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Latest Jobs Report Shames the Inflation Hawks

Channel 2 goes to color for first time

Raphael Warnock runs an absolutely brutal ad against Herschel Walker


Arthur must find me to be incredibly boring

Texas salvage company buys legendary US Navy aircraft carrier for one cent

GOP SOS candidate: "telling your 5-year-old that he can go and suck another 5-year-old's dick"

MA GOP candidate says teachers are "telling your 5yo that he can go and suck another 5yo's dick"

Justice Dept. Opts Not to Charge Meadows and Scavino

The story behind viral video of golden retriever getting a surprise

Sunset, southern MD

my sister has COVID for the 2nd time in under 30 days

How was escape able to kill 5 males? And TX cops getting blowback 4 handling of escapee search

Rep. Jamie Raskin Roasts MAGA Republicans For 9 Straight Minutes - TYT Investigates

We are hearing many proposed explanations for how and why 19 fourth graders and two

Friday Talking Points -- Enough!

BREAKING: Militia member believed to have shot and killed a former judge in Juneau County; sources s

'Cuffed And Shackled': First Trump WH Aide Arrested In Jan. 6 Probe - The Beat - MSNBC

Ukraine has retaken about 20% of territory lost in Sievierodonetsk -regional head

After Rays decry shootings, Florida governor vetoes funding for possible team facility

You are not free. Don't kid yourself.

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF!

Facing backlash, Republican congressman quits race after supporting U.S. gun control

Michigan Supreme Court denies James Craig, Perry Johnson and others spot on primary ballot

CONFIRMED: DOJ has declined to charge Mark MEADOWS and Dan SCAVINO with contempt of Congress...

So they arrested Navarro at the airport trying to get on a plane, put into cuffs, and leg irons,

My Connecticut garden is finally fully planted. (Pictures)

Cuffed: Trump Aide Navarro's Arrest Puts Heat On Coup Plot After MSNBC Confession - The Beat - MSNBC

Dang, a six pack at the Grand Hotel... $51.00!

The escape convict was killed in a shootout with law enforcement,

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about masculinity and whether it's toxic....

100 Days The National News Agency of Ukraine, English

Group of Prominent Latinos Have Signed an Agreement to Buy 18 Radio Stations

The Great James Baldwin on the power of education, society and thought

Trump Adviser Indicted For Contempt - Zerlina. - The Choice MSNBC

I'm doing public relations for DeSantis now.

Congressman Louie Gohmert complains Republicans 'can't even lie' to Congress or FBI these days

A Prayer For Gun Reform

This is fantastic take on a classic

Monkey on her back

May favorite story about Queen Elizabeth. When Annie Liebowitz suggested the Queen take off her

Chaotic Infighting Breaks Out Between Proud Boys And Establishment Conservatives

Sunlight striking falling waters at Yosemite - 2,400 ft. vertical rainbow

Chris Hayes And Ari Melber Discuss Peter Navarro Indictment - All In - MSNBC

The Peach Tree Dish of Liberty Must Be Refreshed From Time to Time With the Ravings of Idiots

Is the concept of the filibuster really in the Constitution?

Ohio GOP's wild plan to arm teachers

Govt Mule. The Black Horizon. It's everything you want from the Mule

Grateful Dead - Fire On The Mountain (New York, NY, 10/31/80)

Milton town official resigns after making anti-Biden remark at Memorial Day observance

Elon Musk looks to pause hiring, cut jobs for Austin-based automaker Tesla

Takei with the Star Trek reference of the day

I keep looking for Buffalo Nichols. Happy when I find a good video

First Images From NASA's Webb Space Telescope Coming Soon

The movie "2000 Mules" is playing at a GOBer fund raiser here in the town I work in , SE So.Dakota!

Did i just hear Secure Mi Vote petition did not pass muster?

Kentucky Democrat wears noose in new ad attacking Rand Paul

DOJ will not charge Meadows, Scavino for refusal in Jan. 6 committee probe: report

Trump Aide Navarro has Humiliating Meltdown on Live TV after Arrest - MeidasTouch

I really enjoy this tribute to Muhammad Ali.

