns grow over hepatitis outbreak - ABC News

Monday Warm Cafe Jazz for Stress Relief & Live Happy Jazz & Bossa Nova for Relaxing

May outlook: Near-normal temperatures, frequent showers

A federal judge has resoundingly rejected the RNC's lawsuit against the Jan. 6 select committee

Russian offensive drastically intensifies in eastern Ukraine - Al Jazeera

10 US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that are likely to switch parties.

OMG! I got Wordle in two!!

Western officials warn of a potentially long war in Ukraine - CBS News

Gary Hoey - Soul Surfer (Dust & Bones)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Environmental Racism



Let's go J.D. Mandel!!

Rare earths crunch? Why we need them and who has them - DW News

Ric Parnell, Spinal Tap drummer, dies, but not by spontaneous combustion

Post some famous people & see if anyone can guess the one you, or a family member, is related to

Three shot in Chile May Day clashes

The Confrontations And Blockades In Mazamitla And Tamazula, Jalisco, May Be Related To The Capture O

Colombia's conflict victims frustrate Otoniel's extradition to US


US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 in the states that the Democrats will win.

The internet has already been won for today.

Mxico will now route its new railway to the New Mexico instead of Texas, saying it needs a 'reliabl

The retired general's lies before Colombia's war crimes tribunal

Photos of a Youth Revolution That Succeeded

'The main role of Mykolaiv is to halt the spread of Russian expansion towards Europe' - FRANCE 24

Breakfast Monday 2 May 2022

☦ *****'* war creates schism in russian orthodox church--CBS News

Killing of woman in Las Cruces raises transparency questions

'Alarming': The foul-smelling seaweed-like algae causing a big stink in Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico: Drug Pipeline Suspect Nabbed

Barack and Michelle Obama to End Podcast Deal with Spotify

QED: They are not the same thing

Threatened South American Coati Found Roaming In A Large City

History lesson from Darth Putin

Georgia On My Mind - Ray Charles Joins the Country Music Hall of Fame

Inaugural meeting for I-27 advisory committee held in Laredo


Finland ends deal for Russian nuclear plant

UK MOD Intelligence Report


Trevor Noah nailed Axios Saturday night for their all white staff photo

FYI: Goalposts have been moved for the umpteenth time.

Watched some of clips from the Correspondents Dinner from Saturday night!

Have to be careful with matches around a Russian fuel depot.

Gas prices are up roughly 40% from just a year ago. So you may want to try this method to get 'basic

If you remember pooping before I phones we need to hangout

NYTimes Wordle 5/2

If like me, you are keeping your car gas tank filled, even when only about a few gallons down...

Alabama woman killed by pack of dogs; owner charged with manslaughter

Monday TOONs - Security Blanket

Lavrov: Zelensky could still be a Nazi because "Hitler had Jewish blood"

Anyone following Jack Brewer

The fight for Senate control in November could be excruciatingly close

Has anyone read "Klara and the Sun" by Kazuo Ishiguro?


Biden's Schedule for Monday, May 2, 2022

Had my second booster, side effects pretty much the same

The long feared Russian military is being exposed as not being very fearsome

You are star stuff.

When it comes to Trump, we need a prosecutor who will let a grand jury, jury, decide.

next regressive state laws planned by RW groups: outlawing pension investments focused on inequities

What happens when a desperate Putin throws another 300,000 conscripts at Ukraine?

Putin is preparing to enter hospital for cancer surgery?

First civilians leave Mariupol steel plant; hundreds remain

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

A 105-Year-Old Tattoo Artist Is Teaching Girls to Ink for Independence

Since when are crimes excused just because you are a stupid, ignorant, racist asshole?

So You Want to Plan a Cycling Vacation?

So the Met Gala is tonight.

The quack and Trump fluffer, Dr Oz, dropped by Columbia University.

Jan. 6 committee wins 'thorough victory' against RNC in landmark court ruling

The Fulton County DA's grand jury investigating Trump.

