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We need to take back our country by wiping out all vestiges of anything right wing, be it

politicians, laws, regulations, agenda, ideologies, appointments, dogma, tendencies, philosophies, you name it.

Has the rush to war become a national obsession if not mania?

The real scandals are how right-wing scandal-mongering is disrupting, even obstructing, the

functioning of government concomitant with the MSM's obsession to promulgate this scandal-mongering rather than to report how right-wing elements are obstructing the functioning of government.

While legitimate concern is expressed that the marathon bombers might have been radicalized by

foreign element(s), prudence dictates the source of radicalization, if any, be determined in every instance of mass carnage perpetrated in America in case any pattern of domestic radicalization is present.

May the President lay out his vision in a legislative agenda although knowing the domestic

right-wing extremists will reject it almost in its entirety. This obstruction can then be used to decimate (politically) these loathsome reptiles in the 2014 Congressional elections enabling the President's vision to be enacted in 2015. May God further bless America by aiding our country in ridding itself of the wildly metastasized cancer of domestic right-wing extremism.

Surely every American must realize any cuts hereinafter made to social security, Medicare, or

Medicaid will serve to pay for the recently enacted permanent tax cuts for those earning from $250,000 to $450,000, permanent cuts in capital gains and dividends to 20%, and an assorted bundle of corporate tax breaks/giveaways. Any cuts to these programs to fund these tax cuts and corporate giveaways would, imho, depict just how brazenly craven our government has become and should, for all time, convince we the people that our government does not operate/govern to promote the general welfare for we the people, but rather to promote the interests of the most affluent and large corporations. Rebuttal invited.

Every word der Mittens or Paul Rayn utters that is in contravention of

the Republican platform or Rayn's budget or voting record should be resoundingly crucified as if one were scrubbing ugly off an ape. Every lie or distortion should be mercilessly and savagely attacked as if the outcome of the war were at stake. Let there be no mistake thinking we are not at war, for we are.
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