Corgi and her mini me:

TCM Schedule for Sunday June 5, 2022 - Fathers on Film - Part 1

Meerkats frolicking around human:

NYT:. On J5, Pence COS alerted Secret Service that trump could turn on him

Meerkat photobomb (2nd tweet):

Former NYPD officer arrested at U.S. Capitol with ammo, BB gun and body armor

TCM Schedule for Monday June 6, 2022 - Special Theme: LGBTQ Directors

Pence Aide Warned Secret Service Of Threat Against VP Posed By Trump: Report - All In - MSNBC

Jan. 6th Committee not pleased with DOJ decision to not charge Meadows & Scavino w/ contempt

Mama koala cuddling her baby:

Just now, a tweet from J6 committee

Navarro, "So they intercepted me gettin' on a plane."

Holdout juror claims 'witch hunt,' blasts N.Y. liberals in trial of Steve Bannon associate for 'We

If food waste was a country

The U.S. Capitol Police said they arrested a man near the Capitol with high capacity magazines

I looked into a Ukrainian refugee child's eyes

Texas man destroys more than $5 million worth of art because he's mad at girlfriend

Police in Hong Kong warn against Tiananmen vigil

Protesters in DR Congo say Rwanda behind attacks by M23 rebels

Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (live)

Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (Live)

VP Harris addresses inflation at mayors' conference - ABC News

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 6/3/22

If it were being reported that President Biden had publicly turned on the Vice President

Real Time With Bill Maher (6-3-22) Full Show

'Republicans Blocking Gun Reform' Are For The World To See Says Rep. Mondaire Jones - The ReidOut

Death Toll In British Columbia Heatwave in 2021 Is Said to Have Been Nearly 600 People.

DOJ decline to prosecute Meadows and Scavino for contempt of Congress!

DOJ declines to charge Meadows or Scavino

I thought the Mad Hatter tea party in the 1972 Marc Bolan/Ringo Starr film "Born To Boogie" was

DOJ Won't Charge Trump Allies Mark Meadows & Dan Scavino - The Last Word - MSNBC

Texas Paul Reacts to Top Republican whining that Republicans Can't Lie to the FBI - MeidasTouch

Man who killed 2 outside Iowa church faced harassment case

Why is the firearms issue being treated as a zero sum game?

As much as it pains me I'm watching RW debate

America's Epidemic of Massacres Is a Sign of a Collapsing Society

'A hostage being shot, especially by us, is a failure': Officers lament SFPD killing two men

Solomons Island is the best place on earth for pics like this!! Enjoy your weekend SOMD!!🌴🍹🎶

Open question about Netflix Series that are gone

Peter Navarro 'Doesn't Have Executive Privilege Claim' Says Legal Expert - The ReidOut - MSNBC

OK, maybe you feel bad, but you're not alone...

Tucker finally admits Russia got Trump elected.

Has anyone felt really crummy after getting their boosters? UPDATE

Children Deserve the Honest Truth About Mass Shootings

Univision is selling many of its Spanish-language radio stations

4 hours of trashing Harry and Meghan

Silence From Texas Officials Turns Grief To Anger In Uvalde - The Last Word - MSNBC

U.S. DOJ declines to charge ex-Trump officials Meadows and Scavino, NY Times reports

Mark Meadows avoids contempt charges after literally being seen burning documents

"Ban men from buying all guns?"

John Fetterman reveals undisclosed heart condition

The Surprising Political Journey Of A Clinton Ally, Turned Trump Advisor - MSNBC Prime

Cartoons 6/3/2022

"I'm not getting in that car"

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity - Psalms Chanted

House Republicans Block Gun Control Measures - MSNBC Prime

Ben Shapiro: The reason that so many kids die of gun violence is because "kids cannot carry guns"

Russian State TV telling citizens that Germany & Japan are preparing to attack Russia

Second Ex-Trump Aide Charged With Contempt Of Congress - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

It's a cult

Oakland boogaloo shootings: 41-year sentence for Ex-Air Force sergeant who killed guard

Journalists Reflect On Russia's War In Ukraine - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

The Psychedelic Furs - Midnight to Midnight (live)

The Every Once in a While Patron!