Siri, how does the media reflect a right wing mindset while purporting to offer neutral political

Judge upholds Jan. 6 committee subpoena for RNC records

"Why Americans Became More Vulnerable To Oil Price Spikes" - Decades Of Giant Trucks, SUVs, Maybe?

Judge upholds Jan. 6 committee subpoena for RNC records

How many of the dozen or so Republicans requested to appear before the Committee...?

Calf Canyon Fire Keeps Moving As Thousands Evacuated; Warnings For Las Vegas NM Along I-25

Texas Governor May Declare 'Invasion'

Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 4/27/2022

Neal Adams, Legendary Comic Book Artist and Writer, Dead at 80

The Rundown: May 2, 2022

BUSINESS & ECONOMY Fox Market is Vermont's 1st LGBTQ+ bar in 15 years. What took so long? By Erin Pe

Georgia official frantically texted Mark Meadows as Trump badgered secretary of state to find votes

Trump Wanted to Shoot Protesters

The Price Kids Pay: IL Schools and Police Punish Students With Costly Tickets for Minor Misbehavior

"Enough Is Enough" - CA AG Announces Special Investigation Of ExxonMobil On Plastics Pollution

GENE SIMMONS 'Tribute Balloon' Filmed From Cockpit Of Jet In Brazil 20,000 Feet Up In The Air

Which is best canned cat food

Russia decides to attack Moldova - The Times

Hungary Floats Veto Threat as EU Works to Ban Russian Oil

Ukraine says it destroyed two Russian patrol boats on Monday (video added)

'Troll factory' spreading Russian pro-war lies online, says UK

The wisdom of Warren Buffett;


Early voting info for Athens-Clarke County (May 2-20)

This couple on a flight were using homophobic slurs, and the woman started praising... wait for it..

WTF? A Republican controlled House in 2024 can overturn a legitimate Electoral College result?

NBC: First Lady to travel to Romania and Slovakia

Joe Biden reminds me of Harry Truman, in some respects.

If you ever have any trouble sleeping or if you enjoy beauty, this is a great series

Is Russia's invasion of Ukraine a threat to NATO? Is an invasion of Moldova?

Israel lashes out at Russia over Lavrov's Nazism remarks

You raised $30.00 on May 1, 2022 for Beto for Texas Governor

Link Wray was born on this date.

Trumpworld braces for 'a couple of ugly nights' in May

NPRs Tim Mak: The Dogs of War.

New Mexico GOP leader Kimberly Skaggs, family accused in straw donor scheme

Sheldon Whitehouse Re. GQP/Manchin Climate "Plans": "They're Just Not Capable Of That"

Richard 'Groove' Holmes was born on this date.

Tim Mak Bonus: The Moose of War.

Mike Luckovich-Continue wearing masks

Human brains are smaller than they were 4000 years ago. But why?

DA Fani Willis will call witnesses before the Georgia primary so that voters may be better informed.

Israel condemns top Russian diplomat for claim that Adolf Hitler had Jewish blood

You raised $25.00 on May 1, 2022 Abby Finkenauer for US Senate IA

"Your expected wait time is over 2.5 hours"

The absolutist -by Tom Tomorrow

The weeping Oath Keeper: Reality exposes fools.

On Mother's Day - Jill Biden to meet with Ukrainian refugees in Romania and Slovakia

How's Croz hanging in there?

Kemp admits that Georgia Republicans passed a voter suppress bill in 2021 because

Thank you, Joe! (Op-Ed from Spiegel Magazine)

"We're gonna get rid of men with beards and lipstick and high heels teaching our children."

Pro-Confederates gathered at Stone Mountain in Georgia for Confederate Memorial Day.

Lost Baby Sloth Cries For His Mama To Come Get Him

Truth Matters --TLP

Very Positive Post about President Joe Biden.

spot forecast for sonora ca via a electric utility called pg & e, somewhat accurate

stewing about stew.

