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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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Why I Am A Loner

I learned from a very early age (2+ years) that I couldn't depend upon my parents. My father had a busy medical practice. My mother was overwhelmed with being a doctor's wife, a mother with another infant, and the housekeeper of a 14 room house.

I couldn't depend upon my teachers. In nursery school, my "teachers" allowed my fellow toddlers to hurl wooden blocks at me and at each other. In Kindergarten, my teacher kept floating theories why I should be left back for another year. My first grade teacher had a temper and shook me until my teeth rattled.

I couldn't depend upon my classmates. They were relatively silly, opting to change themselves to be popular and this was way before high school. And in high school, I was independent and didn't fit into the 3-4 cliques.

Immediately after graduating college, I backpacked through the UK and Europe, by myself of course. 13 weeks. I met people and had more flexibility where I wanted to go when I was solo.

When I had graduated college and graduate schools, I found employment but I also found I was smarter than my employers -- and they didn't like that.

I like being independent, autonomous. I am alone and like it that way. I am in no way lonely. Sometimes, I merely tolerate the company of others.

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