I'm old enough to remember the gun debate in the 70's,

The Psychedelic Furs - Don't Be a Girl

Disneyland Paris apologizes after worker ruins wedding proposal, gets booed

China angered by Taiwan-US trade talks - DW News

Did German Chancellor Olaf Scholz compare climate activists to Nazis? - DW News

If tfg can ban Muslims from entering our country lying claiming national security reasons,

Africans 'victims' of the Ukraine war, AU head tells Putin - DW News

Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights

'An inflection point': How the next 100 days may look in Ukraine - CNN

Support For Legal Abortion Now At Its Highest Point Ever, Polling Shows - Morning Joe - MSNBC

The Title IX law goes beyond gender equality in sports. Here's how - CNN

Photojournalist Captures How War In Ukraine Impacts Civilians - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Kyiv says it has regained ground in Sievierodonetsk - FRANCE 24

Some of us grew up listening to Bob Dylan...the cool ones still do.

Double-decker train derails in southern Germany

Miami flooding

Breakfast Saturday 4, June 2022

The Bachelorette Party Comes for Scottsdale.

The GOP moves further toward promoting hate and racism

10 years ago: 'Son of Sam' Speaks Out on Gun Violence

Andrew wasn't at the Jubilee because

Some people here are saying this is the reason Meadows was not charged.

The USPS is already testing mail delivery by electric bike with these neat little US-built mail bike

Wordle 350 (***SPOILER THREAD***)

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, June 2, 2022

Agency ruling delivers big setback to Okefenokee mining plan


Weekend TOONs - From The Minds Of Right-Wing Security Solutions Inc. ...

Biden's Schedule for Saturday, June 4, 2022

"Defiant, disrespectful and disheveled" Peter Navarro asks us to buy his book.

This link should be posted on gas pumps, Republicans voted in favor of price gouging

Where Do We Stand With the Coup, the Insurrection?

A Mid-Century atrium I just painted

A war without American military casualties

If STUPIDITY was a fatal condition ...

Album released on this date in 1984

Slim Gaillard was born on this date.

California Bill Would Make New Broadband Networks More Expensive

The Tampa Bay Rays need a new ball field so they won't be getting! Why you ask?

Freddy Fender was born on this date.

Former Carpenters' Benefit Plan Administrator Admits Embezzling $140K

Rayla Campbell claims teachers are" "telling your 5-year-old that he can go and suck another 5-year

Tinsley Ellis has a birthday today.

Is it safe to surmise that when TFG tried to unlawfully extend his stay at the WH,

Robert Kennedy declared victory in California Democratic primary near midnight tonight 1968 ...

Mehmet Oz

You raised $50.00 on June 3, 2022 MOPINKO for Westlund WI State Senate

"More people are killed by hammers than by guns"

On this day, June 4, 1942, the Battle of Midway began.

America Needs to See the Reality of Assault Rifle Murders

You raised $50.00 on June 3, 2022 for Admiral (ret) Franken US Senate IA

Apparently, the letter from the mother of an Uvalde victim is a hoax.

June 4: bad day for freight rail transportation in the USSR and Russia

Penguins chasing a butterfly.

You raised $10.00 on June 3, 2022 Finkenauer for US Sen IA

Coinbase, Crypocurrency tech co, is rescinding already accepted job offers

they call it 'the golden hour'. the cops in uvalde pissed it away.

This week's major U.S. economic reports (June 6 - June 10)

But his emails: Missouri AG defends Josh Hawley's use and deletion of private messages

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

FEDEX CRASH: Woman performing oral sex on driver causes vehicle crash into FedEx truck.

157 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

On this day, June 4,1953, Jimmy McCulloch was born.

Russian man accused of Alexander Litvinenko killing dies of Covid-19

Weekend rant

The challenge...

The Russian soldiers refusing to fight in Ukraine

Here are all the current links on the DU for donations (Ukraine + political)

'Frightening trend': Deadly assaults on medical workers are rising

What's become of abqtommy? He hasn't posted his every Friday BBC photos for a month.