Buying a new windows laptop, I need your help and ideas.

The Fox Family Circus: It had to be Antifa!

Want to Fix Mental Health in Jails? Try promoting a therapist to warden.

First look: Jared Kushner to publish White House memoir in August

Neil Young - Tell Me Why

I remember reading a lot about "freak shows" in circuses...

California 100 percent powered by renewables for first time

Opinion: Will Trump Face a Legal Reckoning in Georgia?

A Third of America is Lost to Hate: Is It Time to Move On?

The Corruption of Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt & Friends.

Used gear for Zuikophiles . . .

Kathy Boudin, Weather Underground radical, dies at 78

"When You Think You Have Seen it All, There is always, MORE" About Trump, there is more coming...

For Educational Gag Orders, The Vagueness Is The Point

Judge rejects RNC bid to block email, fundraising data from Jan. 6 panel

Supreme Court: Boston can't deny Christian flag if it flies other flags on City Hall flagpole

New Mexico GOP leader Kimberly Skaggs, family accused in straw donor scheme

So you thought you were safe just driving down the freeway . . .

Retiring overseas?

I like these Youtube channels like this one...

Note to the GOP

Whistleblower told FDA about baby formula issues months before recall, complaint says

Elon Musk has become a symbol of hate

Trump Organization Accused of Hiding Witness Who Knew if Trump Lied

Why Doesn't Anyone Like John Fetterman....except for voters?

I am curious (yellow) what people here think would occur

Israel is pretty upset with russia but probably not enough to impose sanctions on russia

Sydney man admits pushing gay American off a cliff in 1988

Tennessee Vols have a pitcher who throws a 105-mph fastball

A Kansas city voted unanimously to ban co-living rentals, effectively making roommates illegal in so

Pic Of The Moment: Thought For The Day

Man convicted in racist 2019 acid attack in Milwaukee

During COVID, shareholder wealth soared while workers were left behind: Brookings

Warren Buffett's advice for beating inflation: 'Be exceptionally good at something'

My letter to TFG

My letter to TFG

MSNBC Morning Joe: President Biden's approval numbers have ticked up

My letter to TFG (feedback welcome)

The Starbucks in Boone, NC becomes the first NC store to unionize!

Spirit rejects JetBlue's offer, saying it wants less lucrative deal with Frontier

Has inflation reached a peak? Three signs that prices could soon come down

From January: Amtrak offers 15% student discount all year, even deeper discounts for Virginia routes

Brooks, Biggs and Jackson - The Committee would like a word

Jackson, Trumps quack nut bag doctor has become a big target of the investigation.

Family, friends hold vigil for infant siblings killed in Rocky Mount

I believe Meadows will be the conductor of the soon to be formed Jan. 6th Canary Choir.

Pittsburgh Steelers currently have 4 sets of brothers on their roster

Jan 6: Thomas Webster Guilty on all Counts

NYPD veteran convicted of assaulting officer in Capitol riot

This should be a national news story:

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 2, 2022)

(Jewish Group) Harvard Crimson endorses BDS movement, while rejecting antisemitism

Snopes: Does Russia Meet the Criteria of Being a 'Terrorist State'?

GA Grand Jury seated!!

Elon Musk Already Showed Us How He'll Run Twitter

Help from hive mind -

Does Vladimir Putin still have an endgame in Ukraine? The next few weeks are crucial.

Biden poll numbers tick up, GOP loses lead in generic congressional ballot

Girl 27 on Amazon Prime

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Tiernan told a court in 2020 that he lived in California

Fox News Up to Old Tricks With False Story Announcing That Biden Won't Run

At Its Annual "Advance," VA GOP Goes Full Climate Science Denialist

Oh my, look at the time

India's top steelmaker will stop importing Russian coal due to 'uncertainties' created by Western

Texas's ABBUTT channels his role model/mentor PUTEEN to invade his neighbor, New Mexico

Eight years after deadly clashes, Odesa holds its breath and fears it's still in Putin's sights

Military tracks Russian vessel near Hawaii

Alison Krauss - Can't Find My Way Home

Book burning is a crime against humanity

Ukraine Says It Sank Two Russian Naval Vessels

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee suspends all 2022 executions for independent review of lethal injections

Gorilla at Miami Zoo uses sign language to tell someone that he's not allowed to be fed by visitors.

