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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 11,012

Journal Archives

"Don't forget to tell Ellen!" Dueling Piano Sibling

These kids are incredible! Backwards piano playing even! And funny.

Jimmy Kimmel and Tom Hanks do Toddlers and Tiaras

And the WINNAH iiiissss... hilarious!

Hernando County, FL Fourth Grader Puts School Board In Its Place Regarding FSA Testing

All I can say is WOW! This girl is terrific!


Students learn a powerful lesson about privilege.

Get your Greek on!!!

Dancing Zorba in the Street!

(The Ottawa Greek Community perform a flash mob in the Byward market to promote the 2011 Ottawa Greek Festival.)

From Distonia to Dance

Listen to your body and learn

Because it's Sunday: Sharing the Joy! Happy Feet!!

A Deaf Man Walking With His Sister Experiences Something Magical…No Communication Barriers

Okay, it is a Samsung commercial, but nice, nonetheless.

Submitted for your enjoyment: Let's go fly a kite!

(The weather's just right in Florida, today.)

Kicking at a hornets nest: Westboro hints that they will picket Nimoy's funeral.

I can only believe that these people want to be hated.


As Star Trek fans mourn the death of beloved actor and ‘geek grandfather’ Leonard Nimoy, another group is expressing a different stance. The Westboro Baptist Church hinted Friday at plans to picket Nimoy’s funeral, using a variety of slurs too offensive to be repeated here.

It’s worth noting that the Westboro group doesn’t always show up when they threaten, and, perhaps more encouraging, that when they do show up, there are frequently counter-protesters, who hold up their own signs, or even block access so that the group can’t get close enough to the event to cause extra pain to the family.
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