Dr. Oz Wins Pennsylvania GOP Senate Primary After Challenger Concedes

Drought-stricken US warned of looming 'dead pool'

11-year-old who survived Uvalde shooting to testify before House panel

Some thoughts on the open hearings: We haven't heard too much about the Willard hotel?

TWEET: Hmm... Did Ted Cruz just swallow a fly?

Will the January 6th Committee shut down after the hearings?

American exceptionalism

How many states are already undemocratic?

Paid Abbott canvasser doesn't really support Abbott

This Kitten Was Obsessed With Her Mom's Baby Bump

American spy agencies review their misses on Ukraine, Russia

TCM 'tonight'

An early weekend update by Prof. Phillips OBrien:

Another snafu in Clackamas County led to the misreporting of unofficial election results in at least

Jan. 6 Riot Suspect Arrested After Frat Brother Reported Him To FBI

Appeals Court Orders LA County DA Gascn to Enforce Three-Strikes, Special Circumstances

Workers have had enough: Labor's tide is rising, from Amazon to Dollar General and beyond

Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and FOX ilk will be very busy this week...

10cc - From Rochdale To Ocho Rios (light and fun)

More than a thousand saguaro replanted in Arizona after wildfire

911 call taker fired after hearing determines she mishandled call during Buffalo shooting

"There's only so much bug eyed gibberish that we can tolerate here"

Mariah Carey sued for copyright over 'All I want for Christmas is You'

A study gave cash and therapy to men at risk of criminal behavior. 10 years later, the results are i

Costs of Mail, Postal Insurance, and PO Boxes to Rise in July

Elephant Called Her Friends To Investigate Under The Dock - ElephantNews

Why don't stories about inflation note it's a global problem???

Ken White (Popehat) on Peter Navarro.

'I will hit you:' Florida man, 77, punches friend, 84, over golf etiquette at The Villages.....

20% of Severodonetsk recaptured by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The 101st day of war

First she documented the alt-right. Now she's coming for crypto.

Real Life "Puss In Boots" Uses His Adorable Looks To Beg For Treats

Gene Wilder On His First & Only Argument With Mel Brooks Late Night with Conan O'Brien

Extraordinary opinion piece authored by Scalia and Stevens law clerks who worked on Heller case

Found dog trying to locate owner

Free US school lunches were a dream come true. Now, a hunger crisis looms for 10 million children

Rio Grande Dry For Hundreds Of Miles Along US/Mexico Border - No Snow, No Flow, No Irrigation

This dog video is hilarious and for those who need a good laugh...enjoy. Naughty dogs.

Speaker At McCarthy's 1st Public Climate Event Praises "Awesomeness & Goodness" Of Oil Industry

Why should be allow kids who are not old enough to buy a beer

Association of Extreme Heat With All-Cause Mortality in the Contiguous US, 2008-2017

The Fight for Student Debt Relief Started a Decade Ago--at Occupy Wall Street

How's The "New" GOP Climate Platform Different From MAGA? It's Not.

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (June 4, 2022)

Adorable kittens, everyone loves them! 🐈‍⬛🐈❤️❤️

DeSantis Blackmailed Special Olympics Into Dropping Vaxx Requirement

Country Music Association Fest Bans Confederate Flags For First Time

Fierce Cave Kittens

Can the SEC stand up to the richest man on the planet?

Baby emu plays with cat toy:

JHB just had an excellent idea

When teens threaten violence, a community responds with compassion

Scamtastic Guy Behind Bankrupt WeWork Returns With Plans To Save The Climate W. New Cryptocurrency

Wonkette: Ohio Republicans Demand Right To Inspect Children's Genitals

Uvalde Mother Who Ran Into School Says Police Threatened to Violate Her Probation

Alexander Litvinenko assassination suspect dies of Covid

Draft executive order would have given armed Flynn cronies power to seize voting data.

Mom who ran into Uvalde while coward cops hid outside speaks out

Rifles can't be called "assault rifles" until they assault someone because "assault" is "not a noun.


Was watching Columbo on Cozi TV

Baby formula plant at heart of shortage reopens

Does anyone have a plug in hybrid?