Explosion damages railway bridge in Russia: 'It was a sabotage'

Little guy practicing to be alpha. The cameraman totally laughed after he fell:

We're losing Latinos. Marist Poll shows Latinos prefer GOP 52%-39%

'Save the Cedar River' to file appeal this week against new asphalt plant

Goat takes running jump:

Ron DeSantis says he would never attend a White House Correspondents' Dinner with a 'cabal' of

Live and Learn

Cat & donkey:

What has Trump cost Republicans in lawyer fees alone? Millions?

'Not the opinion police': Misinformation board is latest headache for White House

Man holds & cuddles donkey like a baby. I'm deaf, but it looks like he's singing to the donkey:

January 6 committee wants GOP Rep. Mo Brooks to detail how Trump asked him to overturn the election

U.S. sees no threat of Russia using nuclear weapons despite ...

US pediatricians' group moves to abandon race-based guidance

US pediatricians' group moves to abandon race-based guidance

Warm weather coming Wednesday before damp Mother's Day weekend

Cardinal flies to land on human's hand:

Hotel Giraffe Manor:

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Fox news ratings....

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Hawaii boy band Crossing Rain

Fetterman wows enthusiastic crowd in local Wilkes-Barre restaurant on Sat. April 30

Happy 2nd Birthday To Baby Elephant Wan Mai

Rescued Squirrel Visits His Mom Every Morning To Have Breakfast

Animal rescuers from Zoopatro have managed to evacuate a kitty stuck inside a shelled house

Blind Faith - Had To Cry Today (live in Hyde Park, London, 1969)

You know how the Republicans will take an ill-considered comment by one Democrat---like

Arrest warrant issued in Alabama for missing jail official

GOP hypocrisy in a tweet.

Trump election probe special grand jury selected in Atlanta

Amazon workers in NYC reject union in a reversal of fortune

The flawed math behind Elon Musk's Twitter deal

A reason why I think the right is doing extra-heavy demonizing of schools and teachers now

Laura Ingraham says:

One of my probing words for Wordle - **not a spoiler**

I read this about this conversation in the last few days


Reluctant man gets a dog because wife insisted. Now he's obsessed.

Cartoons 5/2/2022

North Creek Trail section near Bothell almost ready

Walking skeleton turns into the most beautiful husky

In Texas, Greg Abbott is using the idiotic "defund the police" lie to attack Beto

Trump suggested shooting DC protestors in the legs according to ex-Sec. of Defense Mark Esper

India and Pakistan heatwave is 'testing the limits of human survivability'

Tiny Kitten Runs Out Of Bushes To Her New Mom

Scientists Discover Genetic Cause of Lupus, a Chronic Autoimmune Disease

Doug Mastriano is leading the PA primary for governor, and GOP insiders are trying to stop him

Majorities favor support for Ukraine despite broad concerns about impacts: POLL

Air Force General Convicted in Historic Court-Martial Avoids Jail Time

Russian Tycoon Criticized Putin's War. Retribution Was Swift.

Oaf Creepers Wanted to Protect a MAGA Lawmaker. The Jan. 6 Committee Wants to Know Why

Kinzinger says 'it's insane' that Marjorie Taylor Greene becomes a 'victim' whenever confronted abou

Major General Andrey Simonov blowed up real good.

So when we hear that Roe v Wade has been overturned

DeathSanits is all worked up this morning about the WH Correspondents Dinner

Ricardo Alarcon, Castro confidant and top Cuban envoy, dies

Ricardo Alarcon, Castro confidant and top Cuban envoy, dies

cute swiss childrens song about a bus.

