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I'm sorry, but what is with the calligraphy?

On the envelope full of conspiracy BS from Guiliani to Pompeo.

Who did that? Why? Is this a common thing in DC? Is it 1830?

Anyone else want to learn the substance of the Whistleblower complaint BEFORE we count chickens?

There's plenty else to impeach on (payments to Stormy Daniels, coordination with Rusher, etc.), but I'd like some substantiation.

"When you strike at a King, you must kill him." RW Emerson

Who are the Dem Reps that DON'T want Impeachment?

I keep reading here that only a minority of the Democratic caucus wants Impeachment, that it's not a sure thing, that Pelosi won't allow a vote until it's sure to pass.

But WHO? Have any Democratic Congresspersons announced opposition to it? Made a public statement opposing it or expressing skepticism? Are these just inside-the-beltway whispers?

I haven't heard of any, and my Congresswoman, Pramila Jayapal, would vote for it in a heartbeat.

The Awful Truth: every President kills.

It's not negotiable. It's part of the job description when you run the American Empire, and the issue is whether you kill more or less than your predecessor. You cannot reverse course and survive in office. Just ask Carter.

Which is why it is essential to elect a person with an Ethical center to run our empire. Like Obama, who I proudly voted for, knowing he would order deaths.


Obama got handed an Empire that was killing Muslims at an unprecedented rate, in a spasm of revenge for 9/11, in 2 wars of choice that shattered multiple nations, destroyed ancient cultures, ancient artifacts, and created multiple terrorist offshoots: Boko Haram, ISIL, Al Qaeda in the Sahel, etc.

How many Muslims did Bush II kill? A million?

Obama at least made that killing as discriminate as he could, but in 8 years, he couldn't even close fucking Gitmo. The murdering was still indiscriminate, and untold numbers of innocents died, but can anyone say it was as bad as President Cheney? Whoops, sorry, I slipped. I mean Bush II.

Omar's got a point, but it's drowning in naivete.

I'm counting FIVE separate posts on Trump's Rose Garden Gaslighting Session

Many without context in the OP.

Can we have ONE "official" thread, like we would for a Debate or a SOTU?
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