Man uses M-80s and a drone to annoy neighbors

Donald Trump and His Adult Children Will Spend Seven Hours Apiece in Depositions for a Suit Accusing

What's for Dinner, Sat., June 4, 2022

If someone were a pedophile, which party would they choose?

Russia Faces Fierce Ukrainian Resistance in Key Eastern City

It's only June 4 and I've fostered these SEVEN kits already.

Footage of a 12 year old kid in Michigan robbing a gas station at gun point.

NATO chief speaks with Erdogan about Finland, Sweden joining

If you get sick in America, don't get sick near the end of the year.

How States Can and Should Protect Abortion Rights and Access

How States Can and Should Protect Abortion Rights and Access

How States Can and Should Protect Abortion Rights and Access

How States Can and Should Protect Abortion Rights and Access

U.S. finds no evidence Dominion voting machines were ever exploited

Can we stop wondering or worrying about where the line is?

Urgent seafood recall: Check your freezer now or you might get sick

Reimagining the Future of the Reproductive Health, Rights and Justice Movement

Abbott floats another idiotic idea:

Reimagining the Future of the Reproductive Health, Rights and Justice Movement

Reimagining the Future of the Reproductive Health, Rights and Justice Movement

Reimagining the Future of the Reproductive Health, Rights and Justice Movement

U.S. Abortion Retrogression in Global Context

U.S. Abortion Retrogression in Global Context

U.S. Abortion Retrogression in Global Context

U.S. Abortion Retrogression in Global Context

Michigan Supreme Court denies James Craig, Perry Johnson and others spot on primary ballot

Sweden, Finland joining NATO would be tough for Russia, top U.S. general says

You've got to help us, doc! We've tried nothing, and we're all out of ideas! #TheSimpsons

Threat made at Congressman Bennie Thompson's headquarters

Ukraine minister fires back after France's Macron said not to 'humiliate Russia'

Navarro gave Garland and the American people a big warning.

What My Ancestors Might Think of This Moment in U.S. History

What My Ancestors Might Think of This Moment in U.S. History

Bennie Thompson on elections: 'You don't tear the place up if you lose'

This is what Tiananmen Square looked liked after 1000s of innocent protestors were massacred 6/4/89

Major brother bonding activity

With Tiananmen gatherings banned, Hong Kongers remember in private

Nice work Oreilly.

FDA Abortion Pill Policy May Preempt State Restrictions, Say Legal Scholars: 'We Need to Push the B

President Biden SHREDS whining Elon Musk with the Response of the Year

FDA Abortion Pill Policy May Preempt State Restrictions, Say Legal Scholars: 'We Need to Push the B

FDA Abortion Pill Policy May Preempt State Restrictions, Say Legal Scholars: 'We Need to Push the B

California High Speed Rail has not Failed and RealLifeLore is wrong

Regulate the damn ammunition.

FDA Abortion Pill Policy May Preempt State Restrictions, Say Legal Scholars: 'We Need to Push the B

Brave Police Dog Meets His New Baby Sister

For All Women In Struggle--Kristin Lems

For All Women In Struggle--Kristin Lems

I Rented an Electric Car for a Four-Day Road Trip. I Spent More Time Charging It Than I Did Sleeping

Wharf Rat

Well deserved mockery (watch to the end):

Amazing! Timelapse with the sky stabilized shows the Earth is spinning through space:

1:58 / 3:25 Born a Woman by Kristin Lems

😅Too good --a paid volunteer for @GovAbbott cracks up laughing..."Everybody gotta have a job, sir."

Retired WI judge shot. The shooter had a hit list which included Evers, Whitmer and McConnell.

You Can't Beat a Woman! Kristin Lems

Steve Earl covering his boy Justin.