Small puppy 'frozen' with Tetanus, he look like a LOG, miracle happened after he met this woman

Gov. Abbott asks for private donations to bus migrants to D.C. after criticism for using taxpayer $$

Gov. Abbott asks for private donations to bus migrants to D.C. after criticism for using taxpayer $

New up close video of Andover tornado:

Texas veteran snake handler dies from bite at Freer Rattlesnake Roundup

HCA/HCA Midwest- if you have stories, I want them.

Alex Jones bankruptcy is getting interesting-one of Jones' attorneys blabbed to WSJ

Russian propagandist now preparing people for the likelihood that there will be no victory by May 9.

Her murder conviction was overturned. US immigration still wants to deport her

Alex Jones bankruptcy is getting interesting-one of Jones' attorneys blabbed to WSj

Ronnie O'Sullivan has just won the 2022 World Snooker Championship

Sad, SO sad. MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell gets banned from Twitter, again.

He Spurred a Revolution in Psychiatry. Then He 'Disappeared.'

What Trevor Noah Got Desperately Wrong at the White House Correspondent's Dinner

The ex-Philly Police officer who fatally shot TJ Siderio, 12, has been charged with murder

Push to arm Ukraine putting strain on US weapons stockpile

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Because of the drowning

Report: CDC records highest-ever number of gun-related deaths in 2020

1,000 workers go on strike at CNH Industrial equipment maker

1,000 workers go on strike at CNH Industrial equipment maker

(Jewish Group) In Antwerp, haredi Orthodox Jew overpowers and tackles his attacker

The Lincoln Project-#TrumpIsNotWell

The Lincoln Project-#TrumpIsNotWell

(Jewish Group) Remembering Neal Adams, a comic book legend who championed Holocaust awareness

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about 10 propaganda techniques you'll see in the midterms....

(Jewish Group)Speaking about Zelensky, Russian foreign minister says Hitler also had Jewish ancestry

British Virgin Islands premier asserts immunity in cocaine case

British Virgin Islands premier asserts immunity in cocaine case

MSNBC's Glenn Kirschner - "Trump's Power is Dwindling" - Political Voices Network

Trump's Lawyer Throws Massive Tantrum After Judge Refuses Her Request

Michael Cohen REACTS to Georgia Trump Grand Jury - MeidasTouch

Brennan Center: Is the Big Lie Protected Speech?

The Jan 6th committee must have gotten the encrypted oath keepers messages from DOJ.

Former Defense secretary: Trump asked about shooting protesters

What's for Dinner, Mon., May 2, 2022

A thread about what might happen in Transnistria

Global Climate Change Is and Always Has Been a Population Problem

Candidate mailings in NC-4

Aunt Crabby tweet:

When the "Information Age" began back when I was a pup---approximately 1970--- little did we

Aunt Crabby Tweet #2:

Ann Wilson (Heart) - Bridge Of Sighs (Kenny Wayne Shepherd on lead guitar, OMD)

It really was a BFD!!

Amid Ukraine War, China Announces "Global Security Initiative"

Greyhound racing nearing its end in the US after long slide

Jill Wine-Banks on the J6 Public Hearings, and Gender as a Factor When Sentencing Insurrectionists.

DeSantis Aims to Turn Florida Into Solid Red State

Had a sniff test performed on me today. No far.

So the orange bag of shit is

Putins biggest mistake was sending slaves to liberate free people.

Jan. 6 panel sends letters to 3 more GOP House members seeking information - CNN

James Madison University cancels remainder of softball season after suicide of sophomore catcher

Jury for a post on a closed thread?

PM Update: Pleasant tonight, and it's another warm one Tuesday

House Select Committee Looking Into Trump Pardons

Abortion Rights Groups Are Planning a 'Historic Investment' on Midterms: $150 Million

Trump Asked If Floyd Protesters Near White House Could Be Shot, Book Claims - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Las Vegas authorities: Barrel containing human remains discovered in Lake Mead amid drought, more co

Dinner tonight, after 4 mile jog.