Criminalizing Abortion and Gender-Affirming Care Marks Political Invasion of Evidence-Based Healthc

Walker Fumbles

US TV coverage of French Open on Sunday

Criminalizing Abortion and Gender-Affirming Care Marks Political Invasion of Evidence-Based Healthc

Criminalizing Abortion and Gender-Affirming Care Marks Political Invasion of Evidence-Based Healthc

Upholding Roe v. Wade Is Supported by Most Americans, WSJ Poll Finds

Weekend reading on women's representation by Cynthia Richie Terrell

Neighbors rally to help Powderhorn Park woman buy home she has rented nearly 20 years

Coach K (retired Duke BB) calls for action on gun safety

International Travel to Access Abortion Is a Global Health Problem--Not a Solution

International Travel to Access Abortion Is a Global Health Problem--Not a Solution

International Travel to Access Abortion Is a Global Health Problem--Not a Solution

International Travel to Access Abortion Is a Global Health Problem--Not a Solution

Union claims Starbucks illegally closing cafe to retaliate, Bloomberg reports

Mass shooting of the day _ Sat june 4 _ 9 shot in phoenix 1 dead

Pro Sports Can Help to 'De-Normalize' Sexual Violence

Pro Sports Can Help to 'De-Normalize' Sexual Violence

Pro Sports Can Help to 'De-Normalize' Sexual Violence

Pro Sports Can Help to 'De-Normalize' Sexual Violence

Follina: An actively exploited Microsoft 0-day flaw still doesn't have a patch

Arizona Husband Claims He Was 'Startled' Into Shooting Beloved Ballet Dancer

7 states hold primaries this Tuesday, June 7th

White Christian Nationalism Is a 'Threat to Democracy'

Oye Como Va - Carlos Santana, Becky G, Cindy Blackman...

A long-dead Muslim emperor vexes India's Hindu nationalists

Heartbreaking video of man confronting police in Uvalde: "Right there! There's my great-granddaughte

Red-hot summer job market awaits US teens as employers sweat

The Man Comes Around

Trump allies explored sending armed private contractors to seize voting machines in 2020 election

Deadly secret: Electronic warfare shapes Russia-Ukraine war

Barb McQuade explains why DoJ may have let Meadows & Scavino skate

How Trump's Team Conned Susan Collins Into Dooming Roe v. Wade

'Ignore Guns, Talk Inflation': Memos Show GOP Strategy After the Uvalde Massacre

GOP Congressman To Retire After Supporting Ban On Assault Weapons

Cartoons 6/4/2022

Michigan Gov. Whitmer's name on hit list of militia gunman who murdered Wisconsin judge

Everett council approves fare-free bus rides for youths

Is 6 years too long a term for Everett School Board members?

Sound Transit's choice for CEO comes from Richmond, Virginia

Lunching over the creek.

Bill Barr's reign of innuendo -- unmasked

Are AR-15's weapons of war? Here's what a former Fort Benning commander had to say

Republican strategy memo on guns: change the topic to literally anything else. . .

"You poked my heart! "

Republicans Won't Renew Free School Meal Program Which Could Hurt Millions of Children

Have a beer on me - my Profile turns 21 today!

Not going anytime soon, but I found my funeral song

Now they're shooting up funerals

So who are "evangelicals"? And how did they become such massive hypocrites?

NYTimes Peter Baker, REALLY? This Senate filibuster misinformation disempowers Americans.

Ezra Levin: If we take the fight to extremist MAGA politicians as did Indivisible Houston, we win!

Defending Ukraine can be a Family Affair!

Jon Marshall on the Clash of Presidents and the Press in Times of Crisis and mistakes by the media.

The most EFFECTIVE gun legislation is something that can become law.

Rachmaninoff - Piano Concerto #2 in C Minor, Op. 18

Day 2 to Day 100

Mr Tambourine - The Byrds (dedicated to RFK)

Bribing voters in GA for Herschel Walker?

Suspect who allegedly killed retired judge had hit list that included Mitch McConnell, Gov. Whitmer:

Paul Vance, who wrote hit song about an 'Itsy Bitsy' bikini, dies at 92

Ingram Marshall, composer who used electronics, natural sounds, dies at 80

Ann Turner Cook, the original Gerber baby, dies at 95

Anyone know which networks will cover the J6 hearing on June 9?

I think Navarro got busted for more than the insurrection

DeSantis pulls Rays funding after gun control tweets, donation

Online pro-gun extremism: 'Cool for active shooter stuff'

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about NY thinking they banned body armor....

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about time marching on and a secret I kept for thirty years...

Plants and fungus are every bit as much "life" as animals, but you don't hear their screams

Anybody here been to Nice, France?


Tea time with the Queen and Paddington:

Florida gator victim was warned to stay out of lake - over and over

Pose a question about a popular song & see if anyone knows the answer without using Google

Stray Gameplay Trailer Sony State of Play June 2022

Israel Builds a Laser Weapon

Post a question about a TV show & see if anyone knows the answer without using Google

Post a question about a movie & see if anyone knows the answer without using Google

I'm so fucking ready for Thursday.

Russia continues to bombard eastern Ukraine; France's Macron says world must not 'humiliate' Russia

Country Music Association Fest Bans Confederate Flags For First Time

Filipino Food 101: Recipes to Get You Started

I feel like this article is more relevant than it was before given our current state of affairs

Hundreds gather to mark Tiananmen anniversary in Taiwan

man swerving so much, citizens form slow rolling blockade until Highway patrol arrives

Ana Navarro on PRIDE Month

Post a song that you're hearing for the first time and like a lot.

Cuba floods: At least two dead as heavy rain hits island

Bidens briefly moved to secure location after plane entered restricted airspace near beach house

TD Bank painting some of their bank buildings in pride rainbow colours

They don't want democracy. They want to own the world.

Dozens of Young Boys Tortured and Killed at Florida Home for Boys - Ring of Fire

For people trying to connect Merrick Garland to the Federalist Society - READ THIS

Very Cute. The Queen having tea with Paddington Bear.

Chris Christie Blasts His Own Party For Letting Trump Corrupt Them - Ring of Fire

A few weeks ago, I posted a thread about living with Short Term Rentals

Quote of the Day

'Hateful' anti-LGBTQ graduation speech at Ohio high school sparks outrage

Teachers Aren't Happy About Republicans' Idiotic Ideas To Address Mass Shootings - Ring of Fire

For berries that will keep fresh, remember this 1 to 3 ratio.

Amnesty International has issued a travel warning to the United States.

I Wonder How DeSantis Will React to This

A human smuggling ring, a plot to assassinate George W. Bush and an evolving threat

There is hope: the city that gave us Amendment 2 is now flying Pride banners

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Wisconsin DOJ identifies man who shot, killed former judge

The Late Justice Warren Burger on The 2nd Amendment

Tweet of the Evening:

A good raincoat?

Long-range missiles from the US head to the sluggish, brutal war in the Donbas.

The racists, the fascists, the corrupt, the hateful, the vengeful, the extremists, the crazies.

[DeSantis] can't trust teachers with a lesson plan, but let's make them carry guns

'Tiger King' star Doc Antle to face money laundering charges

Tim Ryan campaign ad

Definitely earning a treat...🤦‍♂️😜🦮

When you think about it the worst grooming of children going on in the USA

Our Favorite Logistics Guy on the end of the Russian offensive.

The First World Series where the winning team never trailed.

I told my wife she needs to embrace her mistakes.

At first meeting since massacre, Uvalde school board takes no action on police chief

CBS and ABC will carry Thursday's 1/6 Committee Hearing

Two issues that seem beyond resolution. At least at the moment.

Move on from Garland's DOJ and go to Congress' own Inherent Contempt

More info on man who shot WI judge

Nigeria clash: Abuja mob burns man to death over row with Muslim cleric

I hear that Rethugs and MAGA are going to try and counter-program the 6 January hearings.

I wondered why the NBA was televising playoff games around 9p EDT

A mass shooting, and 2 more bodies: 3 Phoenix shootings in one night leave loved ones reeling

This paid canvasser doesn't support [Abbott] either 🤣

Texas Paul Reacts to Marjorie Taylor Greene's most Fascist Threat Yet - MeidasTouch

Former Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, who recently failed to get an endorsement at her state party's co


The Queen takes tea with a Special Guest!

It's Mountain Songs on my mind & bourbon in my glass on a beautiful Saturday

She's on the nest.

Jeffery Epstein