Amazon will pay staff travel expenses for abortions

The Republican Plot to Lose Wisconsin in 2022 - WSJ Editorial

Besides wedge issues and avoiding debates, what has the GOP done to deserve votes this coming Nov.?

In Ukraine even puppies plant potatoes in spring

Texas Plans to Punish Companies That Move Away From Fossil FuelsThe state is going after banks that

Florida Ford GT Owner Crashes Because He's "Unfamiliar" With Manual Transmission. $740,000 car

Lavrov really fucked up. Israel: His comment that Hitler had Jewish blood is

Several Election Deniers Running To Become Secretaries Of State In 2022 - NBC News

Mad Cawthorn and Marge 3-toes on their way to church

His little brother from another mother:

Kitty has mad gamer skillz

Newly arrived from Mariupol

Special Grand Jury Selected for Trump Probe

Don Winslow is on Ari now n/t

If Russia Encircles Mariupol, We Will 'Lose The Stories Of Survival' - Deadline - MSNBC

Elizabeth Warren shreds MTG, Kevin McCarthy in must-see takedown - Brian Tyler Cohen

Researchers keep finding creepy dolls washing up on Texas beaches

Vice President Harris tests negative for Covid and will return to White House on Tuesday

Kingfisher saga from mates, to hatchlings, to fledglings:

Osprey on box, &

Canada Conservatives toon:

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, May 3: Around the World in 80 Movies

NY-Lt. Gov. - Brian Benjamin Might Not Be on the N.Y. Ballot After All

TCM tomorrow:

Part II: How Tucker Carlson Reshaped Fox News -- and Became Trump's Heir

U.S. acting ambassador to Ukraine on the return of diplomats and the state of the war - PBS NewsHour

And from yesterday's (Sunday) "Sh*t for brains" file...

Does anyone recall when that goose started to look like she was incubating eggs?

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, May 4: Yvette Mimieux Memorial Tribute

Philadelphia police officer is charged with murder in a 12-year-old's death

1/6 Committee Letters To GOP Lawmakers Ask Them To Explain Their Own Conduct - Deadline - MSNBC

Did TFG lose both NYC and NYS in both elections?

Tweet of the Evening:

BREAKING: Group of voters sue New York over its congressional districts

TFG Says Contempt Judge 'Unfair,' Seeks Halt to $10,000 Daily Fine

The Carpenters' Story: Only Yesterday - I've watched it a few times at least.

Energy chief Granholm touts $3B plan to boost EV batteries

This Is Petty On My Part - But Will Someone Tell Joy Reid How To Pronounce.....

Ukrainian citizens forced into Russia by Putin's forces were tortured and had their limbs amputated

Beto O'Rourke says Texas can learn from Oklahoma by expanding Medicaid, legalizing marijuana

The Rude Pundit: The "Grooming" Bullshit: They're Coming Up With Excuses to Murder Us

Fulton prosecutors to begin jury selection for Trump probe

Ukranians care for animals.

Here's Lady Gaga at the Met Gala with 4 looks. Theme this year is Gilded Glamour

Jeff Bridges, Bonnie Raitt. - Not Fade Away

Guns... making it safe to shop again. Or not....

Low water levels reveal body in barrel at Lake Mead, officials say more are likely to be found

Tucker Carlson's influence and his increasingly extreme views - PBS NewsHour

Drone footage shows tornado with winds up to 165 mph tearing through Andover, Kansas late Friday

Tulsa race massacre reparations lawsuit survives motion to deny and will move forward, judge rules

Starbucks Union: Workers Face Retaliation for Trying to Organize Their Stores

A duck and its dog:

Biden administration announces $3.1 billion for America's battery shortage

Senate Republicans Are Dug In

Branch manager and assistant branch manager.

I don't know if Ukraine has much of a navy.

I believe I can touch the sky!

Sunset, southern MD